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February 14, 2016

i really like panties sniffing videos ............. my cock cant resist it ....... it cries quickly

Max C
October 25, 2016

My girlfriends Mom had the greatest smelling panties that I masturbated with them all the time,after smelling that great pussy aroma I wanted to taste her.One day she caught me and I was just about to cum and she finished me off.I then was ready to leave the room and she told me as soon as I finished her off Wow I was going down on that sweet smelling pussy and it tasted way better than it smelt.She gave me her soiled panties for the next year until her daughter and I broke up.

Au Cindy
May 19, 2016

When I caught my nephew slapping his meat while he was sniffing my panties I could just stare at his big cock.I was upset but the size of his dick made me forget about how furious I was as I walked in on him I kept looking down at his big cock as I took him in my mouth he lifted my skirt and removed my panties then I climbed on his large dick and started riding his 10 inch tool as he worked 2 fingers in my ass I came and brought his fingers to my mouth as he withdrew and shot his cum on myass

February 6, 2016

Does he have that giant obnoxious tattoo on his chest to distract people from his scrawny frail by body? LOL

July 25, 2020

That circumcised purple headed monster distracted me!