YouPorn Integrating Modelhub

Harnessing the 57,000+ models on Pornhub and YouPorn, Modelhub offers amateurs and professional models alike the opportunity to monetize their original content.  Launched by Pornhub in June 2018, this expansion to YouPorn offers creators the ability to reach a larger audience from around the world.  YouPorn’s global base of users is a natural fit for expanding the Modelhub marketplace, empowering more models to distribute their original content and ensure their compensation for their unique videos, creativity and intellectual property. Modelhub performers can offer free streaming access to their videos on YouPorn, with paid downloads also available directly from our site.

Constantly evolving, YouPorn continues to support and encourage the future of porn, by supporting initiatives aimed at diversifying the industry and pointing the conversation toward content discovery.

In keeping with YouPorn’s mission to embrace their role in users’ lives and the future of porn, the integration of Modelhub caters to both up and coming models working to make a name for themselves, as well as established professionals, already popular within the industry.

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