2018 Apple Special Event on YouPorn

Today, Wednesday September 12th marks the annual Apple Special Event. On this day every year people tune in to witness the newest iPhones and other Apple products’ first introduction into the world. Not only will watching the infamous keynote speech make you immediately regret buying the most recent iPhone model because you now need the actual latest iPhone model, but it is also a time where we notice some interesting user habits here on YouPorn.

We took a look at the percentage of traffic for each device that comes from Apple products to start things off! It turns out that 39.62% of our overall mobile traffic comes from iPhones, with 16% of all desktop traffic originating from Macbooks and an impressive 70.54% of tablet traffic coming from iPads.

People were clearly busy watching the live event on their Apple devices, with YouPorn’s overall Apple device traffic dropping down by 15% on this day during the festivities.

We also took a look at what the Top 20 Search Terms relating to Apple on YouPorn look like. Topping the list is straight up iPhone with the most creative term being Homemade iPhone sliding in at 9th place. The 7th most searched term is iPad later followed by Sex For iPhone in the 20th position for most searched Apple-related termswhich only makes sense.

As for the most searched terms on Apple devices, Lesbian is number one, the 2nd most searched term is Threesome and the 3rd most searched term is Massage The 9th most searched term from an Apple device is Public, which makes us wonder where people were when they searched this?

Brandi Love (NSFW) is the most searched performer on Apple Devices, with Mia Khalifa (NSFW) coming in 2nd and Kiara Mia (NSFW) being the 3rd most searched performer. Kim Kardashian (NSFW) makes her way onto the list in 7th place, followed by Stormy Daniels (NSFW) in 8th place.  Pornhub’s Asa Akira (NSFW) is the 10th most searched porn performer, and Jennifer Lopez slides into the 12th most searched performer position, despite the fact that she has never actually appeared in porn (that we know of).

Happy Apple iPhone day to all! If you haven’t already read about YouPorn’s upgrades, please check them out here.

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