What Women Really Want When it Comes to Porn; a YouPorn Survey

With the explosion of social media nothing seems to be off limits nowadays.  Live video stories and risqué photos can be shared in an instant. Thoughts and opinions on any matter can be shared with millions in the form of a 140 character tweet. One thing that is being discussed more and more on these platforms, is porn. Everybody watches it and more people are opening up and joking about the topic, including women.Over the course of a month YouPorn surveyed thousands of women to get a better sense of what makes them tick. Although it may not come as a surprise to some, women do watch porn, and they enjoy it! In fact, 1 in 4 YouPorn visitors are female. Some may even know from our previous posts where we consulted anonymized user data from the site that women prefer ‘Lesbian’ porn or that they are more likely to search for ‘BDSM’. But with this survey we’re going beyond the surface and scratching much deeper to take a closer look at how women in particular interact with porn.

Let’s talk about porn, baby

Of the more than 24,000 women that were surveyed 76% are considered millennial women (18-34 yrs of age), 57% consider themselves “heterosexual” and 32% “bisexual”. The survey results showed that 54% have not spoken to their friends about their porn viewing habits, and 51% would be embarrassed if their friends knew they watched porn. 18% of women watch porn daily, another 63% watch it weekly/a few times a month and 9% more than once a day. So why is it still so taboo for some of us to talk about among friends? According to our numbers 1 in 5 of you have already watched porn that day, or will watch it when you get back from dinner,  so don’t be shy to bring it up…you might be surprised by the response.

Another surprising find, was that 51% of respondents think it’s as acceptable for women to watch porn as it is for men. We also found that a whopping 89% of respondents prefer to watch porn alone. Not incredibly surprising since 50% of our respondents are “single”, 27% are “dating” and only about 20% are “married”. The majority of respondents that are in a relationship (68% to be exact) agree that watching porn without their significant other doesn’t feel like cheating, and they wouldn’t be embarrassed if their S.O. found out they watched porn alone. They also agreed that watching it with their partner hasn’t improved their sex life, which is probably why they watch it alone…at least then they can watch content that inspires them.

In Retrospect

Over the last 5 years, lots has changed; people don’t talk anymore they tweet, and nowadays if you aren’t always connected to WiFi or live streaming your breakfast, do you even exist? Most importantly, according to our female viewers, 46% say their porn habits have WIDELY changed in the last 5 years. Half of these represent a group of women who say they enjoy new kinds of content than they did 5 years ago.  Another interesting stat that changed in the last five years, 56% of respondents have imagined themselves in a porn video.

We’re also thrilled to see that most women come to the site because they are excited about something in their life (17%), or simply because they enjoy it (28%), for others it’s a way to satisfy sexual fantasies (19%), while only a small percentage turn to porn when in dire stress (8%) or to please their partner (2%).

We were curious to see if women have a pre-porn ritual. Do they put a little make up on, get dressed up, or do they just watch porn? It seems like the latter is the most accurate. 58% say they couldn’t be bothered with a pre-game ritual. Most just want to escape and watch some good ol’ porn, while 28% don’t feel like shuffling around with clothes so they like to get naked before hitting play. This isn’t match.com, there’s no specific attachment to the act that makes them want to get dressed up or turn the experience into anything more than a release, an escape from whatever else is going in their lives. Once they’re done, most feel satisfied (37%) some feel naughty (about 17%) and a good 20% are left feeling, well, still horny.

Let the Search Begin

In general, people usually have one or two sites that they like to frequent, only about 30% count on search engines to direct them to a site. Once arrived at the site, 34% of women tend to select videos that feature participants the viewer can relate to; participants that are similar in age, weight, ethnicity etc. “Has a female lead or dominant character” is the second most popular factor that women consider when selecting a video. As seen earlier, we know a large portion of women watch porn to explore sexual fantasies they would never act on, by selecting videos with characters that resemble them, it brings that fantasy a little closer to reality. Similarly to how women select a site, 42% of women tend to select videos from a category they already know and have already skimmed through, while about 23% like to explore all their options before settling on one.

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