The United Kingdom on YouPorn – 2018

The United Kingdom was busy on YouPorn in 2018, ranking sixth for most visits to our site this year.  Here we take a closer look at what and who they were searching for.

We will begin with the top search terms in the UK, which were angled more towards the Mature theme with ‘Step Mom’ and ‘MILF’ making up the top two. It only makes sense that the third most searched for term was ‘British’. Also making the top ten searched for terms, in order – ‘Massage’, ‘Lesbian’, ‘Indian’, ‘Threesome’, ‘Anal’ and then ‘Squirt’ and ‘Mature’.


The most viewed category on YouPorn in the UK was ‘Amateur’,  which was then followed by ‘Mature’, another reminder that you can be into a multitude of things. The final top searched for categories in 2018 were ‘Lesbian’, ‘MILF’ and ‘Anal’.


The most searched for porn performers on YouPorn from The United Kingdom this year were Kim Kardashian, Stormy Daniels, Mia Khalifa, Brandi Love, and Xev Bellringer.

If you are curious about what else was happening on YouPorn this year, check out our ‘2018- Year in Retrospect‘ post here.


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