YouPorn and Future of Sex – Sextech Hackathon

YouPorn partnered with Future of Sex to host the Future of Sex x YouPorn Sextech Hackathon in New York. This event brought together the world’s leading authorities in sextech to explore how technology can improve human sexuality, as well as to discover and support innovators building solutions to a range of issues.

The goal of the hackathon was to challenge teams to think about some of the biggest issues affecting everyone’s sexual health, and YouPorn specifically asked teams to leverage our technology to think of ways they can help make sex better for everyone. YouPorn has been at the forefront of technology in the adult entertainment space since founding 12 years ago and is constantly evolving and utilizing the latest in technology to build the future of porn. This partnership allowed us to leverage our technology know-how and focus on the unexplored area of how these innovations will affect intimacy or impact the experience individuals create with others.


70% of attendees had never been to a hackathon, 60% were female.


We were very excited to see the ideas that were developed. Kyle Walford, Director of Product at YouPorn, actively mentored most of the teams all weekend and had the honor of judging the final pitches. In addition to the challenge we presented, teams could address three others:

  • How can we close the orgasm gap, so sex is more about ‘giving’ than ‘getting’?
  • How do we show that confidence is sexy and use that to change the conversation about sex?
  • How can we reinvent sex education to create a new language around intimacy, respect, and consent?

Many of the teams tackled more than one of these challenges, often trying to use our technology to address the other challenges. Which was exactly our intention for this event!


“I’ll share my vagina with someone, but not my phone” – Attendee


The teams with the best idea, plan, presentation, and addressable market won cash prizes, spots in the 10-week Future of Sex/Disruptor’s Handbook Accelerator program, full-time coworking space at The Yard for the duration of the program, TrafficJunky advertising credits, and many other discounts and credits to help turn their ideas into a successful business.

But even when they tackled the other challenges, the teams put together some amazing ideas. Here is a recap of the most interesting pitches and the winners:

Cinema Hub

We kept calling ‘Twitch meets an AMA’, this team came up with a way to run regularly scheduled livestreamed viewings of discussion-worthy videos, and encourage discussion and analysis on an integrated chat window.

The Kinky Club

A fresh look at the problem YouPorn took on with our Couples Sex Quiz, this team created a chatbot for couples to dive into their sexual fantasies, and safely share with each other.

Beyond Pleasure

Another team with a different perspective on something YouPorn is doing resulting in a chatbot, but this one used the bot to learn what users are interested in, and finding the best videos from our library.

The Talks

This team did an amazing job at addressing the sex education challenge, focusing on engaging parents with our third and final chatbot. Something tells us this is not the last we’ll see of this team.


Exactly what it sounds like! ARBJ spoke about building blowjobs in augmented reality, there was discussion around all of the potential applications of this tech and the transformative nature of sextech in general.

Special Mention:


A secure communication platform for casual arrangements. A couple amazing things about this team: they went out and talked to users and got 20+ customers in ONE NIGHT, and we never even heard the word ‘blockchain’ until they explained their encryption process in the presentation. They were insanely focused on a very real customer problem, and the tech came later.

3rd Prize:


This team put some amazing industrial design skills to work hacking cardboard prototypes (and awesome animated visuals!) of a gardening system that fertilizes the plants with menstrual surplus. Yes, they put period blood to good use with a planter box with a pullout tray and a convenient bottle for cleanly and securely storing the blood and giving your plants the nutrients they need. Presumably coming soon to Kickstarter.

2nd Prize:


Citing some very personal details on the effects of long-distance relationships, this team set out to give couples a fun new way to connect by turning erotica into a text-adventure game!

1st Prize:


Our grand-prize winners had an inside track on addressing the sex education gaps: a teacher! They gave some hard numbers on exactly what’s happening in funding sex-ed programs in New York, with some big plans for connecting parents and teachers with high-quality, reliable sexual health resources and experts.

Those big plans, however, are the easy part. Now these top 2 teams will have the 10-week accelerator program to incubate these plans, validate their ideas with customers, and launch some world-changing products! The YouPorn team will continue to provide guidance and resources to these teams, and updates on their progress right here.

Thank you to everyone that attended the Hackathon!


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