YouPorn Users Turn to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Last Friday, April 28,  Nintendo released Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch. Poised to be the next must-have switch game, we took to the site to see if viewing habits among our “gamer” affinity changed after Friday’s release. Already the fastest selling game in the history of the series, let’s see the affect it had on our site.

The release immediately caused an increase in Nintendo related searches. As of April 28, searches were  47% above the daily average prior to the launch of the game. We found that men were 213% more likely to search for nintendo related content than women. We also found that between all other age groups, Nintendo is most popular among viewers 18-24 years old. The release was highly anticipated by gamers all around the world, primarily because of all the new characters, tracks and battle modes. It’s no surprise that we saw some new, popular search terms; “Splatoon Hentai”   & “Rosalina nude pics”. This was followed by the traditional Nintendo character crew “Mario & Luigi”, “Princess Peach Cartoon” and fan favorite “Zelda Cosplay”.  Some other player combos that appeared include “Bowser & Peach”, “Princess Peach & Daisy”.

Thanks to our anonymized interest data provided by our analytics software, we are able to identify site users based on their various interests, including gaming preferences. This allows us to offer-up more insights on how and why our site is affected by similar events. Let’s start by looking at overall “Gamer” traffic to the site. Throughout the month you can see small traffic fluctuations from one day to the next, which is quite typical to see during a holiday or event. Over the weekend of the release you can see significant dip in traffic among Gamers. Beginning Thursday, traffic dropped -41%; possibly because in some areas of the world, the game had already launched. On Friday, YouPorn traffic dipped to -52%, -42% on Saturday, and -30% on Sunday. With more than half a million copies sold in the U.S alone, this could explain the dip in Gamer traffic to YouPorn.

Our anonymized data system also allows us to look at  ‘affinities’, which determines a users’ likely interests based on their Google search history and web browsing habits. Using this affinity data, we were able to find what type of gaming fans took a break from YouPorn to test drive the new game. After the release on April 28, we saw the greatest drop in traffic from our “Action Game Fans” users. Traffic from this affinity group was down -38%. “Driving and Racing Gamers” fell into 4th, with a traffic drop of -19%. Close tie with our “Hardcore gamer” users, who were down -18%.

Although on many occasions the game is released on different days per country, Mario Kart 8 was a worldwide release. We decided to pull the ten top and bottom countries who traffic share (among Gamers) dropped on YouPorn after the release. Proportionately, it seems as though the game was most popular in Ireland and New Zealand where traffic to the site dropped the most; – 49% and -47% respectively. Porn still trumps Nintendo for users in countries like Brazil , Sweden and Germany, where traffic actually increased over the weekend.

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