Most Popular Costumes for 2018 According to YouPorn Searches

With the spookiest day of the year around the corner, we decided to take a crack at what we believe the most popular costumes for 2018 will be according to which viral celebs and spooky characters people are searching for the most on YouPorn.
‘Fornite’ tops the list so we anticipate seeing a ton of Halloween partiers decked out as their favorite characters from the popular game. Switching gears a little is ‘Ninja’ in second place and ‘Pirate’ in third which should make for some fun cosplay.

‘Bowsette’ is the fourth most searched for, and has been trending on YouPorn since she first made waves a few weeks back. Looking forward to seeing all the ‘Harley Quinns’, ‘Toads’ and ‘Zuris’ this year, with another heavily Marvel influenced Halloween!

Are you dressing up as anyone on the list? let us know in the comment section below!

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