Gaze into the Data: Overwatch Leagues Impact On YouPorn

It has been two weeks since the beginning of the very first ‘Overwatch League’, which if you do not already know is the first global E-sports league to exist, from the creators of World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. As well as the first in E-sports to have teams from actual cities like London (Spitfire), Shanghai (Dragons) and Los Angeles, (Valiant AND Gladiators…two teams!) Overwatch mixes real sports and E-sports creating the perfect combination of IRL and URL action for viewers and gamers. However, for those wanting to participate in a more hands-on way, you will need to pay around $20,000,000 to get a spot in the league, which is a lot more zeros than the premium subscription we offer. Anyways, we looked at how the launch of the Overwatch League affected traffic to our site, and the numbers proved that you are as into this as we are.

Since Overwatch first came out in 2016, it has consistently been one of the top twenty most popular term searches on our site. The numbers show that there was a 26% increase in Overwatch related searches beginning on Day 1. On a daily basis, the overall searches for Overwatch increased by an impressive 31% by Day 2 and made for a great start to the league.

It is no surprise that for first game of the league, which was ‘San Francisco Shock’ vs. ‘Los Angeles Valiant’ (0-4), visits to the site decreased by 9% for one highly anticipated hour. During the second game of the league with LA’s second team, ‘Gladiators’ against ‘Shanghai Dragons’ (0-4) people were still interested with a decrease of 6% in traffic to YouPorn. By the third and very close game between ‘Dallas Fuel’ and ‘Seoul Dynasty’ (1-2) caused a slightly less, but still significant 4% decrease in visits to the site.

On Day 2 of Overwatch League, more people were occupied by the second game ‘Philadelphia Fusion’ vs. ‘Houston Outlaws’ (3-2) receiving an 8% decrease in searches, only 1% less than the first game of Stage 1. The third game of the day still had the viewers’ attention, watching ‘New York Excelsior’ beat ‘Boston Uprising’ by two. It would have been an all-American day for the league if ‘London Spitfire’ had not beat ‘Florida Mayhem’ in the first game, making for a 5% decrease in traffic.

Day 3 proved to be a good day for the American teams but provided less of a distraction from our site. The biggest decrease for the day being 5% for the ‘Los Angeles Valiant’ vs. ‘Dallas Fuel’ game (3-0) at 8 pm EST. Day three, game two affected traffic to our site the least for Overwatch League with a 3% decrease (‘Florida Mayhem’ vs. ‘Boston Uprising’ 0-4). The third game where ‘San Francisco Shock’ beat ‘Shanghai Dragons’ made for a 4% decrease in traffic to the site.

By Day 4 the viewers were a little bit busier than during previous games, with the biggest decrease being 3% for the first game ‘London Spitfire’ vs. ‘Philadelphia Fusion’. ‘New York Excelsior’ vs. ‘Houston Outlaws’ (3-1) only caused a 1% decrease in traffic to the site, however it is worth keeping in mind that this game was at 3:45 pm EST on a Saturday. ‘Seoul Dynasty’ vs. ‘Los Angeles Gladiators’ (4-0) managed to cause a bit more of a decrease in traffic, with a 1.5% dip.

We are excited to find out who will win and be the first Overwatch League champions, receiving a trophy and a cool $1 million USD bonus. Of course, we are also curious to see how you celebrate and will be keeping an eye on visits to the site before, during and after.