How Gamers Get Down With YouPorn

For this edition of YouPorn World, we’ve crunched the numbers  to find out what it is that makes YouPorn’s gaming community tick. More and more of our users are leveling up and accessing the site through gaming consoles like the Wii, Xbox and Playstation, and each subset of users scores very differently when they log on to the site – we’re gonna lay out for you in this post. Thanks to the anonymized demographics data provided by our analytics software, we’re coming at you today with everything from gender proportions of console users, to what Playstation, Wii and Xbox users search for most on YouPorn. Let’s get started!



Within the total amount of traffic that comes to YouPorn from gaming consoles, a majority comes from Playstations at 51%, with another 39% from Xbox and the last 10% from Wii units, as indicated in the graphic above. Each of these user subsets also have their own distinct tastes and preferences, as well as very particular ways of interacting with YouPorn. We’ll begin with a look at the top searched terms on each console. Xbox users are most into lesbian, teen and mom themed content, based on their top 3 in the list below. Some step-relative fun makes its way into the list with ‘step sister’ in at 6th place, finishing off with a ‘gloryhole’ surprise in 9th place and a shout out to the thicker babes out there with bbw closing the list at 10th.


Playstation users have a slightly more pronounced mom fetish, with ‘mom’ and ‘milf’ nabbing the top two spots, followed by ‘step mom’ in at 9th place. ‘Squirt,’ ‘anal’ and ‘ebony’ are in the 7th, 8th and 10th spots respectively, all speaking to these user’s specific and unique tastes as these terms don’t appear at all on the other two lists. Last but not least we have our more fantasy-focused group of Wii users who search for ‘hentai’ the most, as well as ‘anime’ at 5th place and ‘cartoon’ in at 9th.  We’ll move on with a look at which search terms each type of console user searches for proportionally more than others. It seems that the Halo game series stimulates Xbox users in more ways than one, as these users are 589% more likely to search for ‘halo’ on YouPorn than any other type of console user. This is likely because Xbox is the game’s platform of origin.


There’s some strong bodily fluid love going on among Xbox users as well, with terms like ‘squirting orgasm’ (172%), ‘creampie gangbang’ (168%), ‘lesbian squirt’ (140%), and ‘teen creampie’ (134%) more likely to be searched on this platform than any other console. They reaffirm their love for bigger babes with the likeliness of ‘chubby teen’ being searched for 110% more than on Playstations or Wiis. Playstation users keep it relatively simple here, but again prove their love for the older ladies with terms like ‘mom’, ‘mature’ and ‘milf’ all being searched for significantly more on the platform. Wii users again keep it fantastical with terms like ‘zelda’ being searched for an astonishing 1082% more and others like ‘pokemon’ (591%), ‘hentai shemale’ (338%), ‘cartoon play’ (296%) and ‘cosplay’ (147%) all being searched for more than on other consoles. Let’s take a look gender demographic breakdowns among our different groups of gamers.



The ESA has found that a solid 48% of gamers are female. YouPorn’s gaming users are vastly male at 91.5% whereas overall, around 26% of YouPorn’s visitors are female. Interestingly, the highest proportion of female users is found among Wii players, where they constitute 11% of traffic originating from the console to YouPorn. This is especially striking when compared to the demographic figures that Nintendo announced at Unite 2014, at which it was stated that only 7% of Wii U eShop users were female. This higher proportion of female Wii users arguably accounts for the noticeably different types of top viewed categories among the three different types of gamers, as seen in the chart below.


Categories containing more soft and sensual types of video content like the Kissing, Romantic, Massage and Couples are all between 30% and 243% more viewed by Wii users. Xbox users view the Double Penetration, Squirting and Big Butt categories around 45% more than other gamers, while Playstation users are approximately 65% more likely to view YouPorn’s Latina, Casting and Mature categories. We’ll continue with a look at which search terms and categories female gamers search for and view more than their male counterparts.


Lady gamers like to take their time when they log on to YouPorn, as made evident by their nearly one minute gain at over male users in terms of their average session duration, which typically lasts around 8 minutes. Women are seemingly really into third-person and content featuring lots of sword play in that they’re around 80% more likely to view videos from the Threesome, DP and Romantic categories, and are significantly more likely to search for different kinds of lesbian content as well. Terms  like ‘lesbian ass,’ ‘lesbian milf,’ ‘lesbian squirt,’ and ‘lesbian strapon’ are between 237% and 1186% more likely to be searched for by women accessing YouPorn on gaming consoles than men.


Here we’ll layer in to some other segments that more broadly compare and contrast each group of console users, beginning with age demographics. Again, according to the ESA, around 31% of all gamers are between the ages of 18 and 34. This figure is considerably higher among YouPorn users accessing the site on gaming consoles, in that 46% are between the ages of 18-21 and another 31% in the 25-34 range, as seen in the chart below.


In terms of age distribution among the particular consoles, there isn’t a whole lot of difference, other than a slightly higher proportion of older viewers using Playstations, and a slightly higher proportion of younger users on Wii. Let’s see how they face off when it comes to the duration of their average time spent on site. Wii users have the shortest average session durations at 8 minutes and 23 seconds, but seem to be the pickiest of the three with the highest number of pages viewed per visit on average as well, at 7.92.


Playstation users kinda pwn here, flipping this formula in that they spend the longest amount of time on the site, on average, each time that they visit. Their sessions tend to last around 9:23, during which they tend to view just 7.3 pages. We’ll move on with a look at which heroines most captivate each subset of gamers with this chart, depicting the top searched for porn stars by console.


Surprisingly neither Lara Croft nor Princess Peach made the cut, though porn-turned-reality star Kim Kardashian (NSFW) tops the list among Xbox users, and does well at 4th place on Playstation and second on Nintendo Wii. Other fan favorites include media darling Mia Khalifa (NSFW), queen MILF Lisa Ann (NSFW) and all American babe Alexis Texas (NSFW) who all rank high across the board. We’ll continue with a look at console traffic proportions by country.


As we saw earlier in the post, only about 10% of gamers who access YouPorn on their consoles do so from Wiis, though this changes from country to country. Within the top 20 countries that visit YouPorn the most, India, Mexico and Austria have slightly higher than average proportions of Wii users at 14%, 18% and 13% respectively. The Philippines and Argentina have much higher proportions of Playstation users on YouPorn at 82% and 85%, while the United States, the UK, Mexico and Brazil have higher proportions of Xbox users at around 50%.


This last section will consist of heatmaps illustrating the popularity of the Playstation, Wii and Xbox as devices used to access YouPorn both within the US and the world over. We’ll start here with a general look at which countries overpower when it comes to console use. Lots of action on this front in Canada, the United States, France and the UK.


We’re going open-world again here for this next map, which shows where each console reigns supreme among YouPorn users. The sweeping sea of blue indicates that Playtstation dominates in most of the world for console of choice to get on to YP, though Xbox notably pwns in the US, Mexico , the UK and Sudan. With the exception of a few countries in South American and Africa, the Wii rules in the majority of Asia.


We’ll now narrow our scope to focus solely on the US, beginning with this heatmap showing which states have the highest scores with regards to accessing YP on their gaming consoles. Way to go West Virginia, you’re home to the highest concentration of porn-loving gamers in the country. Honorable mentions go out to Kentucky, Indiana and Arkansas, as well as the central northern states.


Not much love for the Wii in the USA, as not a single state appears to have the Nintendo console as their most used. America is really all about the Xbox, with the exception of in states like California Florida and a few in New England.


This doesn’t mean that the Wii doesn’t rank at all in the US, though. Here we have another heatmap indicating where Wii usage on YouPorn is more and less popular throughout the country. Concentrations are high on opposing ends of the country, with many aficionados in New Jersey and New York, then over west in California, Utah and Arizona.


As for where Playstation is most popular, again, we see California coming in strong as well as lots of action in New England, Florida, Texas and Illinois.


We’ll finish off with the console that Americans love to use to watch YouPorn best, the Xbox. While there’s decent saturation country-wide, California is noticeably dry in terms of Xbox use, with the majority of the action being concentrated in northwestern states like Washington and Oregon as well as over in Montana and Wyoming.


This marks end game for this installation of YouPorn World. Be sure to check back regularly for updates!