Author: erin

YouPorn App Experience

There is now an easier and faster way to watch content! Introducing the new YP App Experience, which allows for more private and smooth adult viewing by keeping a users’ activity out of their browser history and delivering pages up to 50% faster. Once installed, users will be able to launch the app right from […]

Bowsette Searches on YouPorn

The brand new fan-made character “Bowsette” is all the internet is interested in right now, the mayhem began with a Mario comic that then inspired a huge increase of searches for the new star on YouPorn. 

For You Weekly- Personalized Collections on YouPorn

YouPorn is launching Personalized Collections, called ‘For You Weekly’. Using our industry-leading machine learning systems to generate custom, personalized algorithmically generated collections for every single logged-in user! These playlists will be updated weekly with the newest videos, based off of each individual users’ activity and preferences. What more could you ask for?

2018 Apple Special Event on YouPorn

Today, Wednesday September 12th marks the annual Apple Special Event. On this day every year people tune in to witness the newest iPhones and other Apple products’ first introduction into the world. Not only will watching the infamous keynote speech make you immediately regret buying the most recent iPhone model because you now need the actual latest […]