Cuckold POV First Time Watching Wife with Another Man

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Husband 2
May 29, 2016

This was indeed the best most real husband watching his wife with another man I have seen. My wife and I have a regular meeting every two weeks with a man and he is in charge in the bedroom and she and I both get what we want and the guy is an awesome lover to her . I do get to guide his cock in her when they start and message his balls a few times but its just so erotic for all 3 of us . We actually want him to move in with us and have a 3 way relationship with him and he said he will .

Tucson couple
December 20, 2016

wow I can relate to your situation sir as I am now in the same situation . we have a guy that lives with us and he takes charge in the bedroom and being bisexual I have explored my kinky side and I message his feet as he fucks my wife .

October 16, 2014

mattmix36 if you can give some background that would be awesome. How did she meet the guy? Why are you dressed so casually? Why did you go to the bathroom in the middle? Did he creampie her? Whose idea was it? Was this the first time she got fucked by another guy or just the first time in front of you? Please post more videos! This is the best video on the entire internet. Your wife is awesome!!!

st.louis guy
May 21, 2016

im waiting for my wife to send me a text telling me im a cuckold , i told her she can fuck and suck anybody she wants shes out with a guy right now sitting here stroking to porn waiting

January 4, 2015

really hot. I love amateur videos that are not staged.