Aaron Powell loves to cum down his own throat

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June 30, 2013

This is truly wonderful, fucking beautiful, passionate masturbation. Solo sex doesn't get better than this. How lucky are we to be able to watch this guy being so passionate with himself?!

August 7, 2013

aaron... some constructive criticism... slooowww dooowwwnnnn... even at 24 - 30 frames per second, it sometimes looks a bit jumpy... try to make some more noise when you are gagging yourself with your hot cock! thank you for inspring me to get back into autofellatio... would love to know if it was practice that got you that deep, or is it natural flexibility.... if practice, what are your recommendations for a novice such as myself to go deeper than the head? - also, why are some of your previous videos deleted? would love to be the cameraman...

July 1, 2013

Now this dude gave me one big ass hard on. I wonder if he's willing to share? Thank you suckingmyown. Just wondering, can i suck it with you?

July 1, 2013

Wow....Love it!

old cock lover
September 27, 2013

a truly awesome job of swallowing a great looking cock and a sweet load of seed. sure makes a old guy wish I could still do that, but too fat now.yje only cock I can suck now is someone elses hard bone.