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May 13, 2013

I was in Tokyo with a friend and she wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe there. It was albout midnight when we got in, and it was really crowded. We wound up sitting at a table with 6 Japanese girls who made room for us (they volunteered their table) since they normally don't get to see guys 6 3 and 225 and American. They cold speak some English and we spoke very little Japanese, but after our order was taken, two of the girls decided to teach me some Japanese words... we were laughing at my mistakes, and they were very touchy feely. Pretty soon, some of their touches were on my dick, so I thought I'd try the same for them, reaching under their short skirts.. they loved it. They were part of a group visitng from Oyama and they were staying at a hotel not too far from where I was staing. My friend was tired, so she headed back to her hotel and I was left with the 6, but especially with the 2. After a while, they suggested that I could come to their room or they could come to my room. I offered my room and they accepted immediately. We bid goodnight to the other 4 and I know there was a lot of "conversation" with them because I could tell by their giggling. I told them my room number and they came up about 5 minutes after I got to my room. We sat around chatting some, getting more friendly, and they found a "local porn station" which they enjoyed watching me as the porn flicks were very graphic. They asked if I would like to do that and I said definitely. We all stripped down, got onto the king sized bed and had a very good time. I was there for 2 days, but they had to go back in one more day, so we fucked while we could. One thing for sure, they were very interested in fucking American boy and they enjoyed the extra length they said they don't get with Japanese men. Great cultural exchange.

February 21, 2013

Japanese girls like to be "convinced" by playing a little shy at first, but they do love to fuck. They love being tongued and they love their pussies being rubbed. I never pushed myself on one like this guy did, but they like to know you want them bad enough that you don't quit on the first "no"... because they want to be pursuaded. They are also moaners and they love anal.