fulldipolog sex scandal

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February 25, 2011

All of you are a complete alien to this girl, so better watch your language. All you do is leave a comment in this site without asking yourself if it is right to criticize or not. You do not know her an inch. But if you'll do, you'll surely say that this girl is nice. Not in a sense of what she does, but with her characteristic. She is just a victim of someone who wants to ruin her life. Some might say it's ewwwwwwwwww--- but let me ask you this, haven't you done this thing? or you are just lucky since no one caught you in cam? Have pity to those girls who are innocent......

March 12, 2011

i Wish I also have a partner that always wants to play with me... lucky...

conclusion base on rumors
January 22, 2012

base on the gossip that i heard the story behind this...this girl is a grand daughter of a good politician not so sure of the position though (former gov/ board member all i know s they are known in the town) & this guy comes from a rich family as well. this video was been leaked to the net somewhere 2003ish. the girl cheated on the guy & wanted to end the relationship.so the guy took a revenge by spreading this intimate video actually its two video the other one was inside the tent at the beach. most everybody in the town watch this video. as her grandpa knew about this he was rushed to the hospital. rumors spread that the guy on the video was haunted & even received death threats. so rumors again said that he run away from the country. on the lighter side the girl continued her studies & even graduated as nurse. she even did marry 1 of her instructors in college. lesson for this everyone entitled to their feelings but make sure you wont lose your decency as a person. its not just you going to be affected of your actions. i feel sorry for you &your family getting through this. the reason i say my piece on this because of those nasty comments about shaving those bushy hair about asking her to meet some of the guys that are watching & appreciating her moves. she is a victim of betrayal of trust here,she wants to please her boyfriend at that time as you all know on this video the guy keeps on demanding her so if you enjoy watching this your entitled to do that coz it was on this site where video pleasure is what they offered for. there's nothing that this person could do to delete this. but please try not to make nasty comments anymore to the girl she have gone trough a lot from this even if i didn't personally know her or see her. i just heard story about this & i feel urge to say something coz no one else does. the thing is even she was dealing this issue she never stop going to school nor finding love & by that reason i think what has been done nevertheless of her scandal she remains facing her life, give her some credit. that's all folks

September 15, 2014

Nice ;)

April 27, 2011

sofia ako na lang try mo....