netvideogirls - Jamie Calendar Audition

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Date Added: April 5, 2011
Date Featured: April 12, 2011
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Shy calendar girl Jamie gets naughty for audition
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Charlie James
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September 20, 2015

im totally in lust with her

Furrowed Brow
April 12, 2011

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't think that this was acting. And if indeed it were not scripted I think these two guys came pretty close to the blury line of rapping this girl. Clearly she did enjoy some of it, yes she got turned on, but she was also afraid. She had no idea what these two weird men in a hotel room were capable of doing to her. On some level I'm sure that she decided to continue with the interview because she was worried about what would happen to her if she wanted to leave. Even if this video was scripted, I worry about how it is affecting us guys who get off to this smut (myself included), and how we view what women want. After watching videos like these, it's easy to think that all women want to get fucked and be dominated, and we should just keep pushing them into it until they submit. I'll be the first to admit that girls play a lot of head games with men, and often times they don't know what they want (or won't admit it) sexually, but for us there is no risk of being threatened and harmed physically by them. If men have to use persuasion, intimidation, fear, and power to get a girl to fuck them, then I think they've got some sick issues. I suppose why videos like these ones have such a successful reaction is because deep down we all would like to conquer any woman on the street we find attractive, and that's an ok FANTASY to have. But have we forgotten our role as men? We are supposed to protect and comfort women, not make them afraid of all of us... For fuck's sake, some of us savages have sisters and the one's who do get so protective of them. So, I say find yourself a girl (or many) who actually like you for the cool guy you are and then bust your nut all over their faces. Happy hunting.

January 27, 2014

This is HILARIOUS. It's all acting.

Fred Flintstone
June 18, 2012

LOL! Takes it like a champ doesn't she... HAPPY FATHER'S day!!!

August 24, 2013

This white boy knows how to get laid for several reasons: 1. This guy shows confidence by keep talking and making the girl feel comfortable. 2. He puts pressure on the girl by lying to her that someone else will take the job. 3. He touches the girl's face to a sexual sensation, causing the her to turn on. 4. Once the girl is in the mood, he goes for the kill. 5. Finally, you can only be like him if you're also a psychopath, a person who lacks moral conscience. Source: the book “How to Succeed with Women”