Photo shoot leads to banging on the couch

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Date Added: February 16, 2011
Date Featured: February 19, 2011
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Sexy brunette in a photo shoot gets horny then sucks and fucks the photographer.
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Szilvia Lauren
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August 25, 2012

OMG that was nice, he is just the right size, not too small and not too big for me that is! I would let him shoot in my mouth and I love to swallow every warm drop.

September 8, 2012

I was asked to do a photo shoot for swim wear by a photographer I knew from the gym. I was so honored to be asked since I was 39 and thought someone finally appreciate the fine body I have from working out hard for the last 3 years. He was young, cute and very sexy too so why not. We started out with a one piece and then worked our way down to the tiny 2 piece bikini. He was saying things like you are so sexy, gorgeous, beautiful and I felt so sexy. He would hug me and kiss me on the cheek after each change of swim wear. Finally we got to the last bikini, which was the tinniest. The bottom of the bikini was barely large enough just to cover my rather long lips. I came out of the dressing room and he nearly fell over and just said,"Wow so beautiful and sexy." He came over and adjusted the top and bottom just a little to kept it R-rated, which caused a good sensation all over my body and got my heart really pumping. After a few minute we finished and he showed me the pictures. Wow I looked really really hot in some of them. I was a little stiff from posing and he offered me another glass of wine and a massage. Even though I was still in the tiny bikini but, I was a little sore and a little horny so why not. He massaged my shoulders, back and arm, kissing them gently after the massage. He then worked my legs, sides and kissing them gently afterward and all the while saying how gorgeous my body was. I was feeling really horny and thinking maybe I should stop him now but, the massage did feel so relaxing and good. He then massaged my butt and my inner thighs and that really good and got my heart pumping. He then started kissing my inner thighs and I can feel all that pend up sexual energy from the shoot swelling up. I think I should stop him now I thought to myself just as he started kissing my pussy. His hot breath and each kiss on my pussy felt so so good but, I mustered all my will power to tell him to stop, I am married. But he did not stop and with his mouth he moved the stamp size bikini bottom to the side and started to suck on my now swollen and wet lips. I whimpered a no and a stop but, I just lost it all and started moaning from the intense pleasure. The thought of me with another man and him all sucking and licking my pussy so hard that I when into a most intense and long orgasm. When he put his hard fat cock inside of me I almost fainted from the intense pleasure. We made love for 2 hours and he finished by coming inside of me for the 3rd time. I when home and took a long shower thinking about the sexual encounter the entire time, which got me so so horny again. Then my husband came home and I asked him to the bedroom to look at some of my sexy pictures from today. We looked at it and then we made incredible love for the next 5 hours. I told my husband that this was the best sex I ever had and it was.

September 12, 2012

You want to bang a lot MILFs, get a job as a photographer. I'll never thought I would cheat on my husband of 19 years with my photographer, especially he is such a young guy. However, I did broke up with him after I found out he seduced many other older women the same way he seduced me. I don't regret anything and loved the great sex and the seduction.

September 7, 2012

While working out at my gym, a regular there asked me to model for him for a bikini shoot. I was like sure, I worked very hard for the last 3 years for this body and was honored to be asked at age 39. I got to his house early and he showed me a series of bikinis from one piece to little tiny postal stamp size bikini. I had a glass of wine and started with the one piece and continued to the smaller size as I continue to get more comfortable. He was telling me how sexy I was and how beautiful I looked. I felt so sexy. He would kiss me on the cheek and hug me after each photo session was done and hug and kiss me again when I changed to the new set of bikini. Then we got to the last bikini, which is the tiniest one left. He was like OMG, you are so hot and came over to kiss me in the mouth. He said he just can't resist. We finished and I was a little stiff from all the modeling positions. I had another glass of wine and he offer to give me a massage to loosing my muscle up. He then started to massage my shoulder, arms, back and then my legs. It felt very good with each stroke and squeeze. He would gently kiss each part of my body that he had just massaged. He then worked on my butt and the inside of my thighs. All that energy sexual energy builded up during the 2 hour shoot was being released now. I then felt him kissing the inside of my thighs and then my pussy. I felt this charge of energy running up my spine. I mustered all my will power to tell him no I am married. He did not stop but started to suck my now wet and swollen labia. It felt so good that I just moaned out loud. i can feel my heart pounding and the blood rushing to my head and lips. I don't want to cheat on my husband but I was in way way too deep. The postal size bikini bottom offered me no protection as his mouth just pushed it to the side allowing him to suck and lick my soaking pussy. He threw off his shirt and pant and told me that I was so sexy that he just can't resist. I then grabbed his huge fat swollen penis and guided it inside of my aching wet pussy. I was afraid it might not fit or hurt but it went all the way in tightly. It felt so good I thought I almost passed out. We made love for 2 hours with him coming inside of me for the third time and then I went home for a long shower. I was thinking about the sex the entire time in the shower and that got me so horny again. Luckily my husband came home and I gave him a huge hug and a long kiss and told him I love you. Then we made love half the night. That photo shoot opened up a sexual revelation in me. The photographer became my secret boyfriend and in the last 6 years since, I have had 28 other lovers and the sex just kept on getting better and better.

February 21, 2011

small nipples!