Melishas fantasy is to be fucked in an elevator

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Date Added: October 9, 2010
Date Featured: October 9, 2010
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Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Fantasy, Shaved
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March 17, 2012

what is her name?

June 20, 2011

It's about mid-morning, and I'm heading to an interview in an office in a large building. Patiently I wait for the elevator. It stops opens, and i go in and press the button to head up. It stops two more floors up and a man in a dark business suit steps in. He's actually a bit handsome. I wonder if this is going to be one of my future coworkers. He presses a floor different from the office level where I'm applying for work at. I pout a bit since I won't be working with him, and won't have a chance to properly seduce him. Suddenly the elevator jerks and the light goes off. I get worried for a minute and then the emergency light goes on. The handsome man frowns and then presses the emergency intercom button in the elevator. "What's going on with the elevator?", he asks. A few minutes go by without an answer and then it beeps. A nasaly voice whines through the speaker, "We're sorry. The city powergrid has temporally gone off. The radio says they'll be back in within 2 hours. The backup lights should hold for atleast 4 hours in there. There's really nothing we can do at the moment. Just sit tight." Then I hear a click and I know it's off. At first I panic. Two hours?! What can I do to 2 hours? I didn't even bring a magazine with me. Then I remember that I have an attractive man in the elevator with me. I take my jacket off and toss it to the side and unbutton a few buttons on my blouse. "It's already getting a bit hot in here," I tell him. "There's just no decent air circulation." He glances over at me and gives me a brief admiring glance before he sees that I noticed that his eyes weren't looking at my face in that glance. He goes a bit red in the face. How adorable. I bend over, giving him a good view of my backside while I take off my highheels. I hear him choke from astonishment. Now I know that I've got him. It actually is getting kinda hot and stuffy in there. So I ask him if it's alright if I take off my blouse so I don't get it all sweaty before I have to go in the meeting. "After all, I doubt it's anything you haven't already seen at the beach." I see a glint in his eye. "Go right ahead. That's actually a good idea." He sheds his business jacket and takes off the white shirt under. He's actually got a nice toned upper body. I notice he's got his pants, though. That's a problem I'll have to remedy. "Aren't you wearing any underwear?" He chokes again and then kind of laughs. "Sure I am. But it just doesn't seem proper to take off my pants," he tells me. "well. I'm shedding this skirt before I get it all sweaty. It just wouldn't be right if you didn't take off your pants." So I remove my skirt and he faces the wall of the elevator and takes his pants off. I notice after his pants are off he's still facing the wall. I know why. I move up behind him. "You smell nice." and I reach around and grab his cock through his boxers." I guess you can kind of imagine where it went from there.

December 20, 2010

thats a male.