Darryl Hannah POV!

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Bad Brad
February 15, 2013

After spending the night at my friends house I was awoke the next morning by his single Mom wearing a housecoat.When she pulled back the housecoat exposing her little thong,pushup bra I got hard as a rock.She took off her bra and her thong showing off her tattoos , piercings and neatly trimmed pussy with big dangling lips,then after sucking my dick for a while grinding her big labia in my face she climbed on top of me reverse cowgirl exposing her puckered little anus to me as she worked her fingers in her ass as she rode me she then kept sticking them in my mouth until I finally pushed her off and started licking her great tasting ass until she guided my cock into her open little asshole.I didn,t take long as her sphincter muscles gripped my cock until I was overflowing her ass with my ejaculate.We ended up fucking all day and now I visit my friend quite often hoping to fuck her again some day.

January 13, 2012

There could have been a scene after the first blow job where SHE put HIS cock into HER pussy. Too bad that scene was missing... Bad 2 stars

December 18, 2011

Great video!

September 24, 2010

darRyl hannah. but i like daryl hannah better;-)

August 28, 2010

is this really you darryl