Gorgeous Asian Fucks Her Friends Brother

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Der der der
June 1, 2011

@asad. SPICEBOY is that you?

January 11, 2012

She is amazing!

May 16, 2011

donde puedo ver este video completo??

Asian Pussy Lover
August 17, 2010

fuck asian girls are the best fucks. This chick looks like my friends mom and she is almost 50 and looks so young still. i fucked my friends mom one night when i went over and he wasnt home so i was waiting for him and his mum went to have a shower and i was watching her in the shower and pulling my cock and i couldnt take it any longer and i pretended to walk in and go to the toilet and i said sorry but she told me to come in the shoer and fuck her good and hard. I fucked her that night for the next 2 hours all over the house and she was so tight and she was moaning so so so good. I have since fucked her another 20 or so times and i love eveery time. Her husband would kill me if he finds out but i dont care cause i love fucking her behind his back

fun fucker
July 11, 2011

lol what do you wanna do? blow job!