Peter North - Group fuck at the boat

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June 1, 2013

Last summer, my gf wanted me to take her and 3 of her gfs on a fishing trip on my old Suntracker Party Barge with a metal cabin. I figured it might be fun, but I knew at least two of the girls had no interest in fishing, they just wanted to sunbathe nude on the roof of my boat. My gf knows a little about fishing, but the other 3 knew nothing, although one professed she wanted to learn. We were on Lake Ouachita and we were inbetween some islands, pretty remote from other boaters. Sure enough, as soon as they learned how to climb the ladder to the top of the cabin, 2 of them were sunbathing nude, which was fine with me... they were there to have fun and just relax. My gf and her other friend were with me up front ... the women sitting on the swivel chairs while I was working between the two of them, showing them how to bait a hook, which I wound up doing anyway. When they caught a fish, they really didn't want to take it off the hook. My gf and I kissed a few times and the other girl just watched. It was warm, so my gf took off her top, and the other girl followed.. both had nice sets on them. I got hard and my gf pointed it out to her friend.. she wanted to see it, so my gf pulls it out. Both are taking turns sucking on it, and the other two noticed what they were doing, so they came down on deck as well. The girls were playing with each other and also with me. My gf said this was a "free weekend" for me and I was welcomed to fuck all 3 of her gfs as long as she was included. Later, we were all pretty tired, so we all climbed into the beds inside the cabin, but pretty soon a couple of the girls wanted to fuck again, so I was fucking them when my gf woke up and she said that was a huge turn on for her to wake up to seeing me fucking her friends. We actually didn't get much fishing done that weekend, but I sure got my quota of pussy.

March 20, 2011

wow can i hoin there