Dirty talk cum swallowing

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April 12, 2016

tell the dickhead to shut the fuck up!

I love you Lorsha
March 3, 2016

She might not be that pretty or have a nice voice but I just think she's adorable. Her dirty talk is so cute in that it makes her sound naive and not sure how to do it but still really enjoying it. She's obviously not innocent but something about her makes it seem that way. She's probably in her 40s though she seems like a horny 19 year old who hasn't had a lot of sex but loves it

April 27, 2013

I've seen this girl quite a bit on youporn but she just doesn't do anything for me...voice is not sexy at all. Great little sperm drinker though

December 17, 2010

Where are these vids that show her tits? They for sure aren't on this site.

dillon sparks
December 29, 2013

love this woman. so fuckn sexy. nice little titties, and a cum loving pro.