Tools to boost your traffic and brand

Under player bannerAdd a custom image under the video player. This image will link to your paysite. Different banners can be used on different videos.

Under player description textAdd a text blurb under the video player. Add links within the blurb that point back to your paysite. Different descriptions can be used on different videos.

Brand pageVideos will have a link to your YouPorn page. On the YouPorn partner page, all uploaded videos are displayed in one location.

Homepage featuresAll partner videos will be reviewed and have a chance to be featured on the YouPorn homepage. Videos that are higher quality, unique and are well titled, tagged and described will have a better chance to be featured. If a video is not featured, it is still searchable and will appear on the partner brand page.

Detailed analyticsAll partners are given access to an analytics page where they can see how many views and clicks each of their videos gets.

Banner/text for each video Set specific banners and text descriptions for different videos. Have multiple paysites all on the same partner account.

A team like no other

Quick set upOur team gets partners up and running on the partner program in no time.

Industry expertiseNot sure what banner to use? Need help with some description text? The YouPorn content partner team knows what works best and will gladly lend a helping hand.

Personalized helpAn account manager will be assigned to all our partners. Your account manager will always be there to answer any questions or concerns.

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