Debbie Does Dallas

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December 9, 2013

The girl sucking that cum in the shower.... New actresses should take lessons.

October 2, 2015

You know, the blowjobs given in the shower scene here are still some of the best ever shown in porn, in my opinion :-)

August 22, 2013

I cannot believe I'm the first to comment on this. First saw it in London in the late 80's with my man and a friend of ours. Yankee. he was a black guy from south carolina who'd lived in London half his life and so had a strange accent, half and half. he was late 30s, me and my lover were mid 20. he was married to a stunning norweigan. woman, 6ft and long blonde hair.we watched this together one night, and, what with the wine and the weed and the fact that the sex scenes are really hot, even more so today, compared with how brutal porn is today (but I still love it, yeah), we ended up having a beautiful 4some, that got quite bisexual at times too. I'm rambling now (what with the wine and the weed) and I'm going to shut up and go have sex with my man... ;-)

August 25, 2013

yeah misspop beautiful movie, beautiful memories i had a threesome with my man and a friend after watching this. my pussy still gets wet watching this. would love to suck your cunt, baby you sound like one of us

August 26, 2013

thanks ntwetcub baby my cunt is yours to suck whenever you want as long as I can lick yours and we get a coupla hard dicks involved yummm been watching this again love the shower scene and all those young pussies and nice hard cocks my pussy's been wet ever since i found this