RealityKings' DareDorm Puts Pornhub's Twerking Butt to the test. Location: Sexy dorm party. Watch as one man transcends the barrier between Woman and Machine.. with his dick. See the FULL SCENE HERE!
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Lesbian - Redhead and Brunette

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    • Judy March 16, 2015

      Alisha...I would love to meet you and share things with you. I would love sending you to heaven. I love to do that with a woman, a real woman. As I have said before I love cock but I adore pussy, a sweet delicious tasting pussy. I love to explore her complete body and I make sure there is nothing left that I haven't touch, lick and tasted with my tongue. Do you think we should find out if we are made for each other. Kisses xoxoxoxo

    • RJ December 13, 2014

      Amazing. One of the best lesbian movies.

    • Alisha March 1, 2015

      Judy ... I long to hear from you as I read your messages again and again wishing you were here with me as I lay naked on my bed fingering my juicy pussy imaging your hot mouth clamped around my fuck hole taking me to heaven. It's been a while since I had a girl on her own, the last few weeks a casual boyfriend has been satisfying my lust and I am sure you would love to join us and share his gorgeous hard cock but nothing compares to the love of another sexy like minded girl making each other cum in so many lovely ways. I would love to tongue your cunt and taste your delicious juices. OMFG I've just cum.

    • The Man Who Knows! July 29, 2014

      What to say? I'd tongue that redhead to death....and I'm a MAN! But I love to lick pussy. But I can tell you many men don't know how to lick a pussy. Including male porn stars! Most of them just poke at it like it was some dead animal. I was taught you have to caress the pussy with long soft slow strokes. The best way is to just let your tongue just lay on the clit and let her do all the work. Man, she will just come, and come and COME! Case closed!

    • marcus15 June 1, 2014

      Holy shit this is hot. I only made it to 11 mins before shooting a steady stream of hot cum.

    • Pussy loving man October 20, 2014

      This is a truly perfect lesson in how to lick a lady...incredible. Such lovely women... thank you!!

    • Alisha January 20, 2015

      Judy... Having read ALL your comments I know how much alike we are. I love doing the same sexy things as you and just imagining being with you has got my panties quite damp, wish you were here to take them off for me and I could show you what my pussy is like and how I long for another girls tongue exploring my most intimate parts. It would be lovely to be naked with you kissing every area of your gorgeous body and making you cum as my fingers and tongue work on your cunt the way you love it. Oh Judy we are made to be with each other alone or even with a horny guy joining us. xxxxxxx

    • Judy April 17, 2015

      Alisha...I have been thinking about you. I would love to see your trimmed pussy. I bet it looks wonderful and hot and sexy. I would of course have to kiss it and lick it. I do not think I could get that close to your wet hole without tasting you. I had a dream that I was picking you up at the airport for a weekend stay and I kicked Paul out for the weekend. lol I put on a very hot and sexy and tight outfit. I wanted you to want me right then and there when you walked off the plane. I see you coming and I smile because you had the same idea I think. You look incredible. I instantly get wet. I feel my tiny thongs getting wetter and wetter. I notice that every man has stopped what they are doing and are looking at you. Now I am glad that I sent Paul away for the weekend. If he was here I doubt I would have anytime with you. You come to me and we kiss, hard and deep right there. I feel your warmth against me. We walk hand in hand out to the parking garage. We get in and I am ready to start the car when your hand goes between my legs. I automatically open them for you. Your finger slips up my thigh and moves my little thong and plunges into me. you kiss me and whisper how wet I am. Then another fingers goes in me and I moan more, then the third finger goes in me and I start to quiver and you rub my clit too. I can't take it and let go a huge amount of juice. I moan and my head falls back against the seat. All I can say is "oh please darling please". You slowly start to pull your fingers out of me and I try to clamp them inside me. I look over at you and tell you much I have wanted and waited for that. I tell you how incredible you are in making me happy. I watch and you suck and lick your fingers and the palm of your hand. You lean over and kiss me and whisper to me how you love my juice. I regain some composure and start the car and start home. We hold hands and you tell me that I am not going to need a man for a long time when you get done with me. I look at you and tell you all I want is you Alisha, nobody else. Love You

    • big dick August 28, 2014

      nice house

    • Natalie July 26, 2014

      I wish a brunette fucked me right now

    • Alisha April 13, 2015

      Judy, Wow I love your parties, just wish I had been there but for now I would be quite happy to be alone with you and have Paul join us later. My pussy is framed with a neat black hairy bush at the moment, sometimes I completely shave it off depending on the love in my life, what do you think? Oh Judy I want to bury my head inbetween your thighs and taste that musky girly scent as you thrust your hips against me .Oh baby cum for me. After a nice time together Paul comes into the bedroom wearing just a pair of tight white briefs, he looks so sexy and the bulge in the front tells me he is ready for action. We are in charge and order him to stand at the side of the bed as we slowly pull his briefs down with our teeth and as his lovely manhood springs into view I take hold and proceed to suck him balls deep as you kneel behind him sucking those lovely balls. Before Paul has the chance to cum we make him lie on the bed and take turns lowering our pussies down on his cock. After some time you order him to fuck me doggy style as you position yourself under me to suck on his sperm filled bollocks. Fuck me harder, faster I cry out and suddenly I feel that familiar wetness as Paul's spunk is pumping into my cunt, We stay in this position as Paul plays with my breasts and when he pulls out of me he is replaced by your tongue licking out our mixed juices. I eventually pull away from you, turn around and kiss you passionately savouring the taste of pussy and cock cream. When Paul has recovered we suck him until he cums in our mouths with lovely squirts of man fluid. We send Paul away as his cock softens his job done now as we only want each other to feel, kiss and love and fall asleep, the two of us satisfied until we awake in the morning and the fist thing we do is tongue each others fuck holes. Paul is still asleep in another room but who needs him when we have each other? Maybe later, perhaps! LoveU xoxoxo

    • Alisha April 7, 2015

      Judy .. Wearing very short and tight little skirts certainly gets the attention of the guys as they eye us up and it turns me on too. Although I love to have a big cock between my thighs my thoughts are on you and back at your place we are soon removing those wet thongs that hide our juicy pussies. Fingers are replaced with tongues as we lick and suck each other to orgasm. We kiss and hold our bodies tight before I feel and suck those nipples and caress your beautiful tits, relaxing before returning to the pleasures of your sticky fuck hole that gives me so much pleasure. Oh Judy your are an amazing fuck and I hope you are still keeping Paul happy as we may want him to join us eventually but right now the two of us are becoming great lovers. Love you Judy xoxoxo

    • Judy November 7, 2014

      My Sweet Young Pussy...I think this site was having or is having trouble putting comments on here. I also wrote you but it never has shown up. I always come to this clip and look for you but even if I don't see anything from you, I watch this and think of us. I imagine having you all to myself. I have realized that I would not want to share you with anybody. I am not the jealous type having an open marriage but I must admit if we were at a party or a club and other ladies were hitting on you I would probably be a little jealous. Men would also be hitting on us just the way we would dress. The way we would dress would be sending a message to the men, hey you guys want to fuck us, lol I love knowing that we might be getting the men's cocks hard in their pants just thinking about how good we might be in bed. Yes baby we would be good in bed, just the two of us. I get wet just thinking of you. I get wet instantly as I click on this video thinking or wishing it was us doing this video. One of these days my darling I want you to own me completely. kisses to you all over your body.

    • sex April 8, 2014

      Malena is the hottest girl ever !! lovely video

    • Claire May 3, 2015

      Love to have the redhead licking my pussy

    • Judy May 2, 2015

      My Dear Alisha, this is a quickie. I have been teasing Paul for the last couple of days. I love doing that because when I finally let him cum, it is like you turned on a water faucet. his load is incredible. I enjoy walking around in just my thongs, kiss him now and then, fondle his cock and balls through his pants. Tell him how much I love his cock. things like that. Well this morning he was so horny and hot, he took me. I wanted to tease him another day but he just took me. His cock was rock hard and he just got between my legs and spread me wide open. He fucked me so hard and his cock reached into me deep and drove me crazy. When he exploded, it was the most incredible hard cum I can remember him ever having. I think the whole neighborhood heard him. As I write this to you my darling, I am full of his seed still. I am so happy. How I wish you were here. I would sit on your face and let you drink all of Paul's creamy seed down your throat. Paul is my man and I want YOU to be my woman. Love You and have a great weekend.

    • Judy May 10, 2015

      Alisha, I think it is time for us to find some strange cock. What do you think? Paul is going to take Gina out for the evening so I know his balls will be drained. We need to find a couple of young guys to tease and tease letting them think they are going to have us. I love dressing up with you. I love to fondle you and kiss and lick your nipples. We pick out each other's outfits. We both pick leather outfits. Very short skirts, 6 inch heels, a zippered down leather top with the zipper half way down already. We want every man in the club to stop and look at us and dream about fucking us. The best part of the evening is I already have who I want right next to me, YOU. We get to the parking lot and never make it inside. We kiss lightly then harder and deeper. We start to explore each other and our legs open slightly. We have nothing on under our short skirts. We wanted to give the guys a show and let them possibly see and maybe finger our already wet pussies. That is not going to happen because I want to feel and finger and taste your delicious hole. One, two then three of my fingers slide into your wet hole. You moan into my mouth. You open your legs wider for me. I start to run my fingers in and out of you. You arch your back, you start to quiver, you moan again this time very loud. I feel my fingers become very wet. You moan and whisper to me, "I love You", I whisper right back to you " I love you to baby". You cum again on my fingers. You look at me and say lets go home. I nod and with that I start to car. I pull my fingers out of you and look at them and my hand is soaking wet along with my fingers. I smile at you as I lick them clean of all your wonderful juice. You lean over and kiss me lightly and whisper to me "Your mine tonight Judy". I look at you and tell you I am yours all the time my beautiful doll. I tell you that no cock will ever come between us. I love cock but I adore you and your pussy. Love you baby. xoxoxoxo

    • FillUGood May 10, 2015


    • Judy May 1, 2015

      Alisha, it would be very hard for me to contain myself with you around. I am afraid I would be showing my emotions and feelings to you in a very open way. I would always love to dress for you just as I do for Paul. I loved to turn him on and with you my sweet heart I would love to be able to keep you wet all the time. I know Paul will love to keep you full also with his thick cream he has stored in his balls. It would be so much fun to share him with you. He would be in between us in bed and we would play with him teasing him making him harder and harder and making his balls fuller and fuller. I would love to be underneath you licking your wet delicious hole and Paul comes from behind and slides right up to his balls in you. I smile as I hear both of you moan. I think to myself I have the best of both worlds, I have Paul's cock to kiss, lick and pull out of you to suck and then I have the most delicious tasting wet little pussies to lick and lick and kiss. I love pulling him out of you and then holding him as I guide it back into your super wet hole. I squirm a little bit as I feel your tongue go into me. You feel so good. I start to moan now also. Paul start thrusting much harder and faster. I know he is getting close and I want to make sure every drop of his seed goes deep into you. I see his hands go tight around your hips and I take my hands and go around his ass and push him into you as deep as possible just as he lets go his first squirt. I see his balls pulsating knowing he is giving you his hot cum. It starts to leak out of you as he continues to fuck you and fill you. I am in heaven as it drips down onto my lips. As he finishes unloading in you and slowly starts to pull out of you, I grab his cock and wrap my mouth around it and push him all the way down my throat cleaning off his still rock hard cock. As I let go of him I push my head deep into your sticky gooey pussy that is leaking my man's hot cum. I suck out as much as I can making you moan more and making you release more of your juices to mix with my man's. I am truly in heaven. You finally turn around and come up into my arms and kiss me. Your tongue goes down my throat and we share Paul's seed and your juices until it is all gone. We then fall asleep in each others arms. Love You Alisha, I want you.

    • Alisha May 5, 2015

      Judy, Oh Judy I have just wet my panties imagining being with you and having you sitting on my face with your beautiful pussy full of Paul's delicious creamy sperm running into my mouth as my tongue explores your cunt once more. I would love to have Paul come up behind me and plunge his big juicy cock into my tight fuck hole and pump his load deep inside me so that you and I can then get into a sixty nine position and enjoy each others pussies and Pauls seed. Paul in the mean time has showered and dressed and we need him once more so between us we slowly strip him and it doesn't take much fondling to get him rock hard and I just have to suck him off and taste his fresh cum which I willing share with you. Later you and I shower together and dress in between feeling each other up all the time eventually we leave and make our way to a local bar where all the guy's can't stop looking at us in our short little skirts and revealing tops. Judy, I feel so sexy and ready for a good fucking I let you decide what to do next. LoveU

    • kitten May 13, 2015

      Omg, only took me 14 mins to come. That was hot. Wish my husband knew how to, and would lick pussy.

    • Alisha April 23, 2015

      Judy .. Woke this morning feeling really randy and my fingers were deep inside my pussy wishing they were yours. I love the fact that you would lick me out after a guy had filled me with his sperm and that I am certain it would give me a terrific orgasm for both our pleasures. I am wearing a flimsy dressing gown having just showered and if only you were to call I would take you into my bedroom lay you on the bed my hand disappearing up that tight little skirt and fingering your juicy fuck hole before undressing you and enjoying kissing every part of my new lovers sexy body. Oh Judy I love making you cum' your thighs wide apart and my tongue bringing you off and I love the attention you give to my pussy, the two of us wet and sticky with our love making, what could be more rewarding, I still fancy a night in bed with you and Paul, love to watch him fucking you and having him in my cunt as well. LoveU xoxoxo

    • Billy March 31, 2015

      Why is this youporn site only have sexual videos

    • j April 17, 2015

      so fucking hot

    • xxx April 13, 2015

      This shit is awesome

    • Judy April 10, 2015

      Alisha, you don't have to worry about keeping Paul happy. He has plenty of pussy to fuck and fill up. Last weekend we had a small pool party with 3 other close couples who have the same life style. We share everything and everybody gets to do whatever he or she wants with anybody. I wish you were here. I would love to show you off and believe me the girls would love to meet and taste you along with the guys who would want to fuck you and load you up with the sperm. It is a fun time my dear. It's something to see as we have the men line up on the first step of the pool and we girls choose a man and then go down a couple of steps and kneel down and begin to suck them off. I love hearing all of them begin to moan as each one gets closer and closer to emptying his balls down our throats. We girls have a game and to see who can make the man she is with cum first. I usually can win because I love to deep throat and suck cock. I do not know a man who doesn't want his woman to take his whole cock down her throat particularly when he is starting to shoot his load. Baby now let me tell you something. If you were here, you would be mine. I would not want to share you. I know there would be a time when one of the other gals would want you and I can't say I would blame them particularly after I tell them about you before they meet you. I have dreamed about waking up in the mornings with you next to me. I would kiss you on the lips, neck, slowly going down to your nipples kissing and licking them then even slower moving down your body to that sweet wet spot between your legs. As I reach that special place and give you my first lick, I can taste Paul's sperm still inside you. You moan and raise up a little bit so I can lick your ass and run my tongue up and down licking any left over cream. Your hands go to my head and you push me deeper into your delicious wet hole. I am in heaven and you start to grind your pussy into my face. Your juices start to flow. I can't stop, I won't stop. You are screaming. Your juice and Paul's seed mix in my mouth. I feel you relax and it is like you just let go and you have no more strength left. I raise my head and look at you. I kiss your soaking wet hole and run my tongue up your body and kiss you deeply. I lay with you and look into your eyes and tell you how amazing you are. I ask you if you know just what you have done to me. you shake you head no and I smile and tell you, I love Paul deeply, but now my darling I love you just as much. I love fucking Paul and I love watching him fuck you. He is for both of us from now on. Love U Alisha xoxoxoxo

    • Alisha April 21, 2015

      Judy .. After reading about your pool party I just have to tell you what happened to me a while ago. A girl I knew vaguely, invited me to join her and her boyfriend for the weekend at his country home. Jill collected me and we drove to his place where I was introduced to Max and his friend Tony, two gorgeous handsome guy's that made me go weak at the knees. Max provided an excellent dinner and then we relaxed drinking and chatting, suddenly Jill jumped up and went to sit on Tony's lap. Max beckoned me to sit on his knee which resulted in some heavy snogging all round. After some time Jill came over to me, took my hand and led me to the bedroom and ordered me to strip. The window had blackout blinds and curtains and the room was in total darkness when the lights were off, Jill explained that the boy's were in the next room undressing and when they came into our room to join us we wouldn't know who was doing what to who, the only rule was no talking. What a fantastic night of sucking and fucking we all had. In the morning Jill was up first and opened the curtains and blinds and as the sun streamed in I saw for the first time those two beautiful naked guy's and we all fucked again, well I had to try and guess which fella it was who had given me the most amazing fuck the night before and it was Max, Jill is a lucky girl having such a rampant boyfriend. Jill and I had some lesbian fun but this time it was the boy's who satisfied me most. LoveU lots xoxoxo

    • Judy April 22, 2015

      Alisha, That's sounds great. I am glad you had a terrific time. I must admit if I was there I would be jealous that somebody else was having you but I understand that having a nice cock to enjoy is a good excuse. I love doing it with somebody else's husband or boyfriend. I just think it is great to give them a taste of how somebody else can make them happy. Of course the same applies to me, to be able to feel a different cock and to taste the difference in their sperm. I absolutely love to make a man cum. I have had most of Paul's friends one time or another either deep inside me or down my throat. This one who I really like and enjoy a lot have met numerous times without his wife knowing and we fuck our brains out. Paul knows but his lady doesn't. I am sure she would not appreciate knowing I am fucking her husband without her being there. I do not know what it is but this guy makes me cream all over his hard cock a dozen times. Paul thinks it is wild. He has watch us a few times and he loves the fact that another man can make me go crazy and I don't give a damn who is watching as long as I can have this guy's cock. You know something my dear Alisha if I was there I would not have interrupted you as much as I would have wanted to and yes I would be jealous and so very wet watching you fuck Max but I promise one thing I would have gladly been between your legs after Max got done with you and I would have lick and suck every drop of his cream out of you. I know that I would have been enjoying your juice mixed with Max's and it would have made me very happy knowing I had you in the end. Love U my dear lots.

    • Alisha April 27, 2015

      Judy, I love watching the redhead in this clip and imagine it's you with me making love together. It would be lovely to go to bed with you and Paul and as we approach the bed I can feel your hot breath on my neck as Paul lifts my skirt to feel my damp panties before we tumble onto the bed and together we strip our gorgeous man and start to suck his lovely hard cock. My attention soon turns to you as your beautiful pussy is exposed and my mouth envelops it, savouring the taste that I love. After a playful time we take turns sitting on Pauls cock and then I removing it from your hole I suck him until he explodes in my mouth and having sucked him dry we share his love cream, Later Paul fucks me and then my darling Judy you lock your mouth onto my cunt and suck our mixed juices before kissing me and sharing that heavenly mixture. I also love to watch Paul thrusting his cock into your pussy knowing that later I will be enjoying your cunt at its very best. LoveU my darling xoxoxo

    • Judy April 25, 2015

      My dear Alisha.I am so glad to know you were thinking of me. I love that. I would love to wake up with you. We both would be randy. I promise you I would make you happy every morning. I have often thought about if I didn't meet somebody like Paul what would I be doing know. If I could have met a woman like you I think we might have become a couple. As I have said before I love a woman's body and love everything about them. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you to make you happy. If we were together and we wanted some cock, I doubt that there would be any problem going out and getting whatever cock we wanted. The best thing would be to be able to share and taste what that man left in you. Having the taste of your well fucked hole on my lips and to be able to lick out another man's cum would drive me crazy. I would want to drain you of all your juices my darling. Watching this clip drives me insane thinking of you and I. Even Paul gets rock hard looking at this and often he will stand in back of me and lay his cock across my shoulder. I will kiss it, lick it and stroke him until he explodes all over my face. I hope you could taste him Alisha, his load is so creamy and delicious. I would love to watch you suck him dry. The only thing better than making a man cum is making my woman cum and drain her completely dry of all her juice. Then I am happy. I wish it can be you. This clip is what I want for us my dear, more than you know. Love You xoxooxo

    • Judy April 2, 2015

      Alisha, Yes sometimes a man will not do. Sometimes all I need is a wet pussy to enjoy and a sexy woman to go along with it. I think I would be wet with you next to me all the time. When we go out together to a club and are dressed up to be fuck and we tease the men around us, I will always lean over and kiss you lightly and tell you how wet I am just thinking of my tongue tasting your pussy. I always want to keep you excited even with men paying attention to us. Do you want to know why? It is because my darling as soon as we get to the car even before we get close to home, I will have my fingers deep up inside you. That is why I love us to wear very short skirts, to be able to get to the most delicious wet hole of yours. We will kiss very deeply. I drive home very fast and we get inside and by the time the door is close we are down to our thongs. then for the next several hours my dear we devour each other. Our juices flow many times through the night. s we lay in each others arms I kiss you on the lips lightly again and look into your eyes and whisper "I love you Alisha". It is another night we don't need any cock. Love U xoxoxo

    • 4ctb81 May 13, 2015

      This is a mind blowing video, I think the chic's are so hot, I would love to be with both of you ladies. Keep the video's cumming, as we enjoy cumming

    • loveseesquirt April 27, 2015

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    • Sammy May 20, 2015

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    • primalscream59 July 3, 2015

      fantastic work everyone involved in this video. its a real bone burner

    • Judy July 3, 2015

      Alisha, I will tell you about my trip but right now I want to tell how much I want you. I want you to myself. I do not want to share you. Oh yes I know you need cock and so do I but right now I need to taste you. I want to just slowly enjoy your body, taking my time using my tongue and lips. I want to kiss you very hard and deep. I want you to feel my tongue and to know how it feels as it is going inside your delicious pussy. I want to explore every part of you. Then when I feel it is time I will call Paul or one of his friends to come in and fuck you. I would then go up and straddle your face so you could see and taste how wet I am as either Paul or one of his friends starts to fuck you. I love watching a hard cock going in and out of your tight little pink pussy. I love seeing your nipples get hard and I love pinching them making you moan louder and louder. I will then lean over and kiss the man and tell him to fill you up with his hot sperm. He moans and I try to reach under him and squeeze his nuts to make him shoot a huge load in you. As he slows down he starts to pull out of you. I get off your face and just look at you. I tell you how beautiful you look with sperm leaking out of you and how wet your face is from my wet pussy rubbing it all over you. I slide up between your legs kissing them as I slide up to your very full hole and start to devour you. I feel your legs go over my shoulders and you squeeze my head and push it deeper into your hole. I look up at you and tell you how much I love you. My face is cover in his cum and your juice. I am in heaven. I Love You Alisha.

    • Alisha July 2, 2015

      Judy: Lovely to hear from you and missed you. I met up with Maddie and Dave at a hotel at the weekend and seeing Maddie in a tiny tight black skirt was such a turn on I ignored Dave at first as I just wanted to get into Maddies panties and as we tumbled onto the bed pushing up her skirt my lips kissed up her legs to her damp covered pussy which I soon had my tongue inside and savouring the sweet musky juices which were starting to appear I felt hands removing my thong, it was Dave and he had already undressed and his cock was so irresistible I broke away from Maddie and took it in my mouth sucking like never before and it was Maddie who had now stripped off who pulled me away, the two of them literally tore off my clothes and all three of us sucked and fucked in every combination possible. Alas the night was over to quickly but we are on for another soon. LoveU Judy xxxxxx

    • Judy July 1, 2015

      My Sexy Alisha, I just got home and I am so excited to tell you my time up there. I am tired right now but I will send you something soon. I miss you and I wish you could have been up to Maine with us, with or without a friend. I told this one very hot lady about you and I writing each other. Love You

    • ta mere June 12, 2015

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    • Alisha June 16, 2015

      My darling Judy, wish I was joining you and Paul in Maine for a lovely threesome. My next door neighbour returned a few days back so Maddie and Dave have returned to their own home. On Sunday I received a phone call from Maddie telling me how much she is missing me and wants to meet up soon. Dave says hello, we are both naked and the slurping sound is his tongue doing wonderful things between my legs, she went on to describe every little detail and it made me so horny I started to finger my pussy. Put Dave on the phone I said. Hi Dave I wish I had your cock to suck off right now I said but Maddie will have to do that for me. Dave told me what he would love to be doing to us girls and so we have made plans to stay in a hotel mid way between our homes. I'll tell you all about it next time. Think about me Judy as you and Paul fuck together and maybe with friends too. LoveU

    • Alisha July 7, 2015

      Judy, Watching this movie again and reading what you said has got me in a right state and as I am alone my fingers are playing with my pussy wishing it was you pleasuring me. I need you, with our naked bodies pressed together standing by the bed we kiss passionately our hands on each others asses. We tumble onto the bed and I get on top of you in a sixty nine and I feel your tongue entering my love hole as I buck up and down, I can't last any longer and my juices gush into your mouth. Before I have chance to make you cum there is a knock on the door, I put a towel around me as I answer it. Wow it's Scott an old boyfriend. I invite him in and he askes if I am with another guy, no I tell him I'm with another girl and we were in bed together, why don't you come and meet Judy. When Scott see's you lying there naked and I drop my towel the poor guy doesn't know what hit him. He is so handsome we invite him to strip off and join us which of course he does and we both suck his big hard cock and eventually he fucks you doggy with me underneath you licking his balls and your clit. One of the things I remember about Scott was his ability to keep going even after he has shot a huge load. Later Scott fucks me and then you and I spend hours between each others legs with Scott gently feeling us up before he leaves to go back to his unsuspecting girlfriend. Can't wait to here about your trip Judy, LoveU xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Judy July 10, 2015

      Alisha, I am glad I can get you so wet. How I want to be able to do that to you. I know that I will devour you and adore you. You will be my everything. My trip was wonderful. We went to a swingers party and as we walked in we met a couple who became our lovers for the whole time up there in Maine. He (Daryl) was so handsome and his wife (Marsha) was incredibly beautiful. We traded spouses every day. I slept with Daryl most of the time I was up there and had gallons of his sperm in me. Alisha his cock had to be a foot long. My pussy and mouth and ass was used like never before. Marsha was passionate and loving and took her time eating me and making me go crazy over her. She never let any of her man's seed go to waste and sucked every drop out of me along with my juice. She is an expert. I repaid her and never let her go until she exploded and exploded and exploded her warm juice down my throat. All the time devouring her Paul and Daryl were taking turns fucking my ass and pussy from behind. They both empty loads in me. I really don't know how many times both these handsome men shot their loads but I and Marsha were leaking most of the time we were together. When Paul and I were together I several times mention you and asked Paul, what would you do if Alisha was here and he just smiled. I know what he would do darling. I know what I would do also. I would not have wanted anybody else unless you want to share somebody with me. Like I have said I am selfish and I want you to myself. I hope you would not mind that. I don't mind sharing you with Paul or with whoever you choose but I would need you. Your name is always on my lips. I REALLY WANT YOU. I love you Alisha. Your everything I could ever ask for. To be continued.

    • Jacob July 14, 2015

      Asolutely incredibly sexy and sooooooooo hot

    • babilu August 30, 2015


    • Alisha July 14, 2015

      Judy, wow I can't wait to read more about your Maine vacation. I net up again with Maddie and Dave and it was awesome as the two of them stripped me and I enjoyed the pleasures of another girls pussy and a beautiful big hard penis. It was quite a battle at times as Dave wanted to fuck me and Maddie wanted me all to herself, usually in a 69. We girls soon sorted it by getting him to fuck us both until he was drained and then it was girl on girl and I love it when our cunts are dripping with male sperm as well as our juices. Oh Judy I was thinking about you my love as I was between Maddie's legs tasting that wonderful nectar and have multiple orgasms. Finger your pussy for me darling. xxxxxx

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    • Salope July 10, 2015

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      Omg I'm in love with the brunette girl

    • Judy June 11, 2015

      Alisha, You really have made me so jealous and so wet. I fingered myself until I almost passed out thinking about you and watching you fuck Dave and listening to him getting closer and closer as your pussy made him explode. You would make Paul a happy man I know. Between you and my girlfriend Gina I might not get any from Paul. You two would drain his balls. On the bright side I would have you and Gina to devour after Paul filled your hot pussies with his seed. Then I would be in heaven. I think the 3 of us would have wild times and then of course we would have to let Paul have his way with us from time to time. :-) Paul is well hung so I know we would not let him go for long without sucking and fucking him until he passes out. :-) I would love to rub my pussy against yours. I want us to both cum together and then lick each others very wet and juicy hole out. By the way my darling Paul loves to eat his load out of a pussy. That is one reason the women love to fuck him. One more ting my sweet Alisha, I and Paul are going up to Maine for a couple of weeks. Leaving Saturday. We have a computer up there but sometimes the Wi-Fi doesn't work. The reception sucks at times, so if you don't hear from me for a few days, we are just away and can't get online but I will always be trying. Hopefully we will find a couple of couples that we have met before that are swingers so we can have some fun. I will be thinking about you. Love You my Sweetheart. Kisses all over your hot body.

    • Karen May 24, 2015

      I came 3 times watching this!

    • Alisha May 27, 2015

      Judy, my last comments when I went to see my aunt have not appeared so I will tell you the story another time. Right now I am sitting typing one handed as my other hand is between my legs thinking how lovely it would be if you were here with me. I would take you straight to bed and strip you as I kiss every part of your lovely body until I reach your wet pussy and plunge my tongue deep inside you tasting your juices as we get into a sixty nine for some fantastic orgasms, come on Judy squirt into my hungry mouth I love you so much it hurts. xoxoxox

    • mikethebyte May 20, 2015

      Best Video for a long time.

    • Alisha March 31, 2015

      Judy .. I too want to be alone with you right now kissing you passionately we fall onto the bed and as I lay on top of you I can feel those heaving breasts as my hand slides up your thigh to your damp pantie covered pussy. I love the feel of your tongue on my pussy and we break apart to help each other out of our clothes. Oh Judy it feels so good licking your pussy, making you moan and tasting your delicious cunt juices just like you did to me and now we kiss tasting a mixture of our juices, my fingers once more inside your hole making you even wetter. You lie on top of me in a 69 your beautiful fuck hole opening like a flower as my tongue flicks across your clit and goes deep inside you, cum baby cum I call out and your squirting orgasm floods my mouth. Who needs a man with a lover like you? I certainly don't right now, the two of us are so into one another but I would still love to have Paul join us and fuck me another time. LoveU my sweet Judy xxx

    • Judy May 17, 2015

      Alisha, I wish you could have joined me this weekend. Saturday Paul brought home his golfing buddies. I cooked some chow and we were drinking and swimming and before you know it I was getting fucked and giving blowjobs to all of them. 2 of the 3 Paul over are married and they had no problems fucking me and emptying their balls in me or down my throat. We fucked all afternoon and I must tell you I was leaking hot sperm out of every hole. I had it in my hair, all over my body. What an afternoon. I wish you were here so I could have shared their cum with you. I would have loved seeing both of us getting fucked and knowing that we would lick their cum out of each other. Yes, we would have put on a show for them too. Paul asked me if he should call Gina over and I told him, why you don't have any sperm left in your balls, I have it all. We laughed remembering just the other day he went out with her and he did empty his nut into her several times. I am thinking about you. Love you my hot doll, I want you.

    • Alisha May 28, 2015

      Judy, The other weekend I thought it my duty to visit my elderly aunt and her next door neighbour called in to check on her, wow he was drop dead gorgeous and after a little flirting he invited me back to his place for a drink and to meet his girlfriend. Karen is a stunning girl and we all got on great and the conversation turned to sex as they asked me about my love life and it turned out they were both bisexual and into anything which led nicely to John asking me to sit on his knee as Karen knelt in front of us and raised my tiny skirt to reveal my damp panties. John wasted no time in getting his fingers into them and gently teasing my throbbing clit. Karen suggested we all go into the bedroom and have some real fun together and asked John to phone his friend Mike to join us. Can you imagine four randy bisexuals all into one another, it was bliss with boys on girls, girl on girl and boy on boy sex. the air filled with the aroma of sperm and girl juices. What a great night for us all. I must visit my aunt again very soon. PS wish U had been their, LoveU lots

    • Judy May 31, 2015

      Alisha, I am sitting here very, very early in the morning. I am wet reading what you told me. My fingers are inside my soaking wet pussy. How I would have loved to have been there with you. I am closing my eyes just thinking about how you looked in your tiny little shirt. I bet you looked so hot and I can see you teasing both of them while you were smiling at me making me jealous. I imagine you made them very happy. I am dreaming of you and how you must have looked after having a great sex session with all of them. I can see sperm leaking out of you. I can see Karen sliding between your legs and starting to lick your pussy of all the men's hot cum. You look so beautiful and content. Yes I am so jealous right now. I am going to go back into the bedroom and wake Paul and have him fuck me hard and my darling Alisha I will be thinking of you as Paul empties himself into me. Right now, I WANT YOU SO BAD. You have no idea how much I want you. I want to squirt all my juices into your hungry mouth my love. I think about you all the time. I love you very much.

    • Judy June 7, 2015

      My Darling Alisha, you are making me so jealous. I certainly can understand why she fancied you. Your a very hot woman. I can also understand why Dave wanted to fuck you too. You and Maddie are very lucky. I would love to be able to be with you. I am thinking about it right now, watching you take him, hearing him moan as he unloads in you, watching his hot cum ooze out of your beautiful pussy then getting being between your legs licking his load out of you, feeling your legs close around my head not letting me go until I have eaten all of his seed out of you. I would not stop until I tasted your juice flow into my mouth. I would slowly slide up you and kiss you deeply and passionately, sharing your juice and his cum with you. We looked around and see Maddie sucking her man off. He looks so hot with his rock hard cock in her mouth. I kiss you lightly and go over to Maddie and Dave and fondle her tits as she sucks him. She turns and kisses me deep and hard and I push her back down on the bed and we kiss and kiss. I get in the kneeling position and start to kiss her cute little pussy. She moans. I keep licking her. I look up at you and see you kissing Dave as you stroke his cock. I want your approval to enjoy Maddie and you look at me and smile and nod your head. By now I am sure you know I love you but I do want to taste Maddie little pussy. As I continue to lick her and make her ooze out her juice I feel you come up in back of me and then I feel Dave's cock being put into my very wet hole. I look around and see you holding his cock while putting it in my pussy. Dave us so hot being handle by 3 hot women he doesn't last long and he yells he is going to cum again and I feel his warm sperm shoot in me. I am so happy right now. He pulls out of me and I turn around to look at you and see you cleaning off his cock. You finish and push me down and then climb between my legs and do what I have been waiting for all night, to have the love of my life lick me and eat all of his sperm out me driving me crazy. We finally all fall asleep, Maddie next to Dave and you in my arms. It doesn't get any better than that. Paul will just have to wait for another time to have us. I wouldn't trade a night like this for anything or anybody. You are the woman that I have been waiting for my whole life. I love you Alisha.

    • Alisha June 9, 2015

      Just read your lovely comments my darling, I have just arrived home having spent the night with Maddie and Dave. We had an evening meal out and returned next door feeling so randy we literally ripped each others clothes off and Dave is one lucky guy having two fit horny girls to enjoy and I swear his cock was bigger than last time we fucked. Maddie loves sucking his balls when he fucks me and he can sure pump a huge amount of spunk when he cums and then he puts his wet sticky cock in my mouth as Maddie buries her head between my thighs and I delight in sucking Dave never letting him go soft. I imagined it was you Judy that I was locked in a 69 with having multiple orgasms together and with Dave's sperm mixing with our girly juices we certainly cum. Now I must take a shower and if only you where here to join me pressing your naked body against mine our tits together and our wet pussies glistening with water droplets it would be a quick shower as I want you on my bed for a 69 to remember. I can almost taste you right now. Love you sexy xoxoxo

    • JOE June 7, 2015


    • Alisha June 4, 2015

      Judy, To continue my last message, In the morning we went back to her parents house there was a knock on the door and it was a young man asking for Maddie saying he was her boyfriend so I left. Several hours later Maddie called to explain how they had been going out together for a few weeks and he had arranged to stay with her, and yes she lied about having a girlfriend but fancied me so much she wanted sex with me and insisted I join them for dinner. Dave was a charming sexy guy and we all became very friendly and a little drunk so it was no surprise when Maddie stood up, lifted her skirt and announced her pussy wanted some attention. We all ended up on the bed undressing each other and Dave fucked me first as Maddie licked and sucked his balls. By morning we had done just about everything together and for most of the time Maddie and I were in a 69 as Dave recovered ready to fuck one of us again. I must admit this girl is one of the sexiest I have ever been with who loves pussy and cock. Just wish you were sharing with us Judy. LoveU

    • Alisha June 3, 2015

      Judy, It would have been a perfect little orgy if you had been there and the thought of you waking up Paul and watching him fuck you is enough to make me rub my pussy and imagine what your pussy must taste like filled with his creamy spunk. Saturday evening a new girl staying next door while her parents were away called to introduce herself and ask how to turn the water on, I went to look but couldn't help and as it was late suggested she stayed with me for the night. Maddie is a beautiful girl and after several drinks started to tell me about herself and her love life after splitting from her girl friend which was a turn on for me listening to her and thinking how much fun we could have in bed together, well one thing led to another and I took her hand and we headed to the bedroom. Oh Judy you should have seen her beautiful naked body as I kissed every inch of her and she is a pussy lover spending a lot of time tonguing my wet cunt giving me multiple orgasms. I have never cum so much being with just one girl she is amazing and up for anything and even to sharing with a guy if I can arrange it. Wish you were with me right now so I could show you what we did and make you squirt in my mouth as I work your pussy to a delicious wet sticky orgasm and taste your juices as they gush from that cute little love hole.PS. I hope Paul fills you up as he empties his ball load into you, get him to lick you out afterwards and imagine it's me between your legs, LoveU loads

    • robertschonfeld May 14, 2015


    • Judy March 19, 2015

      Alisha....I would look forward to that meeting. I am trying to imagine how good you look in your sexy outfit. Believe me I would have my best and hottest outfit on too. I want you to see what your going to have. I believe it would be an incredible meeting and we both would know what the others sweet little pussy taste like. My fingers are inside right now thinking of how good you must taste and how good your tongue would feel inside me. I want to kiss you deeply. I want Paul to watch us. Every now and again we would look up at him and see he has stripped and see how hard his delicious cock is. I want him to take you. I want to watch him fuck you hard and deep. I will be in back of him licking his ass and sucking on his balls making them completely full for you. I would get ready for him to empty his nut deep in you then it would be my turn to lick his hot seed out of you and to drive you crazy with lust. We would do this all weekend my darling. I would want to have Paul take pictures of us laying on the bed together with our legs spread wide open and his sperm leaking out of both of us. I perfect picture for the beginning of a new photo album titled "Judy and Alisha enjoy each other" chapter one..... will you join me my sweet lady.

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      Judy, have you ever been fucked outside in the rain? This is my fantasy, to have the rain kiss you as I like you all over.

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      Judy, that is the hottest thing I ever read. I instantly got wet when I read it. My pussy is pulsing with delight. I love being pumped full of cum until it is just dripping from me. I can feel my nipples hardening under my sheets and my juices are already making their way down my thigh. I love fucking outside it is always erotic to feel the open air on your body while having a thick load pumped in you.

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    • young pussy June 18, 2014

      Oh Judy, don't be a tease. What do you mean to be continued? Tell me more pleassssse!

    • young pussy June 8, 2014

      Judy, I am glad your pussy is staying full of flavor. You must taste so amazing with all those seed flavors in you. Mmmh, my nipples are almost always hard so I keep a padded bra. I want you to feed me your pussy. I know once I have a taste I'll be addicted to you.

    • Judy's Young Pussy July 10, 2014

      Judy my pussy got instantly wet when I read your message last night. I wrote you, but it did not appear. I am writing you again because the same feeling over powered me tonight when i read your message. I would to be fuck in all my wholes right now and get pumped full of cum. I love the feeling a full pussy with extra cream overflowing out. I would have love to have seen you all filled up like that...if makes my nipples rick hard under these sheets just thinking about it. I want to cum swamp with you, let the cum roll off your tongue and have it drop right on my tongue we could do this back and forth till one of us swallows. Next I will work my way down to you pussy where you've been holding tuns of cum inside just for me. I will suck all the cream out then keep sucking till you release more load of your own. I'm telling you I would devour you like a cream filled dessert.

    • xbclit July 12, 2014

      I fucking love this video. Oh my GOD

    • lee lee August 11, 2014

      day is so good i like it.

    • Judy August 5, 2014

      My Young Pussy, where have you been. We have something new at our place. We installed wrists bands and ankle bands to one of our extra bedroom door frames. I and Gina wanted to try it out and we had Paul tied up. We teased and teased and teased him by licking, stroking, sucking and kissing his hard cock then we put on a show for him on the bed. Every once in a while one of us or both would get up and rub ourselves against his cock. He was moaning beyond belief. I have never seen him so hot. We both kneeled in front of him and each one of us worked one side of his cock until you could feel it pulsating and he was screaming and baby his first couple of squirts must have gone 3 or 4 feet. It was incredible. We drained his delicious cock and sucked up any sperm left over. Now I want YOU here with mean I want to tie you up and then you tie me up. How I want that. I have been dreaming of what I would do to you my dear and how you would drive me insane. Love xoxoxo

    • wantsome59 July 28, 2014

      that was smokin hot!

    • Natalie July 24, 2014

      Oh clit is tingling so hard

    • young pussy May 31, 2014

      Judy, I'm thinking of you tonight. Are you off having that soft pussy pumped with cum?

    • Judy's Young Pussy May 26, 2014

      I am so wet thinking of my Judy. She has the sweetest mouth, soft tongue, hard nipples, I love the way she stares at me when I drink her pussy juices on our dining room table. She let's me fondles her in public. I love how hard her nipples get when we're out with friends and i am tickling her pussy with my fringers under the table.Judy if I had you...dreaming and cumming

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      Totally Hot!!!

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      who are these two?

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    • Judy's Young Pussy May 18, 2014

      Judy at 10:31 when they zoom in on that pussy all i can say is damn, i want Judy on a dining room table like this. I close my eyes and see these pussy lips squeezing together as i drain them. I want you Judy! I am rubbing my clit for you.

    • Judy May 15, 2014

      My Young I would love to be the red head. I dream of having you with me for a weekend. We would know each others bodies inside and out. I would know how every inch of your sexy body taste. I would love to do exactly what was in this clip with you. I can honestly say my darling young pussy, if I had you with me, I would not need anybody else and I mean anybody. Don't think my hubby would be to happy. He would love to join in but you know something my dear, I don't want anybody else to have you, I want you all to myself and sweetheart YOU would own me. Kisses

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      Malena Morgan sure knows how to eat pussy...... yummy video :)

    • CheekyLust February 1, 2014

      I can go all day with Malena morgan in bed.... LOL

    • young pussy August 15, 2014

      Judy, i'm lonely tonight. Going to play with my warm pussy until i cum to sleep. See u in my dreams

    • Judy August 24, 2014

      Young Pussy I go crazy watching this, knowing what you and I would do to each other. Paul loves watching this to because he knows what I am thinking about and he wants to watch us. I know he will jerk off watching and shoot his load over both of us. kisses to you my dear

    • Judy December 27, 2014

      My Sweet Young Pussy....I wish you were with me for Christmas. I would have tried to give you a special gift that would have made you very happy and content. I dream of eating you, of making you cream into my mouth, I dream of us doing exactly what these 2 sexy ladies are doing. Baby I would love to make you scream and scream and scream as you give me all your delicious juices. kisses to you my sweet young pussy.

    • pinkfadeaways January 28, 2015

      Wow! This is Sooo good. Fkn chicks are hot babes! Love watching them go at it. My clit was throbbing so I watched and played with myself.

    • tyty December 22, 2014

      lord this is hot

    • flicker23 December 11, 2014

      Hot and horny

    • Jenny December 10, 2014

      Judy, I want to join too.

    • Alisha March 19, 2015

      Hi Judy... My reply to your comments never appeared so here's trying again. When we meet I am wearing a tight little top and a very skimpy mini skirt, we have a drink and I take you back to my place and once inside we kiss for the first time and my hands start to feel your breasts and that sexy ass. Soon we are in my bedroom still kissing each other we slowly start to undress and I love the firmness of those tits pressing against mine and your hand between my thighs working it's way up to my wet pussy. Oh Judy I want to explore your naked body and for the two of us to give each other fantastic orgasms. I have to go now as my thinking about you is making me so randy I will have to do something about it, Love from ur new friend xoxoxoxo

    • Fuckface June 7, 2013

      Who are these two?

    • Alisha March 26, 2015

      Judy .. We meet up in a bar where we have plenty to drink before I take you back to my place and we sit on the sofa drinking more wine in between kissing and feeling each other, eventually we are naked and I know that soon you will say you want to pee so I take you to the bathroom but lead you to my big open type shower where we stand kissing and feeling each other and then as you can't wait any longer I feel your warm pee running down my thighs which starts me off too. After a nice hot soapy shower I have another surprise. In the bedroom I remove the duvet to reveal black sheets and the sight of your naked body on the contrasting sheets is too much to bear, I straddle your face and cum like never before as your tongue works my pussy. I must go now but next time at yours Paul can fuck me but no condoms. LoveU xoxoxoxo

    • EVAN DEUTSCH March 25, 2015

      best video...ever

    • Judy March 25, 2015

      Alisha, yes that would be so enjoyable. I love to feel my pussy being filled with cum and I LOVE IT when it is being licked out of me. Believe me my dear you will have plenty of Paul's seed but you will also have my juices flowing down your throat to. The feeling of a woman's tongue on me, in me is without a doubt something every one of us should try. Knowing your with me will be half the pleasure. Tasting my man's sperm in your mouth, on your tongue will be wonderful. I want you to always enjoy me. I want you enjoy Paul and I know he is going to want you to. I will enjoy watching him fuck you hard and hear both of your moan. I will want to kiss you deeply as he is filling you. I will want to pull his cock out of you and clean it off of both of your juices and then my darling I will very slowly climb between your wide open legs and begin to work my way up your thigh's kissing and licking until I get to that sexy little tight pussy that is begging me to empty it and then baby I will drive you crazy, I PROMISE YOU THAT. I want to spend a weekend in bed with you. Love U xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Alisha March 21, 2015

      Judy ... Oh Judy I would love to be naked with you on your bed kissing every part of your gorgeous sexy body and the thought of Paul watching us and undressing for our pleasure would be superb. We could feel his hard cock and I would love to lay down with you on top of me in a sixty nine while Paul kneels behind you fucking you doggy, my tongue flicking across you pussy and his cock and balls. Love to pull his cock out of you for a quick suck before returning it to your fuck hole. The ultimate climax as Paul cums and sperm leaks into my mouth followed by that lovely moment when he withdraws and all that cream runs into my eager mouth. Turn around and kiss me passionately my sweet lover and lets enjoy ourselves as Paul relaxes after all his hard work satisfying us. LoveU xxx

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