Too Small To Take It All 3 - Jessie Palmer

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Jo Annie
September 1, 2013

When I dated my sisters ex after they split up I knew he would be a challenge to take his big dick after what my sis had told me.I was a lot smaller then her and only been with two guys that were short dicked.The first time we fucked he fingered me for a long time sliding an extra finger in me every couple of minutes until he had four inside me.I came long and hard as I rode his big dick for an hour until he pulled outta me and pumped his load on my ass.Now I can take his big cock with no foreplay or lubrication

September 18, 2013

OOoohh he is nasty. My pussy is so wet and HOT for him!

love this shit!!!!
October 2, 2013

wow.... amazing..... as a woman, I KNOW that feels goooooood!!!! love to watch little pussies take a big dick. I miss FUCKING!!!

April 17, 2014

what the shes not even getting sexy

love small girls
August 30, 2013

She can handle a much bigger cock... the cock sliped deep in her fat pussy in the first push... hahaha but is a good scene