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Young white girl with Mandingo

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    • Margie January 11, 2015

      I would stand in line for as long as it takes to be able to wrap my hands, my mouth around that sexy handsome man's big beautiful hard black cock. To feel that monster slide into me would be something out of this world. To feel him, to hear him, to make him cum so deep inside me. It would be my job to make him the happiest black man on this planet. I can only imagine how wonderful and how delicious his creamy load would taste as I tried to swallow all of it. I would kick my husband out of the house in a second to be able to have this sexy man and his gorgeous cock and balls. I would pay this sexy hot man anything to have him. Most of us white wife's only can dream about being used by a young bull like this. I am so envious of this young lady in this clip. If being in porn would allow me to have a man like this where do I sign up

    • Amateur Ann January 21, 2014

      I am just starting out as a MILF, I have persuaded my husband Fred that I want a black cock for my first time fuck, he is not sure, I showed him this vid, and the size of that cock, I told him how I wanted it deep inside me, I let him fuck me that night whispering to him how I would really love that BBC DEEP inside me, I promised I would not let that BBC cum inside me, I finally persuaded him, but first he said if I get 5 replies telling me to go for it he said ok, but! if I get 10 replies that BBC can fill my pussy with his cream, please, please give me 10 +'replies I so want to feel my pussy filled with cock and cream

    • Mama'sBigBlkHelper June 3, 2013

      I am a 40 year old black man. I have been satisfying white women since the age of 18. One day I was walking home when the mom of my friend pulled over and said she'd give me a ride home. She was 38 and as I said, I was just 18. I got in her car and I had no idea what was about to happen. She said she needed to stop by her house for a minute to put up some groceries she had just got at the store. She invited me in and asked me if I would help her put up the groceries. She was about 5'3, 115lbs, a tiny little white woman with big 36-C tits. I had always thought she was hot. Definitely a MILF. She stood on her tip toes and stretched trying to put a jar of peanut butter in an upper cabinet. She asked me if I could/would help her. When I reached to take the jar, she sat it on the counter top and redirected my hand around to her ass. I nearly flipped. I said, 'What are you doing?' She said, 'I need your help.' She had been watching, waiting, wanting me for a long while. She said her husband was away on a long-haul trucking route. She said her kids (my friend) wouldn't be home for at least three more hours. She said she had been neglected long enough. She told me she had always fantasized about being with a hung black man. She said her husband was only 4 1/2 inches and couldn't satisfy her. She said she had heard her son talk about how big I was and how a lot of white girls would slip around and get me to give it to them like they needed/wanted it. She said she needed/wanted it. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. When we went back to her bedroom... I was in for another surprise. I could not believe a woman's pussy could be so tight after having two kids. I pushed and pushed, but I could not get the last two inches of my cock to go in her. She moaned and groaned like I had never heard a woman do before. She squirted and squirted til those bedsheets were completely soaked. She did tear a little, but she took it like a trooper. She had me to come over and fuck her every time her husband was out on his truck route. My best friend still does not know. I have had many, many white women since that day, but none are as special as her. I know she needed/wanted me and I helped her. She is still married and her family is intact. I feel like there are probably thousands of horny white housewives who need/want/crave big black cock. I say go for it! Just don't get caught.

    • Titman December 15, 2014

      She is drop dead gorgeous. My dick got hard just watching her climb the stairs. Suh a hot body, and divine tits and nipples. I would give anything to fuck her. And, he has such a massive weapon. That would have to be the biggest hardest piece of meat I have seen. And she took it without even drawing a deep breath. Fuch she is hot. Loved the way she fondled his huge balls and stoked his shaft when he first sunk his dick in. Ahhhhh am about to cum

    • Ann October 7, 2014

      I keep coming back to this vid that bbc is so so sexy I just want to spread my legs and let that big cock enter me, mmmrman would you be able to,satisfy me after Mandingo his cock,is so big!!

    • kenny March 5, 2014

      play that funking music white boy lay down and bogie play that fucking music

    • peter February 27, 2014

      amateur ann go for it and let me know what it is like hope he fucks you hard if he doesn't I will p.s. you will get 10 replies

    • mike February 27, 2014

      ann go to it enjoy

    • Mama'sBigBlkHelper December 27, 2013

      Janice... glad you liked what I shared. If you ever come to NC... let me know. I could and probably would help you out if you would like. Again... thanks!

    • peter March 4, 2014

      send me a vid of that dick fucking you Ann

    • #4 March 3, 2014

      hope that black dick fucks you hard Ann

    • syd March 5, 2014

      have you been fucked by a black dick Ann, if not feel free to call me

    • fred? March 3, 2014

      ride those black cocks Ann

    • me October 19, 2013

      ride that cock i love this video.

    • louie June 9, 2013

      i like this site its great

    • Hung-arian Heritage June 2, 2013

      She is sexy, but starts off boring as Hell... she redeems herself by the end, and got my cock fatter than ever!

    • Katy May 17, 2013

      auch haben will!!!

    • Janice June 9, 2013

      Hey Big BlkHelper.... I have a man like you....he services me at least once a week. Been married for sometime and never satisfied. My helper takes me and does what he wants and I love it. I never swallowed before but after our first lovong making session...I needed to suck his cock until I made him cum in my mouth. i swallow all of him and he went crazy with lust. I love the taste of him and never let my lover leave until I have had a load of his cum pumped down my throat. He has taken me every way possible I think ;-). I can't get enough of his beautiful hard big cock. He has filled me many, many times with his baby batter and haven't had any surprises Too be honest, I am not sure I would mind. He has asked 20 or 30 times as he is getting close to unloade4d in me if i want to be bred and every single time I have moan YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I am hooked on him and your right....TRY IT. BTW...never been caugtht either....Thanks for sharing your story...there are a lot of us white wives that need more than we are getting.

    • Man July 26, 2013

      Lovely, hot & sexy girl!

    • robert March 6, 2014

      you need to be fucked by two black dicks Ann one in the ass and one in the cunt

    • Pia September 19, 2013

      Germany needs this guy! I need him in my pussy! Oh my God He is so big!

    • Sassy July 28, 2013

      What a load.........God I would do anything to have him for a day......I want every thick drop of his seed in me or down my throat. There's a man I wouldn't mind getting knocked up by.

    • Ivor October 20, 2013

      Huge cock and huge shot of sperm,lucky man!

    • pj June 2, 2014

      her cunt loved that dick and he loved that cunt

    • Archrod January 4, 2015

      Oh I say, sir - outstanding load. And, quite a fine and complete rooting leading up to it.

    • Lover December 30, 2014

      I want this for my wife. 2 would be nicer.

    • brenn November 12, 2014

      cant believe I'am writing this, this video brought back wonderful memories. I am 36. two years ago I went to Miami florida for vacation with my husband. we went for ten nights, as soon as we checks into this fabulous hotel we went to the pool to swim and have a drink. right off I noticed this tall black guy handing out the drinks. he was gorgeous and sexy as hell. going into the pool with my husband or with out him I got to know this man very well. he always caught me staring at him and would smile at me. to make this short, my husband went on one of those all day fishing excursion and this man landed up in my room and when he took off his clothes I had the shock of my life,, I am from Canada and never had a black guy before. i can honestly tell you i was really scared at first. I felt very uncomfortable for the first hour with him cause he was just huge and he did me for hours,, never never did a man do me like this man did,, I was so sore for days, but I hated to go home

    • 1oscar November 10, 2014

      whats with the shoes and coming in the air ? I want to see it down the throat or in that tight puss

    • Latinmilfwannabe January 29, 2015

      Would love a piece of that!

    • #blackdickhoax March 11, 2015

      How pathetic for 18 minutes he wasn't able to make her orgasm or squirt. Cytheria squirts usually white every partner. But mandingo failed.

    • Bubba June 12, 2015

      We brothers do good to many white women horny for real cock...I have done hundreds of them. The married ones are better they go crazy after the cock is all the way in....

    • Julious June 11, 2015

      Keep breaking white pussy my Bro ! I do the same with married, widow, single, divorced...let's do them all. Once they had black cock they never forget it...In a resort in Jamaica I fucked three of them one was 65

    • Mike D March 14, 2015

      I love fucking my friends wife Ashley with my 10" cock. She can take me balls deep. Her pussy is so fucking tight and gets very wet. We fuck every day

    • Ann October 4, 2014

      I am enjoying my two black cocks sooo much, when the coast is clear I sms them, i,persuaded them to,do a video just like the ones on here, well tell the truth it did not take much to persuade them, I might show my hubby then again just keep it hid for me alone watching these two BBC fuck the ass of me.

    • Ann October 2, 2014

      Update, mmm it's so nice, I have now been getting a regular servicing from my two Black cocks, @Robert not had one up the ass yet, Hubby thinks I have only been fucked the once, but whilst he is away!!

    • Fred June 22, 2014

      Guess the Wife Ann is gonna get fucked, she's walking round with a big smile, yes and I bet with a wet pussy

    • Carla May 10, 2013

      Look at the perfect head of that gorgeous cock. I love it. I love just looking at the head as I slip it into my mouth. She is loading those big balls up for him. He is the perfect specimen of a big beautiful cock man. How I would love to feel that monster going into me making me cry with pleasure and finally feeling his full balls slapping my ass. I want all that magnificent cock in me. I am so wet.

    • Jess May 14, 2014

      Cytheria!! :) I bet she started squirting after riding this cock ;)

    • Sexflow June 22, 2014

      Come and pound my pussy, I'm so wet I want to feel your balls slap my ass as you ram that big cock into me

    • husband July 27, 2014

      I have now parked the truck, was going to fuck my loverley wife and found out her cunt has been torn to pieces by a big black DICK so look out black dick im back

    • Penny September 30, 2014

      Never had a black man. I am so interested in trying one. How I would love to feel this monster going into me. I know it would take some doing to get him all the way in me. I also would love to suck that big cock. I know I could make him shoot his load down my throat. I only hope I could drink it all. I have talked to my mother about dating a black man as I know she does and she has never spoken a bad word about the ones she dates. I know they stay over at night as I see them in the morning sometimes. I have shown her this clip and have told her this is what I want, at least once. They only thing she has said to me is to remember black men love knocking up white pussy and that their sperm is very, very potent. She said that with a smile. Her next comment was what a hunk this man is in this clip. My question is to the ladies who date, live with or married to a black man, is that true about they love to knock up white women and is their sperm that potent and do they shoot a gallon of it like this man does. Thanks for answering me if any one does.

    • drilling for gold September 18, 2014

      not to many girls can take a whole cock that size

    • Marla July 31, 2014

      How could any woman say no to that incredibly beautiful cock particularly after seeing all that hot thick seed he would gladly give us. To this sexy bull in this clip, I think about that rock hard delicious looking chocolate pole of yours every day. I get so wet dreaming about how wonderful it would feel inside me.

    • White Milf March 9, 2014

      Oh my gosh!!! What a cumshot sweetie!!!

    • Lynn April 8, 2013

      Watching this clip, my b/f was standing beside me and he was hard. I had to suck his hot black cock. I was wet. As I was sucking him I would stop and look at him and ask him if he would love to fuck that sexy young girl in the clip. I made him tell me how bad he wanted her and that how he would have loved to empty his balls deep into her. He then turn the tables and ask me if I wanted that big Maningo's black cock deep inside me. He made me tell him how I would have loved to had that big huge hard cock deep in me bareback and to feel that hot load of baby batter shoot deep into me. My sexy man gave me a load of his thick cum down my throat. We were both very happy at our ending. :-)

    • Belgiumblonde August 25, 2012

      This must be the ultimate feeling of being completely filled!! I"m addicted to bbc's and now I"m craving for Mandingo's big black monster, I wish it could...

    • bastard August 22, 2012

      who is she?

    • Turner12971 August 22, 2012


    • The dude August 22, 2012

      Wow, what a cum shot. With a load like that and his dick that long, he must not have any problems getting a chick pregnant.

    • Mike P August 26, 2012

      Would love to see mandingo fuck my hot wife and to see her pussy after he fucked her bet it would just so torn up and puffy from his huge cock. She would squat over my face and all his spunk would just flow into my mouth. she has taken a 10" cock before and she screamed so loud when she came from him fucking her

    • Leslie August 26, 2012

      I left my husband three years ago for a black man I work all day and his job is too clean and fuck !

    • lara September 3, 2012

      god i had a big cock fuck me a week ago it still sore but i need more

    • Lee September 1, 2012

      Nice beatin

    • Jenny August 31, 2012

      God what a huge load of thick hot seed. How I would love to try to drink it all or feel him pump that powerful load inside my wet pussy. Yes can breed me anytime you want......please I love BBC. There is nothing better than a big beautiful black cock and full balls. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Horny bitch August 28, 2012

      Oh god i want his dick so much in my hot, wet pussy mmmm

    • Me August 21, 2012

      Every girl needs to take a big cock like this once in their life!!! I did felt very good but hurt at first.

    • Cythereafan August 21, 2012

      I love Cytherea. I can't believe I just watched an 18 minute video and Mandingo couldn't even manage to make her squirt. He may have a huge dick, but you still have to know how to get a girl off. WTF!

    • chris August 21, 2012

      super cette video une bite super enorme et une qui la prend bien dans son petit trou

    • Bree July 21, 2012

      So awesome I want to try that size out anyone out there for me.

    • Crystal July 17, 2012

      She looks just like Natalie

    • Condor June 13, 2012

      Mandingo: "You're a little too much" 13:40 lol

    • Totti August 21, 2012

      That black dick is on Viagra !

    • fuckmedown August 21, 2012

      jajaj when she say deeper!!!

    • E August 21, 2012


    • oldgun August 21, 2012

      My Japanese 4'10" ex-wife told me that her experience with a big dick black guy was very painful as she was too small in the pussy to take all of his length. No such problem with this girl as she never took its entire length. So just because you've a big dick you still got to know how to use it properly!

    • ride it August 21, 2012

      hahaha yee ha! ride that pole!

    • Eramur September 4, 2012


    • lusthigh September 5, 2012

      so hot

    • anonimo February 9, 2013

      me encantaria cojer con ese hombre por diosssss alguien q la tenga asiii??? me le entrego estoy re caliente

    • Kim February 9, 2013

      I would give anything in this world to drink that load. My God what a magnificent black bull.

    • Wants it January 29, 2013

      I want this black stud's baby. I wouldn't want that magnificent black pole in any other white pussy except mine.

    • oldfucker January 8, 2013

      she had no problems takign it thats for sure.

    • Lisa February 16, 2013

      How I would love for that big black cock stud to empty that baby rich sperm deep into me. Oh yes, I would also love to try to swallow all of his mammoth load too. She is a very lucky young lady. God how I would love to trade places. Anytime stud, anytime

    • wendy March 7, 2013

      There is nothing more magnificent than a hard body very sexy big black cock and a big set of balls. My God I would do everything and anything at anytime or anyplace to keep this handsome bull mine. Oh I might share him with a couple of close g/f's. I would want to show off his sexy hard body and his rock hard cock and I would want them to see him explode all that hot thick delicious creamy black seed. I want them to see what he pumps into me every day. There is nobody else I would rather trade places with than with this cute chick taking his big cock

    • Amber April 5, 2013

      Wow thats sure a huge cock and I love the wau its glistening with her pussy juices after he shoves the whole thing inside her balls deep.No wonder she's so juicy taking that big horsecock.

    • Cathy March 30, 2013

      How does a women get lucky enough to be able to find and have such a magnificent black stud with a big beautiful hard cock like this stud in the clip. I would give anything to be able to have him for 1 night. The load of cum he lets go at the end looks so rich, creamy and hopefully very potent. Would love a chance at feeling it shoot into me. I would love to be bred by this stud. Having his baby would be a pleasure. I am envious of this young sexy girl in the clip. Mandingo I want you. I want you to own me.

    • duke speaks March 15, 2013

      cuando el tipo se quita la toalla ella se ríe, ja ja ja; me alegro de tenerlo normal.

    • Julie December 8, 2012

      Well Dev............ talk to me.

    • dev November 24, 2012

      julie i wanna put mine in u

    • Bigbrownbanana October 2, 2012

      hey Julie wanna know a bit from you, can we keep in touch hun? Kiss

    • Julie September 21, 2012

      I dream of a big huge black cock cumming in my mouth......What a powerful load, so thick and creamy. That was baby batter for sure...mmmmmmm

    • Hardvader September 11, 2012

      She has taken all of Byron long that was the best video I've seen you could see his cock moving inside her under her skin hot

    • goooooooooooood September 6, 2012

      i really like this site

    • dee ann October 4, 2012

      i just love that beautiful blackcock of his mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Julie October 5, 2012

      Do you have a big brown banana? I love them. To answer your question....sure

    • DICK N ASS November 22, 2012


    • Carrie October 6, 2012

      God I never would had let him waste that huge thick load. I would have eaten all the hot cum out of that beautiful cock he has or let him shoot it deep up into my womb. One way or another all that seed would have been mine. would love to meet him.

    • Julie October 6, 2012

      Hey Mr. Brown Banana, I would love to be that chick taking that big black cock deep in me.....would you do that to me. .....please

    • Tom June 10, 2012

      My fav porn scene....Cytherea meets Mandingo (the biggest dick in porn). Classic case of beauty meets the monster black beast. Shame about the quality of the vid though.

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