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X-Art - The Dorm

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    • Sexual MAN April 30, 2012

      3:48 yea good virgina rubbing!!!!!!!!! SO HOT!

    • R May 6, 2012

      What is the name of the music?!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dan the Man April 18, 2012

      This girl might not have big tits or a big ass, but she's so fucking sexy! And you know why? Because she's real, no surgery, no nothing; just some hot sexy natural hotness. The guy who fucked her here is one lucky man!

    • todger March 28, 2012

      lets face it guys...this girl is a food fuck

    • Girly March 9, 2012

      What is the name of the music?!!!!!!!!!!

    • messi March 24, 2012

      What is the name of the music please???

    • me May 7, 2012

      what is his full name??? tommy who?

    • Johnboy May 22, 2012

      She is a dream, spectacular!

    • fuser June 23, 2012

      Does any body knows whats the name of the music???...thanks

    • Randomboy21 June 26, 2012

      Hot :<

    • ugh June 10, 2012

      It seems everyone is getting laid in the dorms...EXCEPT FOR ME!!!

    • maica June 6, 2012

      nice couple sex..

    • I Wana FUCK YOU TONIGHT!! May 27, 2012


    • gwjgwj June 1, 2012

      would love to cum all over that hot latina ass

    • sexy March 7, 2012

      the young woamn is so very Beautiful all over a goddess of Love and Sex is she born to be loved and bedded often she enjoys Sex and Fellatio knows how to ride in a very sexy way to pleasure him and herself a sort of squatting position very sexy for the male to watch as the woman moves up and down on his Penis which he can watch her doing very plainly as she moves ON His Penis very sensuously she is very very good and very very Beautiful i would not mind having her Too

    • sexi girl March 2, 2012

      i like thise vidio

    • LobCityFan January 28, 2012

      Oh me oh my that girl is cute damn and hot too forget the rest of the X Art girls this one is the hottest one xD

    • in1durland February 4, 2012

      yummy cock....

    • tom69 January 28, 2012


    • yah January 17, 2012

      good god that bitch is hot

    • The Man who want to fuck January 5, 2012


    • 123 January 8, 2012

      such perfect sex

    • SEXY February 6, 2012


    • Dinky Donuts February 7, 2012

      This isn't any good. Had trouble beating off to it :/

    • kinda lame February 28, 2012

      I keep my music and porn seperate lol this soundtrack wasn't doin it for me.. I need Sofi Needs A Ladder not soft classical lol

    • Francyrad February 29, 2012

      3:51 what's the name?

    • boring February 23, 2012

      this was so awkward to watch. no chemistry between the two. she looks like a dude and he looks gay. you'd think he'd get excited by the lack of curves. :(

    • j February 18, 2012

      i love fucking my pussy... its nice.. i want u ! Yummy !

    • loly February 13, 2012

      what's the name of the music?

    • L February 15, 2012

      She looks like a Latin version of my girlfriend. Very nice.

    • freddy July 4, 2012

      Grande video

    • Dd July 10, 2012

      Who is the guy??

    • i+liked++! January 9, 2013


    • lotmorethanfun January 10, 2013

      Some of these girls are so good, I am tempted to make love to them. I remember, a long time ago, when I had small perky breasts like that!! I wish she could join hubby and me.

    • Joe January 9, 2013

      Pretty mixed comments on this vid! But then, we're all different and like different things. Well, in my humble opinion Veronica is just about the sexiest girl I've ever seen, the expression on her face is so teasing and sexy, she looks like she really enjoys giving him a good time. As for her body, lovely and girly, love those little boobies! And those little noises coming out of her beautiful mouth! That's one lucky guy, I hope he realizes it! What I wouldn't give for a night with her! ( yes, at least a whole night, I'd want to really take my time and make her come lots of times before I did! )

    • what ev January 7, 2013

      is his dick made of cowskin?

    • shree January 5, 2013

      they are very hot couple

    • X Art January 6, 2013

      These vids just wanna make u stand up nd clap at the end like its a play or somthin. Its so hot nd good. I love it :)

    • Wowww February 9, 2013

      Sexy boy :OOOO

    • long dong silver February 10, 2013

      im going back to college

    • pistone March 22, 2013

      she's amazing. but so is he. and this is beautiful.

    • HeyBandYallMissingAGroupie April 2, 2013

      WHHHHHHHAAAAA? She looks just like this groupie i know! wow!

    • jp23 March 18, 2013

      This is incredibly beautiful. Hi Five to X-Art!

    • The Music Is February 23, 2013

      Chopin Waltz No. 10 in B minor, Op. 69, No. 2

    • puke February 12, 2013

      oh fucking hot

    • wingwanker February 17, 2013

      veronica rodriguez, just a horny mans (and womans, i suspect) perfect wanking material. she gets me very hard every time.

    • pi6ual January 5, 2013

      the guy is too hot. way hotter than her!

    • Nani January 2, 2013


    • tat hater October 7, 2012

      YOu know why this chick is so hot? No fucking body art. A womans body as it was meant to be

    • tat gangsta October 17, 2012

      my ex wife had lots of tats and they looked good on her. i especially liked one she had on her lower back, it was a symbol that could rensemble a dick. So when i fucked her doggystyle, it was kinda strange seein my dick goin in her, while that other one stayed there.

    • comment no 100 October 3, 2012


    • Efrin October 1, 2012

      What a lucky guy to have such a sexy girlfriend

    • Help July 20, 2012

      Veronica Rodriguez. you are welcome ;)

    • hi July 28, 2012

      whats the guy's name? he is so hot

    • Man November 3, 2012

      Lovely & sexy girlie. Hot!

    • paolo November 5, 2012

      what's the name song?

    • adude December 18, 2012

      if she enjoyed that fuck...i must have missed it.

    • . December 25, 2012

      This is poetry.

    • -kc December 14, 2012


    • -kc November 26, 2012

      nice..i enjoyed it we lasted a whole day aftr this lol

    • CooLWannaBe November 6, 2012

      X ART was so Amazing all of the Pornstars was so Awesome BOY/GIRL Next DoOR : )

    • youngandsexy November 16, 2012

      soooo sick of watching videos that are all about blow jobs as the main event. I skip over it every time. Surely I'm not the only person that only does blow jobs as an occasional something nice for the guy. but I don't enjoy it.

    • Anonymous french January 3, 2012

      Hoh a very good video and the finish is good !!

    • rpires7 December 29, 2011

      germansexgirl18 - if ever u in uk, u call me honey ;)

    • Holly December 8, 2011

      God, I love these X-Art videos. Such passion. Oh God.

    • anom December 8, 2011

      x-art is the best !

    • germansexgirl18 December 8, 2011

      i would really love to get fucked by this guy! i would show him how to fuck hard!

    • near cologne December 8, 2011

      jessica alba double :*

    • lorelle December 8, 2011

      he is so boring!

    • fuck1st December 8, 2011

      wanna fuck

    • ob December 8, 2011

      sexy vid...i know the ladies are gonna love the dude though

    • 69er December 8, 2011

      Oh yes,chopan,the lovers waltz in d minor a mastepiece in classic elegance

    • Fred December 8, 2011


    • Luna December 8, 2011

      I'm disappointed, X-Art. This isn't as good as what you normally put out. This was almost like one of those crappy pornos I try to avoid.

    • hardalways December 8, 2011

      seeing this beautiful video i just fuck my wife twice and during second time she was sweating

    • abc December 8, 2011

      Phantastic girl....very sweet.... Amazing video.

    • PATRICK December 8, 2011


    • Pat December 8, 2011

      Soooo fucking hard watching this ...what an ass !

    • Oh yeah December 8, 2011


    • Lisa December 8, 2011

      Thanks again X-Art for this beautiful video, keep going !

    • Lancelot December 8, 2011

      This is not in a dorm, this is a sorority house. But, other than that, DAMN!

    • NoNeed December 8, 2011

      She was soft at the beginning then she turned into a SLUT

    • rosebud December 8, 2011

      seduction 101 this is really the way a woman pleases her man

    • the_rec_room December 8, 2011

      x-art is living breathing sexy high definition proof that making love is a beautiful thing

    • gorgeous December 8, 2011

      this is so nice! love x art.

    • Tommy December 8, 2011

      Oh veronica

    • amazing. December 8, 2011

      this is heaven, this should be pusblished in theaters.

    • julian December 8, 2011

      lovely couple, great girl.

    • -_- December 8, 2011


    • amr December 8, 2011


    • James December 8, 2011

      Goddamn...X-Art strikes again. Super hot video.

    • priorat68 December 8, 2011

      was fuer schoene Bilder und alles so sinnlich gespielt oder auch echt. Immer wieder ein Genuss diese Filmreihen anzusehen. Go on like this - we like it.

    • me December 8, 2011

      Wow... Veronica is a goddess!

    • Sirota December 8, 2011

      What this is music

    • hmm December 8, 2011

      pree short cumshot...

    • Anonymous December 8, 2011

      This is how all porn videos should be

    • Loriane December 17, 2011

      I love this... Makes me so horny... It would be better if the guy moaned during the act and not at the end... Idk, just my opinion.

    • LlH December 19, 2011

      i do like the music in every video, the girl looks like an ex drug addict, guy's dick is perfect. i have those pillows :)

    • National December 13, 2011

      What music is this? I really want to know! I love classical music! :)

    • insano December 13, 2011

      it's amazing

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