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X-Art - My Best Friend s Boyfriend

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    • devotee July 6, 2012

      two beautiful goddesses enjoying with god.....wish i could be their slave

    • donald July 10, 2012

      mines bigger and a better cumshot

    • =( June 25, 2012

      should have invited me i was free that night

    • slicker June 25, 2012


    • Yawn June 19, 2012

      Possibly the most boring threesome ever. The way those girls moan is highly irritating. And what's with that sweater??

    • kkkk July 23, 2012

      fuch k u

    • sexybitch101 August 9, 2012

      damn his cock is soo fuckin hot id love if he fucked me like that

    • ??? October 14, 2012

      oh dear lord!!

    • broomy52 November 21, 2012

      v.v.very lovely and sexy

    • terry September 20, 2012

      gota b one of the bost i ever seen what a lucky guy

    • Markus September 3, 2012

      What is the name of this guy?

    • Sak August 16, 2012

      That is one hot and freaky movie

    • snix June 8, 2012

      wow!! sexy

    • logan March 29, 2012

      you can tell that brunette is pissed off she got cum in her hair

    • Infatuated November 29, 2011

      Anyone know where I can find more videos of the blonde! God what an incredibly beautiful woman!

    • knox December 6, 2011

      Good God. Where's the six star-rating?

    • sexi girl November 25, 2011

      someone know the name of the music ? please because i would like to do a porn vid me too and i need this song thanks to help me

    • x- Hard Dick -x November 22, 2011

      The Girlfriend might be the brunette cuz the guy and the brunette have the same complexion and also he is more comfortable with the brunette so you know haha :D i like blondie's anyway ... they always suck better ...... keep the bru bitch with you bob .. Blondie here comes x- Hard Dick -x ... ;)

    • Rogar November 13, 2011

      Lovely :-) Would love to seed and bred both of the young ladies!

    • Pay December 18, 2011

      Ok, on a serious note. That blonde needs to create a "How-to" video on blowjobs. It could sell for like $10 and give it to our wive's and girlfriends to show them 'THIS' is how you should do a blowjob. I've got $10 waiting right now!

    • Thomas December 18, 2011

      Must be the hottest bj I ever saw!

    • Lisa February 17, 2012

      They know nothing bout cocksuking.

    • nico March 21, 2012

      watch 12 min part , the BEST

    • MasterDebater February 13, 2012

      This x- art stuff is really good Blonde chick is bangin'

    • rubby February 1, 2012

      I wish to join them... So hot!

    • Jim January 2, 2012

      Holy shit. That doggy... their asses... x-art I love you

    • Post as January 14, 2013

      The dark one is Kiki18, she has her own channel on here.

    • Mark February 6, 2013

      I am bisexual and would so like to have a bisexual lady friend

    • guadalest February 6, 2014

      The Blonde woman rides him at a very nice pace must br very pleasurable for him and

    • guadalest February 16, 2014

      Why is the Blonde riding him with a polo neck sweater on better for her in the Nude totally Nude for us too then we can have a good look at her very beautiful Body and Breasts while she is riding him at a very nice pace up and down on his Penis i like the way she looks down at him while she is riding him with a lovely do you like it look on her very beautiful face What is the Blondes name?

    • guadalest January 25, 2014

      The Brunette would have looked more beautiful totally in the Nude while making love as all perticipants should be nothing on at all totally in the Nude. The Brunette is one on the best riders that i have seen on youporn Moves up and down at a very nice pace and looks down at him while she is riding him must be very pleasurable for him while both women take it in turn to Ride him and fellate his penis the one with the black hair is a very good fellater. Although it is a three some it is a good video of pure sex between them.

    • guadalest January 10, 2014

      Good Video two very beautiful Young Women sharing one man on a lovely bed i prefer the Blonde woman who rides him very nicely at a very nice pace and looks down at him while she is riding him to see if he is loving the ride pity she is not totally Nude better with the polo neck sweater off her while riding him and through the video then we could see just how beautiful she is in the Nude like the other Beautiful Woman who is Nude through out the Video and has the Prettier Nose. Both very good Fellaters too knows how to pleasure a Man The Blonde one is the best Rider very good at it moves at a very nice pace up and down while riding him the other one is a faster mover i prefer to be ridden at at a slower pace much more pleasurable for the Woman too the slower the more pleasurable for both an al lsex positions too

    • Fucker December 28, 2013

      big boobs, I like it

    • Moneyshot March 6, 2014

      Ending is awesome. And everything leading up to it is pretty damn hot aswel. The blonde is stunning, what's her name?

    • guadalest April 6, 2014

      Why is the Brunette not totally in the Nude while riding him and so on that sweater is a nuisance on her much nicer to see her totally Nude while watching her from below riding you one can see her very beautiful body and Breasts then an added source of inspiration for the man to see her Totally in the Nude before him while making love to her and her to him on the bed she is a very good rider too moves at a very nice pace up and down while riding him and she looks down at him while riding him to see if he is liking it. I Would be that is for sure. and the other woman is not bad too in bed

    • Yaawn May 29, 2014

      So which girl gets the creampie treat?

    • Horny as shit June 15, 2014

      Omg so fucking turned on... I am gonna go in the shower now and turn it on high presser and on my already wet pussy .. With my dildo slowly sliding in and out my my fucking tight pussy xox

    • guadalest May 10, 2014

      The Blonde Woman Is a very good rider moves at a very nice pace and depth of thrust very pleasurable ride for him and herself i like the way she looks down at him while she is riding him. Should have taken the sweater off though so she would be completely in the Nude more for him to see while she rides him more sensuous too i would have caressed and held her Breasts in my hands while she rides me too it would have been nice to have seen her Breasts and Nipples during the video. What is her Name?.

    • peacekprnm April 15, 2014

      Who are these two awesome gals? The blond is fucking hot! Who is she?

    • guadalest April 10, 2014

      The Blonde should be totally in the Nude while riding him no top on She is very beautiful so why not be totolly in the nude as is the other beautiful woman he keeps on lifting up the top so he can Carress her Very beautiful Breasts while she is riding him which she is very good at and keeps looking down at him to see if he is enjoying the ride as much as she is. What is her Name?

    • prick December 28, 2013

      fucking hell.... arg...

    • caraway November 8, 2013

      How could he take so long? Both girls are perfect!

    • Fuck Lover May 27, 2013

      Long movie. I came already. Wonder if he gets to fuck both pussies, bac and forth piston style. Hope so. Ohhnancy.

    • Mmmm... July 3, 2013

      I think that the blonde is the girlfriend, because she is more confident - like she knows she can get some from him any time she wants, and the guy seemed more focused on pleasing her. Also, she seemed to be better at pleasing him, maybe more experienced? Not to mention that at 8.45 when the brunette was riding him she kept looking at the blonde, like she was asking if she was doing it right. AND when he came he was aiming for the blonde, the brunette just stuck her head in at the last second.

    • anonimoso May 15, 2013

      It is Kate!

    • Unknown._. April 21, 2013


    • guest February 10, 2013


    • juanxe July 9, 2013


    • meh July 17, 2013

      pretttty boring until the end

    • Titman October 30, 2013

      I love what the blond does with her mouth and lips. Pity about the poor camera work and stray light

    • monsterseats September 22, 2013

      Currently my favorite sex vid. I've seen it dozens of times but keep cumming back for more. It pushes all the right buttons for me. X-Art gets it right again.

    • Dola September 2, 2013

      You had two hot chics and a camera, was this the best porn you can do? I cant agrre with the other comments, this wasnt great, not even hot.

    • Girl July 20, 2013

      Nice vid

    • Peter November 10, 2011

      Thank you a lot!!! Amazing!!!! Sexyful Sweater!!!!!!!!

    • FeFe November 9, 2011

      great x-art

    • Johnny2 November 6, 2011

      Hottest You Porn Video EVER!

    • Prince November 6, 2011

      WOW, IT'S KATE from Kate goes doging!! so amazing...

    • like to fuck bitches November 6, 2011

      haha, nice one :D

    • Nice November 6, 2011


    • these girls.. November 6, 2011

      are legen....wait for it...DARY!

    • Dingoman November 6, 2011

      I love that pussy from the blonde hottie!!!

    • hotboy18 November 6, 2011

      who's boyfriend is he?

    • o hai November 6, 2011

      She needs more friends

    • alwayswetgirl November 6, 2011

      who wants to fuck me?????i am always wet..

    • sweet.cherry November 6, 2011

      i can't make out whose boyfriend he is LOL

    • anonymous November 6, 2011

      This is just perfect

    • george November 6, 2011

      they are super's like in heaven

    • Ludwig van Beethoven November 6, 2011


    • Nice November 6, 2011

      I lied. Awesome

    • (_))==D November 6, 2011

      World's greatest porno?

    • Shawn November 6, 2011

      Wow, this is a dream of mine! Lucky guy!

    • Goof November 6, 2011

      Ist das schoen ....

    • first/erster/haha November 6, 2011

      Very nice vid. Nice shot. Maybe I'll watch this again xD Have "fun"

    • Ned November 6, 2011


    • Sexfiend November 6, 2011

      She should have taken that top off........

    • ABC November 6, 2011

      lol what means the title

    • jimbo November 6, 2011

      damn...wish that was my cock

    • wanker November 6, 2011

      so hottt

    • BIG D1CK November 6, 2011

      soo hott

    • turtleneck?? November 6, 2011

      possibly the least sexiest item of clothing

    • pornlover November 6, 2011

      omfg so damn nice

    • . November 6, 2011

      for me its my best friend's mother

    • blod November 6, 2011

      i love the blond one

    • yops November 6, 2011


    • whatever November 6, 2011

      please tell me that the blond lost the tip of her finger in another movie!

    • marco November 6, 2011

      The brunette look like Inna the singer :-) WOW

    • iFlobole November 6, 2011


    • street November 6, 2011


    • mr fucker November 6, 2011

      if my gf would let me fuck such a beautifull girl i would be realy happy

    • schtals November 6, 2011

      Love is in the air. So spurts the cum.

    • me November 6, 2011


    • Great Video - best porn I November 6, 2011

      Good job - x-art. Really

    • Spent November 6, 2011

      Holy Crap that was amazing!!!

    • me November 6, 2011


    • Aristotle November 6, 2011

      I think the girlfriend is the blond but he's a gentleman and shoots most of his spunk in the friend's hair so she doesn't feel like a third wheel.

    • Pilatus November 6, 2011


    • anonymous November 6, 2011

      best I've see for a very long time

    • hard dick November 6, 2011

      2 girls and 1 guy.. not so much fun.. but excellent photography...

    • Big Bob November 6, 2011

      Very nice. He's a better man than I. How do you hang in there for 17 minutes with the two of them??

    • snapper November 6, 2011

      brillint so horney

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