TUSHY Exclusive: Riley Reid Is Sick of the Simple Life and Wants a New Adventure, Check out Her First Anal Scene. Bottoms Up!
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X-Art Perfect Lovers

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    • (Y) 666 July 16, 2012

      Es hermoso , estoy encontra al porno comun que las trata como un animal & les mete el chimbo por donde les quepa , no eso no es así .i. , Creo QUe Cuando Yo Me Case Con Mi Marido , Lo ise distante y romantico me trato con amor ,, no como un salvaje que tiene las hormonas calientes & se las quiere meter aquier de estas chicas AUNQUE eso tambien depende de la joven si es que quiere prostituirse & putiar como una gamina , pero ps solo les digo que GRAXIAS POR SUBIR EL VIDEO , ESTA BELLISIMO , OJALA QUE NO LO BALLAN A BORRAR POR QUE YA LO SUBI Y LO GRABE EN UN CD , Y ENSEARLE A MI HIJO COMO ESQUE SE DEBE TRATAR A UNA CHICA CUANDO HACE EL SEXO CON UNA MUJER , Y PS SI NO PIENSAN TENER HIJOS TRATAR DE TENER SEXO ORAL , GRAXIAS

    • nick July 16, 2012

      A lesson in how to enjoy good fucking.A nice foreplay and lovely pair of tits coupled with a hard cock.perfect

    • Post as... July 14, 2012


    • xyz July 17, 2012

      Very nice, we expect some more and more precious and spacious time inbetween lovers

    • jenny July 19, 2012


    • faceblaster3 July 22, 2012

      wouldve been so much better if he blew a humongous load all over her pretty face, gluing her eyes shut and getting it all in her hair now THAT would be romantic !!!!

    • i am the street dream July 22, 2012

      oh girl lets show these ppl how much more perfect lovaz we are

    • mimi July 21, 2012

      i love it. It's so romantic.

    • yannismak July 13, 2012

      Guys you are geniouses. You turned porn into romantic scenes. I want this wave to be the future of porn. I dont even like the word porn cause it sound insulting. THIS IS ART.

    • dheeraj July 5, 2012

      very very nice & beautiful

    • Passion June 23, 2012

      Such a beautiful beautiful film!

    • el pinta June 15, 2012

      es como Sara Carbonero

    • OOh June 14, 2012

      Awesome... Just Perfect Passion. X Art is one & only one...

    • alabama June 28, 2012

      what's his name the actress???????????

    • hyderabadi June 30, 2012


    • v July 5, 2012

      excellant. only lover can do this . very good . D Gupta

    • Rose July 3, 2012

      beautiful and hot. glad theres finally stuff for us girls ;) i came 3 times to this.

    • ass July 2, 2012

      best porn.... just loved it......

    • cool July 24, 2012


    • deedee07 July 27, 2012

      Love it! perfect for romantics, couples maybe even a girly porn like a chick flick. HAs to be the best that i've even seen!

    • mica August 21, 2012

      tanto. dalla ciclotimia alla sensazione di fine del mondo imminente in un clicc. è vero amore adolescenziale.

    • ?? August 17, 2012

      bello bello...

    • jj August 12, 2012

      beautiful things never come easy; and it's unbeliavable how many difficulties we found between us. there's no fate, no gods. there is us, and what we want we get. you always said i've been strong and all doing what i did. get near me, and i'll show you how much more i can do, it's a promise; i want you to be proud of me, and i want you to know how powerful you can be, only staying near me. let me try baby, you're the most sensual, sensible creature i ever know, and i know how to love you

    • so nice August 23, 2012

      so nice

    • i am the street dream August 23, 2012

      any gurl fro atlanta?

    • SWEET :) August 28, 2012

      Now thats what I'm talking about,that was real ! Thats what I mean when I say I want to feel every part of you I love that.

    • honeymoon August 28, 2012

      i wanna replicate this with the wife

    • stash August 27, 2012


    • Saurabh August 12, 2012


    • ?!? August 11, 2012

      I want to have Sex with this amazing Guy!!!

    • fairy August 3, 2012

      she's so gorgeous

    • milly August 3, 2012

      thats got me where i wanted to be omg that was perfect...

    • Naughtyevett3 July 27, 2012

      This video was awesome...

    • Too bad August 6, 2012

      Silvie and James were truly married in this video. But they recently got a divorce and she has done videos with other men already. None are as good though because this was real. Too bad I really liked them.

    • jezzo August 6, 2012

      maybe she'll find another partner and do even better videos

    • krishna August 11, 2012


    • leny August 7, 2012

      let me touch you and you'll know what heat means

    • rahul August 7, 2012

      Awesome video

    • LadyLovely June 13, 2012

      The wedding rings where a nice touch. Very beautiful

    • Post as... June 12, 2012

      que pinta

    • Leo March 24, 2012

      me gusta como follan esta chevere

    • Dylan March 14, 2012

      It's quite depressing to see so many people here -especially women- praising this video. Surely is not like the usual shit here but it's far from being 'good sex' or even 'passionate'. I despair for your sex lives if you think that this can be classified as good sex. The guy was pretty much useless the whole time, didn't give head and there was no passion at all. Slow yes, passionate no. I really do feel sorry for you lot.

    • Ass Effect March 12, 2012


    • ell March 27, 2012

      shes fuckin perfect

    • Ryan March 28, 2012

      She is the best fuck ever, the first time in my life i want to fuck a porn actor so bad

    • dubs April 5, 2012

      when she arches her back up in the air when hes laying on top of her... drives me wild.

    • ss March 31, 2012

      simply perfect,that s how love looks like...just perfect!

    • gerda w March 30, 2012

      omg,so very sexy,i fingered myself to a frenzy,they are both so young,so beautiful,and that cumshot was gorgeous....

    • JOUSE March 10, 2012


    • Back in the day March 10, 2012

      Porn has come a long way. I used to love the Raquel Darrians of my time but now we basically have super models fucking for us. I still love you Raquel, I dumped many loads in your honor. But damn, this girl is devastatingly beautiful and can suck and fuck so beautifully. It can't get much better than this. Our dreams have cum true.

    • Norris February 22, 2012

      Y U FUCK SO SLOW!!!!

    • young hot February 20, 2012

      she's so very hot and awesome

    • Su February 8, 2012

      I liked the soundtrack! It made the whole thing more romantic! I wonder what's the name of the soundtrack

    • Horny Bitch February 28, 2012

      It's not porn its erotic movie! But i say really hot and sexy couple

    • AznChiq March 3, 2012


    • FUCKER March 8, 2012


    • ... March 6, 2012

      x art is just amazing

    • Ryan March 4, 2012

      IT´s so beautiful :'(

    • Bruno April 20, 2012

      OMG... They should show a little more of love between both of them... My gf and me make love wayyyy better than this, and its not just to do it slow, you have to care for her and make her be safe in your arms... make her climax before you or both at the same time... It's not fair for him to climax and not her... Most of the videos here are like that.

    • le' April 20, 2012

      I TOTALLY AGREE with the lady saying she hates facial cumshots. Have you guys ever tried to taste your own cum?I bet if you did you would not use the woman that way anymore.We're not objects...like all girls are here.so sad

    • Best June 2, 2012

      This is as it should be...great story!!! Beautifully done!

    • senthil June 2, 2012

      Beautiful.I want to make love to my wife similarly.passionate strong.

    • JesuXXX May 25, 2012

      God ! I can't afford porn any more. I need a girl to love...

    • lovely June 2, 2012

      verdaderamente un arte, y en contra de quien dice que es demasiado lento y que el hombre no hizo nada, se puede apreciar lo que en realidad esta sintiendo la pareja. Deliciosamente hermoso, y ademas elegante, muy distante al porno comun y corriente.

    • Beee June 5, 2012

      This is the best porn I have ever seen

    • ghurlbhad June 12, 2012

      boring as ever

    • Robert June 8, 2012

      beautiful girl, handsome guy and wonderfully lit and shot... one of THE best i have ever seen.

    • spencon June 7, 2012

      I like the movie but this issue of cuming outside the vagina is what bores me.Let the guy cum in the vagina and you will see the real thing.

    • Post as... May 24, 2012

      jojoj ha sido de puta madre

    • I just like the songs May 23, 2012

      Am I the only one who cares about what soundtrack this is?

    • gmg May 5, 2012

      i like this video

    • sexyry1 April 22, 2012

      The passsion, the beauty of this...I can really picture myself in the scene. BEST VIDEO ever.

    • charley April 22, 2012

      Charley this action is top and in function a real hit

    • shasha May 8, 2012

      Wow....so beautiful. Making love is such a beautiful thing and this clearly shows how sensual and sexy it can be without all the noises. They really seemed like they were in love. Just plain beautiful.

    • shasha May 14, 2012

      Can't get over how amazing this video is. I don't feel like i'm even watching porn. It's so beautiful and they capture every moment so perfectly. Amazing!

    • VG May 20, 2012

      vry nice... am a filmmaker bt nvr watch dis kind of video ever nicely arranged, executed & most difficult is u force an audience 2 go deep & feel d love n love d beginning part of it.......

    • silviefun May 16, 2012

      they used to be married in real life but now they split up...:(

    • OMG May 15, 2012

      I never knew porn could be BEAUTIFUL!

    • DAMN :0 August 30, 2012

      girl where u at.. talk to me say something..

    • TheRealest August 31, 2012

      you're my hotgurl, nothing will ever change this.. youre mine, and i'm yours.. they can say the fuck they want but the truth is that everybody, boys and girls, wish they could be in our place. we're too fucking hot for anyone to handle. we're meant to have the hottest sex, the others can only watch in envy. i would fuck you in front of them all, but in fact i dont give a damn about em, i want that experience to be ours and ours alone.

    • tomy January 18, 2013

      perfect and very lovly. Not like animal.

    • Barney January 15, 2013


    • Adonis January 15, 2013

      Perfect... So hot. Comparing this to other porn is like comparing a monet painting to a Flintstones comic.

    • tommy January 18, 2013

      excellent. truly perfect. beautiful without filth. Eastern Europeans for you.

    • abdhul January 31, 2013

      Very intimate. Bravo

    • andal February 5, 2013

      ...I feel like the beginning is a parody of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer with the plum girl...

    • angel February 4, 2013

      its a true love

    • hello January 31, 2013

      really really beautiful. No porn but love right here.

    • Nice guy January 14, 2013

      Why would you pull out if you're married? I'd release my magic all up in there!

    • jumjum January 6, 2013

      real love right there..

    • MrBigDick December 28, 2012


    • Crna Gora, Pluzine December 28, 2012

      Amazing sex. Real art. bravoooo !!! .i.

    • john December 28, 2012

      can someone please tell me name of the artist or type of music used?

    • ?? December 29, 2012

      so very nice !!

    • Pjshelley7644 December 31, 2012

      fucking sweet.

    • wtf January 5, 2013

      um that was super short.

    • kelly January 3, 2013

      ooooooo yaaaaaaaaa baby push that thing in there fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • asdf January 2, 2013


    • Freind February 15, 2013

      It is the most beautiful scene I've ever been... thanks to them !

    • excited February 16, 2013

      Wonderful! Brilliantly sensual. It's how love and sex should be. Always, every time. We need more artwork like this and dispose of the sleaze!

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