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X-Art Sex with a Super Model

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    • Enteng August 21, 2012

      She is so beautiful ang perfect

    • DarkIzo August 22, 2012


    • jaabba August 20, 2012

      hottest girls ever

    • Enteng August 16, 2012

      Wow she is so perfect

    • Beautiful August 13, 2012

      She is so beautiful

    • wonderful creature August 13, 2012

      i'll kiss and lick her adorable feet, and then go up all over her legs, with my mouth and tongue, she would feel my hair caressing her thighs like a sexy tickle and i'll keep kissing, licking and gently bite her smooth skin and feel every taste, every scent of her like a gift from the heaven itself; hearing her voice while she gets more and more excited will be the most precious and adorable melody i could ever dream of.

    • horny byatch August 22, 2012

      she meks me want to be fucked HARD!!!wooooow

    • sanjay August 22, 2012

      i want fuck this girl She is so beautiful

    • @dat gaylord August 26, 2012

      ya can keep dissing me around as much as you want. you can't reach me, lest alone touch me. i may be childish and all, but you mane, you're beating all the fuckin world records

    • Clare August 28, 2012

      I miss my BF wish andito siya para na bj ko din ang 8" dick niya. Watching dis vids makes me so wet and hot. Sariling sikap na naman ako. Bakit kasi night shift siya sa work eh....everytime i gave him a bj i was rewarded by a nice pussy suck by him. He is a great pussy sucker.

    • damn August 24, 2012

      i need to beat the living shit out of somebody.. anybody

    • lebron August 23, 2012

      the heat burns more than ever

    • hi August 22, 2012

      she is enjoying itway too much

    • they August 23, 2012

      want to fuck me up for good. you can't be for real.

    • fyah August 9, 2012

      i'm here,4 you, only 4 you.. i can't take it anymore, love me, i 'm begging

    • sexy August 9, 2012

      The very Beautiful Young Woman is very very good at sex and foreplay likes having Very Intense Orgasma too which she enjoys having has many on the video all intense and very satisfying Orgams Lucky Woman Likes riding which she is very very good at knows how to move up and Down at a very nice pace and depth of thrust as she moves down on his Penis very nicely Likes the Missionary anf Doggy Positions too She crosses her Legs over his back while in the Missionary Position to feel his Penis thrusting deep between the walls of her Vagina for more intense sensations and Orgasms she likes to feel his penis between the walls if her Vagina thrusting away pleasuring her. She Likes Sex in all Positions makes a very good bed mate In this case a very good Lounge mate as they make love together on a Lounge More comfortable on a Bed though for her i would think and for him while she Rides Him

    • Snoop July 28, 2012

      What a hottie... a cross between Eva Green and Jennifer Garner... love how she plays with herself when she's riding him.

    • paris August 3, 2012

      next time i'll fuck my beau i wanna do it like this

    • s@ndy July 27, 2012

      nice fucking..wid sweet orguesmm

    • OMGfellinLove July 27, 2012

      such a goddess

    • ram July 24, 2012

      very very sex girl nice boobs

    • Rohan July 26, 2012

      Really love and great fuck

    • kashi August 3, 2012

      what a beautiful pussy!

    • jezza August 6, 2012

      problem with supamodelz is that they're usually beautiful but not many of 'em are also sexy. often they're also unpleasant and full of issues. they think they are one step above and they fuck like theyr doin ya a favour. im lucky, cuz i met a girl which is beautiful, hot-sexy like no-one, and pleasant and cute . . sometimes i can't almost believe i've had this luck and trust me, i won't exchange her for all the supamodelz around

    • pup August 7, 2012

      now don't tell me ure one of those ppl who take a puppy in her arms, cuddle him and all and then drown him in the nearest river

    • moroccomac August 8, 2012


    • parentscomin6 August 7, 2012

      are u angry ? why by? plz girl read it again

    • i em uai August 6, 2012

      was it him?

    • jiz August 6, 2012

      tesoro sei li

    • Tracy August 28, 2012

      and i miss my gf, no matter how little time we can stay together, i'd exchange one minute with her with years with anybody else. i need you girl, i don't need anything else in the world but you

    • Jack August 29, 2012

      all lurk and no play make steve a dull boy all lurk and no play make steve a dull boy all lurk and no play make steve a dull boy all lurk and no play make steve a dull boy all lurk and no play make steve a dull boy all lurk and no play make steve a dull boy all lurk and no play make steve a dull boy all lurk and no play make steve a dull boy all lurk and no play make steve a dull boy all lurk and no play make steve a dull boy ..

    • geniusatlarge September 15, 2012

      super hot cunt and fab tits+face

    • Stian.kinn.kvamme September 15, 2012

      Great sex..I cum a lot this video..I can watch many times more...

    • Lorie September 15, 2012

      They are both perfectly beautiful...

    • xxxxxxl September 13, 2012

      She is so fucking hot

    • 345don September 12, 2012

      that c-section scar turn me off

    • xxxxxxl September 13, 2012

      She is so motherfucking hot!

    • MissFortune5 September 16, 2012

      So um, theyre both good looking people, but why is that dudes cock 2 different colors? Lol was he black once?

    • Colors September 17, 2012


    • Xxx September 21, 2012

      Ben 10

    • Need4weed September 22, 2012

      I thought she was looking at him as if she wanted it faster..

    • e pluribus unum September 19, 2012

      theyre both hot and good-looking, but together they are somthing else. the whole is much more than the sum of its parts.

    • shay September 17, 2012

      She ride that Dick hard she was moving nice and soft throuh otut the sex whith she made more sex noise

    • Perfection September 17, 2012

      This is the best fuck ever. Tonight that is what me and Elizabeth are going at it.

    • buss uh nut September 12, 2012

      i came 2 ft long to this video. best one yet!!!

    • me September 10, 2012

      she at doing know fucking,she is playing with the dick,stop playing and get on the dick.

    • josepe September 1, 2012

      beautiful cum in mouth/ in nose/ on lips/ over the face / in the hair .... but did something go wrong with the swallowing so you cut the frame? ;)

    • Dramatic September 2, 2012

      ill play wot and shake my dick until she comes back

    • nick August 31, 2012

      is it that hard to get ur audio to sync up guys? it sounded in the beginning of the fucking like there were 3 girls cumming at the same time. and then 5 minutes later it sounded like u replayed the same audio track. that disappointed me. and it u had the faye chick play with his asshole thatt would be so erotic

    • nop August 30, 2012

      she aint no pryia

    • she's an angel August 29, 2012

      no, more than that. angels got no sex, she's hot like a nuke bomb

    • priya August 29, 2012

      100 % like

    • audio tech September 2, 2012

      Yeah, sometimes techs could have a hard time keeping a steady sound flowing, especially when there are other ppl voices and noises in the background. i must admit that so far they didn't do a great work on this particular track. Knowing the boys personally though, i can guarantee that they are very professional, and dependable, and the right guys for this job. I will talk to them, and promise on their behalf that they won't disappoint the customer again. Greg.

    • george September 3, 2012

      very hot sex

    • Juju September 8, 2012

      Sehr good

    • XD September 10, 2012

      Why the penis is white

    • k September 4, 2012

      i'll come all over your boobies, then lick it all away, and spread it all over your pussy with my tongue

    • Sara September 4, 2012

      I want you to come over

    • Oral_Office September 3, 2012

      That was geat -.-

    • nick July 22, 2012

      What a pretty girl.She gives a good blow job too.Would love to fuck her.Man is,however,a disappointment.

    • i am the street dream July 22, 2012

      that's fo sho mane

    • If Only May 12, 2012

      She say all the right words/sound. WOW. can I play next!?!

    • me May 12, 2012

      his name is brandon and hers tiffany.....i've seen 4 x art videos with her and the partner is always brandon...they must be in love

    • thomas May 7, 2012

      no specific enlarged recording on private parts

    • Flea May 6, 2012

      Man if i could just have her for like 2 hours i could die just after that it wouldn't even matter...

    • Kbro May 5, 2012

      This is my go to beat off scene. She is perfect.

    • flory May 5, 2012


    • 0_o May 16, 2012

      *Falls on floor* *Gets back up* That was maybe a little TOO good.

    • dio May 20, 2012


    • romel cebu June 3, 2012

      verry verry beutiful six.. i like perpormance in girl.. girl i hope im next to suckz your puzzy... i give you beutiful posistion from me...

    • i am June 4, 2012

      this seen is very romantic her pussy very hot.

    • sexy June 2, 2012

      the Very beautiful Woman is very ggod and loves sex in all it's positions knows how to fellate a Penis using her Tongue and mouth so expertly on his Penis knows how to ride and loves to experince very intense very pleasuable Orgasms. And loves to feel his Penis Deep between the wall of her Vagina pleasuring her she crosses her legs over his back for deeper penetration while in the Missionary Position on the lounge she is dam good .

    • sexy May 31, 2012

      A very good video of pure sex and a very beautiful young woman who likes sex in all the positions likes riding too which she is very good at doing at a lovely pace and depth of thrust Really enjoys it does she too I Like the way she wraps her Legs around him for deeper thrusts which she likes to feel his Penis deep inside her Vagina while in the missionary position on the lounge far more comfortable for her and him on a lovely Bed though. ad i love how many times she has very intense very satisfying Orgasms at least three, lucky woman. I Would like to make love to her and vice- versa

    • him May 30, 2012

      does anyone know who is the director? coz i really wanna see more (like these ) kind of works. it's romance and gorgeous. thx!!

    • DQ May 2, 2012

      Simply beautiful. I would have never thought on comment on an erotic video, but it is just gorgeous.

    • roms May 1, 2012

      she is perfect !!! i want married her ;)

    • crossbow March 31, 2012

      Tiffany and Brandon, I hope you read this. You two are AMAZING. You have taken an old man back a long, long way to a time long ago. you are obviously very much i nlove and it shows. you have something that few people achieve in their entire life- oneness of spirit. I hope you never lose it. l\Live long and prosper

    • crossbow March 31, 2012

      Tiffany and Brandon, I hope you see this comment. You two are AWESOME. I am an old man,and you have taken me back many many years.It seems to me you have something that few people ever find in their lives: a oneness of spirit. This is not sex, but LOVE, pure and simple, expressed by two beautiful people. Please do not lose what you have, as you give much joy to people who watch you. I wish you much joy.

    • facer March 29, 2012

      Wow, I even liked the music for a change on a porno!

    • EatHerBetter March 27, 2012

      He needs to stay with her on the oral, he kept pulling up while she kept pulling his head down. Stick with it dude she wanted to come, when she's starting to cum don't change up.

    • roddy March 24, 2012

      who she is name ?

    • calvines March 26, 2012

      She's beautiful! And she enjoys fucking, i love that kind of girl! I love, when they scream...

    • DirtyOldIg April 1, 2012

      Nothing left to live for after watching this...

    • ash April 8, 2012


    • sexy April 17, 2012

      the beautiful Young Woman experiences so many very Intense very pleasing very satifying Orgams during having sex in three Postitions, On top, which she Likes and experiences very intense Orgasms which makes her Body shake in the Doggy Position More Very Intense Orgasms and Finally in the Missionary Position in which she Wrapps her Legs around His Back for Deeper Penetration during thrusting his Penis Between the Walls of her Vagina more Intense orgasms for her Lucky Wman to expreience so many Very Inrtense very Satisfying Orgasms she must love experiencing them

    • girl~ April 17, 2012

      The girl looks amazing, true, but the guy... oh, the guy. Anyone knows his name?

    • Candymaker April 13, 2012

      i like very much the music... chilljazz!!xaxa :-D ...and the model of course...

    • j April 12, 2012


    • old man April 11, 2012

      Why so much cock-sucking? I prefer to see such beautiful women, with hairy pussies, getting stuffed and really enjoying themselves. The males in some of these aren't too adept at love making.

    • rrr June 5, 2012

      OMG IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN ! and the woman has a perfect body I admit!

    • nice June 6, 2012

      damn dude dats is how fuck dats nice

    • big dick July 7, 2012

      want me to fuck u!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ucbarm July 8, 2012


    • BLeH July 7, 2012

      I lOve how the girls dont care about him at the end... He looks like hes painting with his dick on her ass.

    • FuckBoy July 5, 2012

      Best Pussy Ever !!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Fuck ME!

    • f June 30, 2012

      whats the guys name?

    • James S July 1, 2012

      Nice fuk. Wish I were he. Good work Dane.

    • sexy July 9, 2012

      The Very Beautiful Young woman is a Sex Kitten who likes sex Likes fellating his Penis Likes Cunnilingus shows him what she Likes him to do and how to do it to her Clitoris and Vagina with his Lips Mouth and fingers she enjoys it too then she cannot wait to get astride or on top of him and give him a very good ride which she also enjoys doing has several orgasms too and finally the missionry position she wants to feel his penis thrusting deep between the walls of her Vagina she holds him very close to her with her Lege and feet crossed over his back and her arms holding him close to her over his back too making sure that she can feel his penis thrusting deep between the walls of her Vagina she is a real Sex Kitten just Loves Sex and the Orgasms that she experiences intense and very satisfying ones too she is dam good and beautiful

    • Ihavearealgirl July 9, 2012

      I love how you lot talk about birds youve fucked. None of you have a ever fucked a bird hence why youre on here- the only pussy you lot have touched is your mums when you fell out of it.

    • DISAPPOINTED July 18, 2012


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