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Squirting Cheerleaders!

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    • jizz1 August 6, 2011

      I dont think thats what coach had in mind when he said hit the showers!

    • $$$ex July 16, 2013

      my girls and me ate each others pussies so much we were squirting all over the place I love having lesbio friends

    • Drock July 19, 2013

      I bet that's what heaven is like...

    • 83caprice February 7, 2013

      plz oh plz can i be dat girl getting squirted on :)

    • whoa August 6, 2011

      its like theyre shooting water guns at each other

    • wet January 7, 2012

      i am so wet from watching this. i need someones cock in my now!

    • Darla December 30, 2011

      I'm head cheerleader

    • Jose January 10, 2012

      Goddamn! I love this video and the girls too.

    • wtf*** January 10, 2012


    • Berta January 27, 2012

      I'm not cleaning that up-

    • fuckmaster90 January 12, 2012

      damn shit thats so fucking good

    • HELLO!!! December 27, 2011

      Thats not pee or orgasims.. the girls are use a tube to put water in there VAGA and then are squirting it back out... classic

    • Monstro December 23, 2011

      How old was Jada Fire here?

    • lilly December 17, 2011

      this vid is hot but the are mostly just pissing on each over i can squirt all over my hubby and i know the diff still gets me moist though

    • mmm91 December 14, 2011

      Even though this is the fakest thing ever, it still makes me super wet.

    • Daniel December 19, 2011

      WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!

    • Croxxo December 20, 2011

      10 seconds to cum

    • lool December 15, 2011

      the finny part is afterwards, when you can watch all the comments :P I just cant tell, is this hot or fucking nasty haha .L

    • Hefta January 28, 2012

      The middle one is Bear Gryllys' sister

    • Aaron December 27, 2011

      Well, we now know that they didn't die of dehydration.

    • sleepyyyy! January 30, 2012

      whats the name of the chick in the middle? x HOT

    • Seriously? March 12, 2012

      Who cares that was still cool

    • Seriously? March 8, 2012

      You guys know they just put water in there and push it out right...?

    • loves squirt March 1, 2012

      for all you goofy people thinking they were pissing.... you are wrong! My mistress is a squirter, but only after i told her to research it. Any chick that get super wet can teach themselves to squirt, it is real!

    • ummmmm March 1, 2012

      dafuq did i just witness,

    • sexy girl March 12, 2012

      so fucking fake.... "seriously?"is 100% right.trust me i know

    • Nikki March 13, 2012

      Mmmmm...my bestie and me just soaked ourselves while watching this!! :-) She knows just where to lick!

    • lol? March 16, 2012

      thats a SHOWER!! xD

    • Joe March 15, 2012

      I would love to be in that girls place. squirting are pissing those women could do it all over me. i would get off so quick.

    • Zuper March 15, 2012


    • anon February 28, 2012

      I like the part where they squirted

    • Your welcome February 22, 2012

      The full video is on sunporno

    • dig February 3, 2012

      seen it 40 times... every day i cum..

    • NWA February 1, 2012

      I cummed so hard

    • asdf January 31, 2012

      get rid of the gorilla...

    • Steven February 3, 2012

      I would have swallowed everything they gave me. pour it in a glass and let me drink it.

    • HOT February 5, 2012

      wheather they were peeing or orgasaming they should fill a bath and film themselfs bathing in it

    • kaka February 17, 2012


    • lol February 10, 2012

      I laughed at 0:13 XD

    • Mr. Big Dick February 5, 2012

      I think they should be the fire brigade lol :D awesome got my dick hard in 10 secs :O

    • The Clit Commander December 9, 2011

      Sorry to break it to you guys, but they're actually pissing on each other- not squirting.

    • Carl November 30, 2011

      Cough... Cough... Weird...

    • N1 October 19, 2011

      That's exactly what i want

    • penis October 13, 2011

      its a squirting bukkake!!!!

    • frrench October 13, 2011

      in all case this film is a sucess !!!!!

    • Holly October 22, 2011

      Two words: Waterproof Mascara

    • shorty4502 October 23, 2011

      i feel bad for the camera guy.

    • Whose line October 27, 2011

      Pretty sure that black chick is Wayne Brady.

    • Lol October 26, 2011

      Anyone else notice she was gagging when they squirted in her mouth......she obv doesn't like the taste.

    • yummy October 25, 2011

      - this is so fucking hot

    • Mr Big October 12, 2011

      I'm pretty sure this was filmed in heaven.

    • Jack October 9, 2011

      There are some things I will never understand about the female body...

    • Trainer October 5, 2011

      they will give birth to a blastoise

    • wow October 2, 2011

      i think this might be the best piece of porn i've ever seen. it's not just the squirting, it's the actress. she looks like she's really into it. brilliant performance.

    • omg October 1, 2011


    • Joanne October 7, 2011

      if that was me in the middle of all them girls i wud make sure my mouth was sealed around their pussys so i could swallow every last drop XXX XXX XXX

    • Wth October 7, 2011

      Wth can someone explain wat I just watched holy shit that was alot of cum

    • wow October 9, 2011

      A whole bunch of squirters together.

    • FUN October 9, 2011

      love it

    • Matty October 29, 2011

      If you never had a big squirter girl...find one. It's just fantastic!

    • kunni November 1, 2011

      best video beautiful girls

    • freddyforeskins November 18, 2011

      i jack off to this everyday

    • William November 15, 2011

      i would do nothing rather than lick up squirt from a pussy

    • chico suave November 13, 2011

      this is crazy. i am speechless. they are having so much fun doing this. i'm hiring them to fill up my slip n slide next summer.

    • Huh? November 21, 2011


    • Micheal November 22, 2011

      Wow! Amazing! :D

    • Stirner. March 26, 2012

      Strabiliante questo pornolesbo urinario! Come gode la ragazza protagonista a farsi pisciare,in bocca e sulla faccia,dalle altre cinque ragazze,fra cui vi è una nera dalle grosse tette!..

    • whoa November 26, 2011

      my jaw was on the floor the whole time and my mind was like wtf but my penis was like wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • oldschoolrobertb November 23, 2011

      It's funny and true all girls/women can squirt hard and loud but most just don't dare. This video will help them LOL.

    • Anon November 12, 2011

      Gallon challenge!

    • aasilver November 10, 2011


    • yea November 4, 2011

      pretty sure squirting is not pissing

    • biscuit November 3, 2011

      i dont know guys i ve never seen it happen live but its hard to be urine cause nobody has that much ..this is a lot !! i mean happened to squirt too but it was just a little bit..i dont know i really want to know if this is possible and what can cause it to happen

    • okay... November 1, 2011


    • #1 November 5, 2011

      Oh my God *.*

    • the man behind the scenes November 6, 2011

      it is funny to see the girl gagging while the rest of the sqourtleaders still sqourting she don't like it all . maybe they are drunk

    • o_0 November 8, 2011

      i dont need my shower if i hire them all

    • Annon November 7, 2011

      It's hard to believe modern science doesn't have more info on this phenomenon. I hope things like this will bring more attention to the fact that squirting is female ejaculation and NOT pee! As a woman who has squirted since 19 (totally freaked out me and my partner, and there was no Internet to research this back then) it's awesome to see this becoming more mainstream.

    • AlwaysHorny December 5, 2011

      That's the nastiest fucking peice of smutt I've ever seen & I love it that shit makes my dick so hard taht I feel high. I know someone that says she can squirt and she'd squirt on me, but I think she's lying. Because I said only if she was ok with a 3way, her, me, & my wife ( my wife is hot ) she said no so we have a standoff. Anyway I'm going to watch it again, and give myself a hand or 2! This should be a class you should have take and pass before you get married, or can get contraseptives. maybe a service an OBGYN could provide I'd become one. I think I may be addicted to lesbains,or pussy, or porn, or sex, or having my dick licked, sucked, fucked, or having my dick hard, or pussy to fuck, pussy & ass to look at, fuck & eat, & now to be squirted on. Dam I gotta go cause I'm about to cum!

    • OH NO! April 10, 2012

      The black girls voice craked so much

    • DAMN SEXY CHEERLEADERS September 9, 2013


    • Young Willie September 6, 2013


    • hmm September 1, 2013

      now i wonder how all this started

    • IMA PORNSTAR September 24, 2013

      hmm how magestic to be in dat room.

    • Love dis October 30, 2013

      Dis da best vid ive eva seen

    • B Y D S T E D November 16, 2013

      Bet You Dont See That Every Day!!!

    • TG November 10, 2013

      That was funny.

    • Sexy sexy SEXY!!!!! October 30, 2013

      I wish I was a cheerleader soooooo bad!!!!

    • Nope August 24, 2013


    • ChadXXXMaxum August 17, 2013


    • nono June 22, 2013

      Imagine being a guy amongst those wet bodies

    • :D June 20, 2013


    • ellisa May 24, 2013

      fuck my pussy like that .I like it

    • ng July 2, 2013

      not too many porn movies a man can watch over and over again.

    • xoxo July 4, 2013

      I don't know why but just makes me squirt everytime. fuck me..

    • xoxo August 8, 2013

      anyone know any of the other girls names?

    • Fuck me July 5, 2013

      That was hot I wish I could squirt like that

    • milf November 30, 2013


    • JJenkins. December 3, 2013

      Oh man I found the right video. That girl in the middle is so lucky. I would give to suck on a wet pussy whilst having a few other pussies squirting on me. God that must be great.

    • You want that pussy August 17, 2014

      Love it ...makes me squirt

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