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Sweet chubby girl Mel gets fucked

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(12451 ratings)
August 4, 2011
By: serbie

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    • klimp April 16, 2014

      i wish this guy would shut the fuck up.

    • cheeba August 7, 2014

      This guy is a sicko freak, possibly the creepiest consensual sex ever captured on film. She's gorgeous and he should keep his goddamn mouth shut. Fucking stupid dickwad!

    • JM June 11, 2014

      My only problem with this video is that she is not "chubby" she is perfectly fine, average.

    • donkey February 27, 2014

      This dude so fucking annoying..she didn't like it AT ALL..

    • BigFatHonkinPecker October 17, 2013

      Chubby my ass, all women should look that good.

    • Annoying fucker!! July 17, 2014

      This dude is fucking annoying!! Bro shut the fuck up and satisfy her!!

    • ekocknator December 8, 2013

      She is definitely NOT chubby, her body's perfect!

    • Sorry for her March 7, 2014

      She deserves better

    • Don Ogl November 19, 2013

      The girl is great, but the dude needs to shut the f**k up. I swear i muted the computer.

    • Paul May 13, 2013

      This girl is not cubby... no way. When I worked as a temp for a clothing store, a woman who was more "chubby" than this one was my "instructor" on how to set up displays, how to do the inventory the store way, etc. She was a single mom about 8 years older than me. She was carrying extra pounds, but still had a cute face and a great personality. Even though I didn't have much money at the time, at the end of the week, I told her I wanted to take her out to dinner as thanks for being so nice. She accepted and suggested a little Italian place not far from where she lived, saying it was excellent food and inexpenswive. We got along well, had a couple of glasses of wine with the meal, and she got friendly after a while. Since she had walked over to meet me, she asked if I would mind driving her home, which I didn't. We went inside her house and she told me that her daughter was sleeping over at a friend's house, and to me, that was an invitation to be friendly back. The woman was a damn good lover, and we continued to see each other, even after I found a permanent job at another company. She said most guys wouldn't look at her because she was a bit overweight, but boy, they sure were missing out. We finally lost contact when she moved back to her mom and dad's house out of state because they needed her to help with things after her dad got sick.

    • Der WunderHammer August 26, 2013

      Good god that guy is such an annoying little jerkoff. He just does not SHUT THE FUCK UP for the whole thing, just going on an on about his big fat cock which is a small stubby little thing. You can see even she was trying not to point out that he did not even have a big dick when he's chatting on and on about it. One to watch on mute.

    • mad July 30, 2013

      chubby ???

    • Kh32 August 26, 2013

      That guy is a dipshit, and she is cute as hell.

    • MountNman August 25, 2014

      The only thing chubby was his big fat mouth! What a creep! It was obvious she didn't enjoy it!

    • Mike July 4, 2014

      What is he bragging about his big fat dick for? It is mediocre at best. Agreed with the gentleman that says she deserves better.

    • tp June 10, 2013

      The dude is a dick he needs to shut shut up and quit making movies I don't know what the girls see in him asshole

    • Lance February 19, 2013

      First, this girl is not chubby by any means. Second, the guy needs to shut up, he's annoying. When I was in college, there was this chubby girl in my math class (she was about 30 lbs overweight). She had a nice personality, but was upset that no guys would ask her out. My college was known for beautiful females. She needed some help in math and so I met her over in the SUB and we went into a study room and closed the door so it would be quiet. While going through some of the math problems, she leaned over my arm to get another sheet of paper and I said, wow you have some nice knockers. She just went red and said that is about the nicest thing anyone has said to me since I've been here. We laughed and then continued with the math, but something changed in her attitude. I noticed that she kept rubbing her right boob into my left arm and finally I said to her, if you keep that up, it could get a little dangerous in here. She said I certainly hope so. She reached over into my lap and wrapped her fingers around my hard and I felt under her blouse and her nipples were hard. I told her that we couldn't do anything in that room because too many people walking by and could see us through the window on the door. She agreed, we packed up our stuff and headed out on the campus. We found a quiet little area with some trees and shrubs, and I backed her up against the wall of the building. We kissed and started grinding on each other. She finally said I need for you to fuck me. It was tough being up against the building, but we did manage a good fuck. She lived in the girls' dorm but we decided against that. I knew that I couldn't take her into the guys' dorm .. too many guys could smell pussy juice from a 100 ft away... lol. We found an empty room in one of the buildings and we fucked on a table and she also straddled me on a chair. The girl was definitely working out her frustrations on me, and it was great. The next day I saw her on campus and said I really enjoyed "tutoring" her the night before and she broke out in this big grin and said "oh I learned a lot but I need more help"..... she was thrilled that I spoke to her the next day. I continued tutoring her, we found more places to fuck. At the end of the year, we said we would stay in touch, but she never answered me back. I did check with her ex roomie the next fall and she said that Debbie had to stay home and help her mom with some family issues. Her ex roomie said I have no idea what you did for her, but she sure was much happier when you started tutoring her. I just grinned and said that Debbie was an excellent student and that I would miss her. Never heard from her again.

    • Watcher January 22, 2013

      Hot as fuck girl, but goddamn that guy talks way tooooooooooooooo fucking much!!!!!!!! JESUS CHRIST. If his fat cock didn't feel so good to her she would have probably left.

    • hornyhousewife January 20, 2013


    • Arks February 18, 2013

      Beautiful Girl... I'm folow for her...

    • mister big February 4, 2013

      baby ich will dich richtig ficken net so wie der spasst richtig durchficken das du mehrmals kommst

    • curiousgirl January 13, 2013


    • Holy-Fucker February 9, 2013

      Wait, what have i wached? A Talkshow?! Have u ever used your thing? Doesn't looks so... Poor girl, she is so awesome and got to wait cause u like to hear your own voice... Get aside, let me show u how to pleasure such a godness!

    • Strife February 15, 2013

      how do you talk so much when your inside this creamy be moaning and making her moan

    • hornyhousewife January 11, 2013


    • mister-xxx December 31, 2012

      she is sweet and hot *__*

    • CaptainSparkles December 16, 2012

      haha i agree ;)

    • Person December 12, 2012

      Is it just me, or does that guy sound a bit like Captain Sparkles?

    • hannah December 10, 2012

      How many times does he have to say "ata girl" I mean damn

    • Mr Nz January 1, 2013

      alyssa taylor yo are hot.. I hope he paid you a fortune... Mr Cameraman, keep the voices in your head...

    • a+true+fan January 8, 2013


    • O.o February 27, 2013

      She is really beautiful. It's a shame she did something like this for the whole world to see. Of course it was still damn hot. I wanna punch that guy in the face too, he needs to shut up

    • stud January 8, 2013

      loved the way she took the sperms beautifully inside her a lot

    • Balls Deep January 8, 2013

      She is beautiful! Love to lick her creamy pussy!! Come straddle my tongue please :-P

    • Loik January 12, 2013

      Chubby? Are you fucking kidding me?! A friend of mine is chubby and she weights 66 kg and is 1.67 mts tall.

    • she is so cute April 9, 2013

      this guys a fucktard, and his dick isnt big at all.. what a clown

    • Lance June 5, 2013

      I agree with Paul, this Mel is not chubby, she's a very good looking female and is shaped like a real woman. Reminds me of a gal I knew back in Texas. I was introduced by her old sister who was also a teacher like I was and Glynda was a student at East Texas. We matched up very well and she came back to see me several times. When she graduated, she moved to an apt in Dallas and she wanted me to come up to "break it in" right. I still think of Glynda because we did enjoy each other a lot.

    • Dude May 29, 2013

      She's so cute made me cum so hard...

    • Wtf May 26, 2013

      "Should I cum on your face or in your mouth" CREAMPIE

    • FgtPrk May 25, 2013

      This guy sounds like a fucking nerd. Shut up!

    • badkarma June 6, 2013

      am i crazy or she looked like a young chubier melody jordan ?

    • MV June 10, 2013

      This girl is beautiful and not chubby

    • Banzai June 18, 2013

      take chubby out of the title , she is fuckin cute and natural ,the way women are supposed to look

    • fuckingfuckfucker June 17, 2013

      i just muted the video.....that nerd was so lucky...

    • girl June 15, 2013

      she's not chubby!

    • kurt May 24, 2015

      That guy makes this video borderline unwatchable.

    • Mysterious May 9, 2013

      Yo imma fuck her in da ass

    • >Lance April 19, 2013

      This girl is not chubby by any stretch of the imagination. She is very cute, and the guy is a clod.

    • hill December 6, 2012

      it looks like she is regretting it already while doing it

    • Bad boy March 30, 2013

      Beautiful girl, shame you didn't let or make her cum

    • kingcock April 21, 2013

      she has a great body, amazing smile, bright-eyes. the chubby part is a lie. id love to meet this girl

    • bit April 27, 2013

      who is she

    • 123456 May 9, 2013

      I wanna put cock in her

    • taza April 29, 2013

      i like the girl in the video she is hot and cute

    • taza April 28, 2013

      i like the video shes cute how lucky can a guy get

    • tosh March 24, 2013

      Holy shit this girl works at a bar in my town...

    • Leo November 24, 2012

      let's gang bang her...

    • Lurid July 18, 2012

      This Guy talk too much

    • big July 17, 2012

      die würde ich in alle löcher so richtig durchficken

    • Man July 17, 2012

      Hot girlie, hot creampie..

    • omg July 16, 2012

      call that chubby?

    • Charles DeMar July 20, 2012

      I must have my wife watch this. This is the hottest video ever...

    • wow July 22, 2012


    • thatguy July 28, 2012

      I want more videos of this girl. please give links if you find any.

    • wow July 25, 2012

      wet drippin

    • fingerme July 24, 2012

      wow i fingered myself and i squirted to this twice

    • SPUNK1 July 13, 2012


    • anon July 9, 2012

      he sure knows how to ruin porn. stfu, srsly....

    • Ahah June 14, 2012

      "You will think I have 3 nuts" ? LOL ! This guy is fuckin hillarious, he should do comedy. And what about the cum in the face ?

    • rofl June 11, 2012

      This fucking idiot needs to hit gym and get on a penis pump. If it wasnt for paying chicks he probably gets zero pussy.

    • htre June 9, 2012

      that guy needs to shut up,he ruined it.

    • Willie^^ June 22, 2012


    • Shut up and fuck June 24, 2012

      I should be fucking her while that tool talks to himself in the corner

    • 123 June 30, 2012

      oh my god you talk alot dude

    • Noah June 25, 2012

      Could only watch about two minutes of this because of the dude and his yammering.....this girl is not chubby, she is fine. Next time get this cutie a real man.....

    • doesnt matter June 25, 2012

      if you liked this, check out:

    • KJ August 8, 2012

      perfect body how the fuck is that chubby!

    • Tiger August 11, 2012

      Geiles Outfit!

    • Conisseur October 28, 2012

      Best boobs Iv seen on youporn. Well done young lady thanks for the mammaries

    • Meh October 18, 2012

      The guy is a douche and a sleeze. Put me off completely.

    • nathan October 16, 2012

      she is absoluty amazing. huge hardon right now.. ooh wait.. nevermind

    • Michael Scott October 1, 2012

      Her name is Alyssa Taylor

    • Mr t November 11, 2012

      I cummed hard

    • tido November 15, 2012

      she is amazing

    • Doggylover June 20, 2013

      She has SUCH a beautiful figure...... Tits, Ass, Pussy, everything! I enjoyed every second of watching that gorgeous creature being fucked, especially the creampie at the end

    • Anon November 21, 2012

      She is not fucking chubby, she is PERFECT!

    • blackbaer November 19, 2012

      she is the best since adam and eve

    • joe September 28, 2012

      i like the cum he left in her i would like to make a deposit myself

    • ProstateMassage420 September 25, 2012

      She's nowhere near as into it as he is. "Oh yeah it feels so good!" "Ummm, yeah sure, I guess..."

    • soulreaper16 August 20, 2012

      haha, i read and it said chubby, this is the bodybuild of my ex, i love it

    • YourMom August 18, 2012


    • Abc August 15, 2012

      Shut up camera man!

    • THE GIRL September 9, 2012


    • Mexico September 10, 2012

      WowI want this for

    • WOWPEPE September 25, 2012

      I ilove this video i wish iam the nxt man to creampie her

    • gosepe September 22, 2012

      love how he fucks her throat @ 23:00

    • aha September 13, 2012

      shes is damn hot, i wish i knew her name!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • blacksmith December 1, 2012

      she is hot as hell - woderful

    • Mr porn July 4, 2013

      Lucky senior bastard

    • Wee-Wee July 3, 2014

      Dude is a fucking idiot. Running his cock washer non stop! Sounds like his balls just dropped... What a fag...

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