Lebanese Girl

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September 7, 2014

He's right for two reasons. One, you have to assume that her father named her. That's how arabs work. So her father is definitely Iraqi. This, by logic, draws us to the conclusion that her mother must also be Iraqi. No Lebanese family would let their daughter marry a non-lebanese arab man. That's how this corner of the world works.

mazen abu alwaleed
September 27, 2013

her name showing she is iraqi ,,, assurian or not is not the topic but ishtar is iraqi name of babylon`s goddess

October 6, 2014

nice bj

December 27, 2014

For the record she did not speak proper Lebanese she made mistakes and didn't use the word most commonly used for "dick" in Lebanon. She used another word which is is more like "penis" and did not put it in the right form. She's looks Lebanese alright (and kinda Greek too). She's most probably second or third generation Lebanese-American and her parent's didn't teach her the language very well. Who cares she's pretty but I wish they would not ask her to say things in Lebanese she doesn't even speak proper Lebanese.

December 27, 2014

Or she could be from another Arabic country, pretending to be Lebanese. In Lebanon we don't say "Zabertak", it's just incorrect Lebanese. We either say "Ayrak" (most common for "your dick") or "Zabrak" (which is more like "your penis").