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netvideogirls - Stephanie Calendar Audition

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    • 15bigdi k October 3, 2011


    • silvio September 26, 2011

      che grandissima fica....

    • lmao September 18, 2011


    • charles September 12, 2011

      of course its fake... rimming, anal, cumming on her face...

    • Bluebird October 19, 2011

      She is gorgeous.. Beautiful tits, so edible pussy, great ass..

    • blurmaster October 21, 2011

      omfg, Its really one of the greatest porn ive ever seen :-D God damn she is absolutely beautiful and she is really enjoying it (this is the sex we all know right? :D ) More Stephanie castings plz :-)

    • Seconds November 6, 2011

      Hey bring Steffy back for an second stuffin' will ya??

    • a girl October 30, 2011

      you know, it may amaze some of you, but there are girls out there who--with only a little bit of lube or a nice already wet dick--can take it up the ass without a whole lot of working up to it. i'm not saying whether this was "real" or not--and why should i care when it's so freaking hot?--but low-drama anal doesn't make a girl an automatic porn star.

    • Producer? October 25, 2011

      "nobodyelse gonna see this"

    • none September 9, 2011

      be sure to realize this... he always give them the option to leave right away... make them laugh a bit.. sometime the phone rings he say that more girls calling about the job then making the girls more willing to do anything get the job..THE TONE OF HIS VOICE GET SEDUCTIVE WITHIN 10MINS

    • singledude69 August 20, 2011

      Yeah Stephanie no one will see this, LMFAO. Why do all the woman ask about the camera when they know there going for a calendar shoot.

    • Uk July 9, 2011

      This is very real, he manipulates her. I watched the whole fucking thing! 11/10

    • Dubsac July 6, 2011

      This was outstanding. The innocence of the girl draws you in. She's an absolute beauty.

    • eatmilos July 6, 2011

      Another outstanding video. Well done!

    • tutu July 6, 2011

      best video ever on youporn...

    • conrad July 21, 2011

      she is the best! the ultimate girl next door, the girl in the office, I'd love to see her again.

    • Rick July 23, 2011

      It was believeable until she took it up the ass without any trouble. Good video though.

    • W. T. F. July 28, 2011

      what type of calender is she trying out for ? this guy is a tool and a lousy fuck... call me sweetie and i will lick your butt hole

    • as good as it gets July 24, 2011

      She's the best!. All the netvideo girls have been downhill since Steph!

    • Area Man July 24, 2011

      Beautiful vid. I came, too.

    • swallowdammit November 12, 2011

      After all that, he pulls his dick out of the girl's mouth just as he was about to cum...and jerked himself off instead? Why?

    • p December 6, 2011

      he sounds like the joker!

    • ??????????? June 11, 2012

      Did anyone else hear her say she was getting married ? Right in the beging when she goes in to the studio room. about 1min 32 sec.. into the video He say's so you work at a doctors office , come on are you serious ? she says yeah , yeah ... i'm getting married on the 21st. I think she said that. . Leave a comment tell me if you think she said that too . it's funny cause later in the video when he says what kind of girl are you ? She lets him know she DOES NOT have a boyfriend much less a husband . guess she just forgot . LOL ..... she's a wild girl ,.,.,.,.,. LOL....

    • cachondo May 28, 2012

      gorgeous girl,awesome ,you are a lucky man,how i envy youre job.

    • me deepdiction May 26, 2012

      do you know the truth please

    • COUNT 210 May 23, 2012


    • mexican June 21, 2012

      this is like so weriod js

    • icon June 23, 2012

      simply excellent genuine porn

    • Brandy July 22, 2012

      This girl is the best I have seen, those bedroom eyes are the bomb

    • believers? July 11, 2012

      If you think this is real you are fucking stupid. Like someone said this is as real as backroom casting couch, or bang bros, or the sex massage videos, or milf hunter, or extremecfmn. The site says its amateur girls but if you watch his other vids there are clearly actual porn stars. its supposed to look real since they are considered "reality" porn. dont be so naive and stupid

    • Gaz July 7, 2012

      Im not convinced its real. If it was calender girls would be responding to people comments offering to do some girls or to appear in the videos to prove its legit.

    • Omg May 17, 2012

      Freakin fuckin fuck!!

    • loque April 22, 2012

      The best pron i've ever seen

    • Costa Rica Hot January 17, 2012

      wow ke bebe tan caliente, me encanta ke se pongan asi mal portadas y con esa carita mmm, solo bueno esta chichi de fijo este video la lanza al estrellato jaja, y con bbs asi ke rico ser auditor no ??? jaja

    • ify January 8, 2012

      nice fit body

    • Tsookbag December 15, 2011

      I mean... WOW. This girl is amazing. I came so hard that i even farted! She really really wanted it. No acting there. People saying she was never got laid and can't tell the difference. The guy never force girls into nothing. They do what they do willingly. Of course, after it, the guy offers her like 20Gs to let him release the tape. She will not say no to the cash. It makes me wonder about the other gems the guy must have locked in is PC cause girls didn't let him publish it. I am downloading this torrent wright away in HQ to my private collection. Maybe my GF can learn how to be passionate thanks to it!

    • Rocky February 8, 2012

      She is the best that Rick has gotten and so fucking BEAUTIFUL!Amazing woman!

    • Billy C February 19, 2012

      This girl will walk it at the 2012 Oskars. Best Actress is hers for the taking. That was a total masterclass. Forget Myrtle Bleep - she doesn't stand a chance against this lovely girl.

    • slpyjim April 15, 2012

      damn sexy babe :-)

    • Rocky March 19, 2012

      Best Ever.. Period!

    • Hans March 13, 2012

      absolutely amazing

    • smiley July 3, 2011

      If you go to his site, you will see his failures. What we get is his successes. These girls are for real. It is also edited to show us the good parts.

    • JoJo2 July 1, 2011

      Wow. Unfreaking believable. I never seen anything like it. Most porn sucks balls with dirty skanky ho's that doesn't do the job. This girl is incredibly beautiful, sexy, and innocent. Dream girl.

    • thick April 9, 2011


    • Quistion April 9, 2011

      I ask myself if this is real. It is almost to good to be true. I can't believe that a girl yust would do this. But I also can't believe that a porno star can act this good. It's kind of a dilemma

    • Best April 9, 2011

      Really well acted. It does not get any better than this! Hottest vid yet!!!

    • WOW April 9, 2011

      That was so hot!

    • gr8 vid April 9, 2011

      wish he had more cameras around the room

    • So Hot! April 10, 2011

      Shit this girl is really hot!! my dream girlfriend!

    • dreballs April 12, 2011

      OMG That Was Amazing Never Heard Any Girl Sooo Loud! X

    • !!! April 11, 2011

      i am sure he has failed many vids and girls just walked out of the door and refused to continue after he puts their hand on his body.

    • Lancelot April 10, 2011

      @Quistion I agree. I know that there are girls out there who are hidden tigers like this, but I run into them so infrequently that it's a bit difficult to believe they can go from sweet and shy to horny as hell, from "why is there a camera?" to smiling for a camera while getting ate out in just 15 minutes. If I knew that there were a 100 failures for every vid like this, I would have no trouble believing.

    • porrsurfarn April 9, 2011

      Beautiful. Some of the best porn I've ever seen, she looked like she got turned the fuck on. Surely this can't all be acting?

    • agreed April 9, 2011

      That shit was ART. Awesome awesome girl.

    • Video Voyeur April 9, 2011

      So hot!!! The dream girlfriend!!!

    • very sexy girl April 9, 2011

      did a good job with the fake innocence ;)

    • dude April 9, 2011

      Holy fuck. I have never watched a porn all the way through without skipping scenes, and I just made it through the entire 40 minutes. By far the best porn video i've ever seen. FUCK!

    • hardfuck April 9, 2011

      I'd take her twice as hard and take her anal !!!

    • FUCKING HOT April 9, 2011

      The look in her eyes at 35:05 is so fucking hot!!!

    • awesome April 9, 2011

      awesome girl

    • Yer man April 9, 2011

      Why does he get them all to pretend they have to stop because he's 'too big'? Yeah right...

    • katsumoto April 9, 2011

      I NEED a NAME!

    • supacock April 12, 2011

      that's the magic of pandora's box guys, fyi

    • zonk April 13, 2011

      excellent acting...makes for a much much better porn, plus the girl is adorable. Hope she does more. Plus, having a gal in porn that can actually talk without sounding totally stupid is refreshing.

    • Laidher Rite June 16, 2011

      It's called GAME. If you have it, you can do it too. I didn't make up some fake calendar, but I've used his, "It's cool. U can go. U can be a bad girl. yadda yadda yadda" along with my own bag of tricks. I went from every other day to foundation (being laid solid) for the past month.

    • foneaz May 19, 2011

      She is purely edible..

    • esoja May 14, 2011


    • Sleigh April 29, 2011

      Stuff you all non believers, I have seen many porn vids and this is the real deal....

    • jake June 20, 2011

      this girl is every man's dream.... she's young, she's beautiful, she's sexy -- and she's willing to take it up the ass now and then. what more could ya ask for? and by the way, if you start watching you're gonna go all the way to the end.... it's amazingly good! bravo!!!

    • Nukembro June 21, 2011

      This isnt acting people, this is a real player at work using a combination of applied pressure, misdirection and seduction. He's an artist forsure, but not because he faked anything in this video. Ive seen every piece, including some full length, and its legit.

    • reddragons June 29, 2011

      he's below avg. dont't see why she was impressed

    • che June 29, 2011

      rabbit face girl

    • zigzag June 25, 2011

      I guess this professional photographer was absent the day they taught LIGHTING. The girl is very very beautiful, but this is no more real than backroom casting couch.

    • worldwatcher April 25, 2011

      Hey Real, What other stuff does this guy do?

    • Xhamster April 22, 2011

      Love it

    • Real April 16, 2011

      Just to clarify. This is real. It sounds ridiculous, but he uses a combination of things to hypnotize these women. I've been looking through his videos and comparing what he does with professional performers. It obviously isn't acting, don't kid yourselves. Research it yourselves.

    • Mike April 15, 2011

      I have to say that this is one of the most realistic porno's I have ever seen! Amazing how her face looked while he was in her ass. While this video may not be real, it gave the impresson of reality so I have to give props to the guy for making it so great.

    • Freakin hot girl! love he April 14, 2011

      Good girls but i prefer the camera views of Backroom Casting Couch!

    • kh April 16, 2011

      yes, one of the best fuckings I have seen. she is hot and so fuckable...

    • @FUCKING HOT April 18, 2011

      No man, the expression she has at 15:07 is fucking hot. Its a microexpression. Its about a 1/4 of a second but it's sexy as hell.

    • Cumrod April 22, 2011

      Sorry Guys, but I hate to say that we've just met a true master. And if this is not spontaneous, he's even better than if it were.

    • hrdblkgy April 21, 2011

      OK, yea this is a great one. The girl is beautiful. Her Smile is gorgeous. This is a rare 10 out of 5 stars!

    • jake April 19, 2011

      netvideogirls -- the best erotic vids i've ever seen. Sign me up!

    • yow! April 9, 2011

      now that was amazing hot!! what a girl!!!

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