RealityKings' DareDorm Puts Pornhub's Twerking Butt to the test. Location: Sexy dorm party. Watch as one man transcends the barrier between Woman and Machine.. with his dick. See the FULL SCENE HERE!
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X-Art Torrid Love with Tori Black

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    • Forever Alone April 5, 2012

      "Behind the scenes" is funny

    • Horny.. March 23, 2012

      Like the tori has been fucked...her attitude,moaning aggresive way of BJ...maakes to fuck her..

    • erwin March 18, 2012

      this one is really great,this is not just a fuck but a full sensation of art', oh' I love the staff of x-art,congratulations for a job well done'

    • Eyy April 21, 2012

      So natural!

    • luciano May 4, 2012

      lei è bellissima e scopa con estrema dolcezza

    • guy from moroco May 24, 2012

      may any one write what they said at behind the sence cause am weak in english ?

    • cum again May 16, 2012

      Suck it dry and get me off

    • josh May 10, 2012

      nice to see your artistic presentation makes me consider more emotions then most porn joshua

    • aaaaaaaaah March 16, 2012


    • reakavani March 10, 2012

      a tremendous job done i like

    • hotty February 2, 2012

      i want to fuck now

    • fabi... January 29, 2012

      u deserve all the good adjectives... hot hot hot... X-Art kudos!!!

    • torifan January 27, 2012

      I know the music is good. her music that is. Tori is enjoying this. She could not do such good scenes is she did not enjoy it. When she is lying on her back, knees apart and those fingers are exploring that wet vagina, she really is liking it. I am not suggesting that she cums, but she does say it is good behind the scenes and she means it. He is tender with her and Tori likes it tender and intense. And she is such a beautiful woman. I woould give anything to get on top of her and fill her sex.

    • JerryBa... February 4, 2012

      Tori is truely beautiful and soo hot. This vid is so real. I wondered a couple of times when his dick looked dry if it was hurting her. Did she really cum? If she didn't, she acted it well. The behind the scenes at the end was great and you might want to consider letting a tiny bit of that into the video. Please put this into MP3 for mat as well. Love it. Love Tori

    • xD February 14, 2012

      the outtakes are the fucking best!

    • Him March 10, 2012

      Who is he please...god I would melt under him!

    • St_dot_elsewhere March 1, 2012

      Tori Black is an accomplished porn star who has a filthy and loud mouth. Just my kind of babe. And she tries so hard to be good in this scene that as turned on as it made me I was also laughing at her suppression. If i ever would hook up with a porn star, I would ask for Tori. She knows what she is doing.

    • sexy February 19, 2012

      Tori is very noisy while fellating his Penis she is enjoying it but why is Tori making so much noise? A Very beautiful Woman is Tori all over Breasts and Alll and has a very pretty small nose and a very pretty Vagina and a very Beautiful Bum and likes Sex the bed creaks very nicely to while they Make love especially in the Missionary Position and Tori does not make to much noise while Climaxing/ having intense Orgasms . I would not mind Bedding Tori too and have her do very nice things to my Penis as a form of Foreplay and i perform Cunnilingus etc on her Clitoris/ Vagina before Sex with Tori

    • jean-marc May 24, 2012

      elle est vraiment trop mignone cette petite coqine je voudrais bien lui faire l'amour je suis en érection devant tant de beautée et de jouissance !!!!

    • Kymco123 May 31, 2012


    • ghetto July 2, 2012

      hi can anyone tell me how to download some of these movies. they are really nice

    • jonathon toews June 29, 2012

      Looks like pat kanes girl!!!

    • pussyman June 24, 2012

      i need to be in theses videos.all of the videos make me cum hard.

    • Raj July 3, 2012

      she is very sexi i fuk her.

    • Raj July 3, 2012

      she is very sexi i fuk her.

    • hes hot! July 18, 2012

      does anyone know his name?! hes in multiple passion hd videos and hes incredible everytime!

    • Sucks July 17, 2012

      Oh my..m horny

    • Gigie July 5, 2012

      Nothing extraordinary about the sex, but the kisses were hot, both of them were beautiful, and the filming was excellent! Weird how porn can turn to poetry, huh?

    • adilkhan June 23, 2012

      ilove u so cute

    • CAZZ June 16, 2012

      TORI I LOVE YOU!!!

    • saab007 June 5, 2012

      very nice girl good acting

    • aicha June 4, 2012

      hummnnnnnn.waouuuu,because of this video,i had my first boyfriend learned a lot on how to please so sensual.thank u guys.A++++++++++++++++++++++...

    • Hornysultt204 June 1, 2012

      So fuken horny , best one yet , soooo wetttt

    • Viesra June 9, 2012

      What is the name of song here?....

    • Hotchick June 11, 2012

      One of my favorite X art Vid...fuck...makes me so wet watching it...i played myself and made me cum...i want the man to fuck me please

    • french June 16, 2012

      elle est bonne

    • virgo boys June 13, 2012

      saya suka gadis tutorial, saya ingin sekali menghamilinya.. bantu saya untuk jumpa dengannya..

    • emmawatson June 11, 2012

      she looks like ema watson

    • freaky gyal January 23, 2012

      this is so amazing,the i would make love anytime with that song playing,they r so intense,im so fucking horny right now,got to play with my pussy fucking good

    • Efrin January 16, 2012

      Black or white their all the same in the dark, seriously color doesn't matter, its how they look and perform that's important

    • john smith October 24, 2011

      oh my god. amazing. started jerking off really slow then came when he did. any1 tried this?

    • Dang! October 24, 2011

      Much appreciated X-art!

    • ts October 23, 2011

      x-art gone fasial....NICE

    • j October 24, 2011

      i alsmost came at 10:40. fav part from any porn ever. perfect tits and body

    • Forever Alone October 26, 2011

      Tori *-*

    • female October 30, 2011

      Behind the scenes was the best part. Why do they never show the guy's face and emotioins`?? I want to see that too! Or are all porn videos just made for men to see??

    • Brenda October 29, 2011

      Behind the scenes was the best part

    • goodies02 October 27, 2011

      Mmm Im soo wet Who would like to do that with me?? I got a yummy wet pussy

    • xmen October 22, 2011

      nice movie but girl is soo annoying ..

    • jman October 20, 2011

      simply amazing

    • hoho October 12, 2011

      I like this hmmmm mak nyus

    • Bf October 11, 2011

      Amazing girl! I cummed a lot watching this shit

    • Kyla Rose October 10, 2011

      They know how to be lesbians!!

    • Seriously October 14, 2011

      I'm pretty sure that's Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl.

    • Oh yes.... October 16, 2011

      Just asking, yes they are. It says so on the x-art website that they were just married not too long ago. Great video!

    • thnk u very mch October 19, 2011

      thnk u ORGASMS ... Thnk u very mch jst coz of u my dick is nw 7 nd half inches long ... Ohhh yessss gr88 ... I want 2 fck my g frd like dat ... Bt i dnt knw hw to convince her ... Mmmuuaaahhh 2 orgasms ...

    • Perfection October 17, 2011

      Just asking, Yes they are married in real life. Absolute perfection!

    • Mmm... October 17, 2011

      James is frikin sexy! Too bad they are married..

    • mmm November 6, 2011

      Fuck whit meee

    • big dick November 6, 2011

      Fuck whit mee

    • blondy December 20, 2011

      What's HIS NAME ????? He's great! :)

    • roxanne December 15, 2011

      Pace yourself. lol. that made me laugh.

    • Female December 13, 2011

      1. I think I liked Behind the Scenes best. 2. Please, PLEASE show more of the man! You cast men with great bodies and faces, why not show more of them? 3. I love it when a man moans. Let him moan, too if the urge moves him. It seemed like he wanted to at the end, but I wonder, if the director told him to hold back on it. I love it when a man groans during sex! 4. Can we please move away from the load in the face please? X-Art, that is what every low-rent company on porn does and I, as a woman, am totally tired ot it. What about the belly, or the ass even? Cum dripping down a thigh could be hot, for a change. Even the tits. I am just soooo sick of face shots!

    • woow December 23, 2011

      i love it i like to here moneing nice pussy

    • cool story December 29, 2011

      uuhmm soo yeah, i know a girl that looks just like her, and even has the same voice as her...

    • like January 3, 2012

      behind the scenes was exciting - more more more!!!!

    • A wellwisher December 31, 2011

      Thank you Tori Black for all the entertainment and fun, best of luck with the baby. A well wisher

    • this shit is hella whack December 29, 2011

      where all the black women at? dont get me wrong i love the white girls even though im black but come on now its almost 2012 and black individuals should be headlining all the same as no-blacks. whos with me?

    • babe December 8, 2011

      mmm so sexy,made me squirt so hard

    • Bob onion November 28, 2011

      why did they use the music from bagpuss? its off putting i hope that is not emily

    • devilzcock November 14, 2011

      Bursting on to the Porn Scene in 2007,

    • Luke November 8, 2011

      She looks like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl!!! OMG.. My dream come true

    • Bre November 7, 2011

      I don't know where y'all are coming from...This was awkward!

    • Richard November 20, 2011

      So great! Sex is art

    • Farreirus November 21, 2011

      Could you believe he gets paid for that... lucky bastard!

    • Crf250r November 28, 2011

      Thank god they cut out the facial

    • wet latina November 22, 2011

      The song so doesn't belong... lol. I don't know if this girl is exactly made for "Love" scene videos. She almost moans like those regular skanks. Eh.

    • hes hot July 18, 2012

      does anyone know his name?!

    • Devotee of Tori July 19, 2012

      This God is the greatest. Wish I could be his toilet sink. Goddess Tori is really enjoying.

    • ill54 December 25, 2012

      she's just too beautiful...

    • Realist December 22, 2012

      She is better in vaginal creampie

    • horny December 21, 2012


    • @$$LOVER December 26, 2012

      Still way better love story than Twilight

    • XxBBxX69 December 26, 2012


    • Lbelle January 10, 2013

      Good except I wanna see the guy's face .

    • incoherent blabbering January 8, 2013

      wha-what wha-what

    • kiss January 8, 2013

      extraordinary videos. wow, really live and good will pull you for romance

    • loalal December 13, 2012

      no word's about that girl simply super fuck in my hole life

    • rar December 7, 2012


    • atom November 10, 2012

      She looks EXACTLY like a girl I used to fuck religiously

    • Roger Ebert November 10, 2012

      Torrid Love is a remarkable story involving passion, betrayal, intrigue, and squalor. Sunny Leone gives a performance hearkening back to such American masters like Daniel Day Lewis and Stanley Tucci--this film is truly his breakout role. He portrays a young poolboy on a missionary given by his boss (Liam Neeson) in order to check a young woman by the name of Dorrie's (Tori Black) pH level. However, things go awry when his ex-wife (Diane Keaton) learns of this new flame. The film truly hits its stride with his marvelous Griffith-esque direction and Tarantino-like use of soundtrack. Though it lacks in pace, the beauty of the cinematography is poetic. Each thrust is highlighted with passion that only studio X-Art can bring. Unlike its contemporary counterparts, (e.g. Cock Smoking Grannies 12) this film relies heavily on plot substance and its light hearted beginning leads to great drama when the love triangle reaches its sticky climax. I easily give this film ****. See this with the whole family--it's certainly something everyone (grandma included) will remember.

    • the fucker November 8, 2012

      I AM the fucker

    • Mass Errect November 26, 2012

      Oh my gods... My Mass is so Errect from this!

    • rex December 1, 2012


    • noworries December 3, 2012

      The song is: "The Elephant" by Aaron Robinson

    • in December 2, 2012

      oh really

    • lol December 2, 2012


    • Schlagrohm Meister February 3, 2013

      Why not make an entire version of all this great behind the scenes stuff and forget about the acted stuff altogether?

    • Max February 3, 2013

      Très belle et sympa, tu aimes ce que tu fais. Felicitacions.

    • josey March 31, 2013


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