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Hot blonde Jaelyn Fox gets 12 inches of Blackzilla

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January 31, 2011
By: Hush Pass

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Video Description:

Jaelyn Fox is a cute blondie with great natural tits and a nice shaved pussy. Tired of her small dick boyfriends, she's looking for a big dick to fill her up and satisfy her. Well, we have something special for her, about 12 inches of giant Blackzilla cock. Watch this hot white girl take ahold of blackzilla's huge dick and go to town on it. No holds barred, Jaelyn sucks it, rides it, gets it from behind and enjoys every second of the big dick stuffed in her!

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    • sweetrubywine January 27, 2015

      I love to have that big black dick in me and fill me up with his cum we white women love big black dick

    • Angie July 4, 2012

      I wish I could get fucked by a big fat dick like that... My pussy cries for one! -,-

    • headnurse June 4, 2012

      i want to suck my 1st bbc. but its gotta be HUGE!

    • shagga February 20, 2012

      I wouldn't bang her, my neighbors would be complaining about her noise....

    • JJ November 17, 2011


    • shorty June 23, 2011

      Damn i wish i had a guy with that dick to fuck the shit outta me damn...

    • 6.5 and proud January 11, 2012

      As above, love eatin pussy n tushie never had a complaint, if I had this I would worry about sitting down on the toilet!! Fair do's she took it all!

    • lina November 6, 2011

      my name is lina im a married whore and i have no morals i just love big dick because white girls like myself are the dirtball race and i just need to jump off a bridge and get hit my head ran over by a semi , how bout it lina

    • e November 10, 2011

      that lil bxtch is fly

    • fikmypissy September 6, 2012

      seeing a girl cum like that is why you watch porn.....

    • Frank July 19, 2012

      She is so hot!!

    • rogerido July 13, 2012

      the very definition of white trash pussy, keep fucking those btiches

    • Lina October 23, 2011

      i am hot and horny and i love black dick.

    • steve October 13, 2012

      i keep cuming back to this when i need a quick wank. it is so hot to watch her cum like that...

    • Joey Wheeler March 20, 2012

      Jaelyn Fox is the only girl i can watch fuck and cum 4times in a hour my fiancee can't even make me do that lol

    • Marc September 30, 2011

      Nice interracial clip black man with large penis has sex with petite chick. Some comments on YouPorn are funny others just plain sad....

    • diblo July 27, 2011

      The DIck she sucks isnt the same one that fucks her afterwards, the former guy might have done better.

    • JTS500 August 18, 2011

      Ok, seriously? Apparently half the guys watching porn have 10 to 12 inch dicks. I think it's weird considering women's vaginas are 12 inches deep (unless maybe you're fucking WNBA women- and you can have that).

    • Franck June 8, 2011

      This bitch looks so stupid, lol.

    • ?? May 26, 2011

      Lol...comments on porn.

    • PunisherJ79 May 25, 2011

      oh ja wird die kleine gut gefickt von dem grossen schwanz. so ist es gut...

    • Rumolestilskin September 8, 2011

      Wish it was me getting it in the arse Joe

    • detective rogo September 8, 2011

      whatever happened to dredd blackzilla?

    • ali khan October 15, 2012

      what a brave girl to to so big dick if she let me fuck her my 7 inch dick will satify her and she will enjoy more

    • dd September 25, 2011

      big one :)

    • Analyzer September 23, 2011

      She's hot and horny...I'd love to fuck her ass silly!!!

    • Wicked September 15, 2011

      I'm surprised the guy is actually not fainting! Thinking about all this blood rushing into his dick there is not much left to go to the head... I tried once and after he asked if he can fuck my ass I said no thank you. So guys with the smaller ones I honestly think you are very lucky :) not many women can actually take THAT

    • bryan October 7, 2011

      Need my hot wife to have a experience like THIS with a black man with a cock THAT amazing.

    • XXX November 4, 2012

      Could anybody tell the name of male pornstar.

    • pussylover January 15, 2014

      she no how to suck

    • black guy fucker February 10, 2014

      love that black cock

    • ILoveWhiteGirls January 13, 2014

      Why is Penny From the Big Bang Theory screwing that black dude :/

    • jayboby January 5, 2014

      com and fuck my wife evry week end two start with if she like i 7 day she sead hop you can riad me evry night ples

    • wow December 25, 2013

      That thing is giant and she takes it way too easy. Mine is obviously no where near that big and there are girls that have a hard time taking it

    • lex2_0 April 13, 2014

      Jaelyn Fox (My Daughters Fucking Blackzilla! 24 - Scene 3)

    • pj June 2, 2014

      love to see him blow his load in her cunt not on her face, pump some juice in her

    • TD February 25, 2015


    • lalex March 6, 2015

      Oh yeah. My kind of cock.

    • LOLOLOLOL October 31, 2014

      lol :P

    • 4 woman October 10, 2014

      us woman love big cocks

    • ElGuato84VE July 24, 2014

      "Blackzilla" lol

    • Coon December 2, 2013


    • Mike September 11, 2013

      more of her. I want to fuck her next

    • jessikabaybee. January 2, 2013

      as a female, i know for a fact if the dick is put down right, no legible words should be escaping your throat. just saying.

    • nastyman11 February 15, 2013

      i have a dick just like tha so if you want it im in ny

    • diesel November 28, 2012

      his name is dredd....he did darkzilla and some other titles for hush. i dont think he performs any more......

    • Archrod November 24, 2012

      Love the segment starting at 4:15, including the horse sound around 5:30. Or was that her fantasy imagination, that she had been fucked by a horse?

    • sammy May 16, 2011

      I had a friend with 9.5" and he had a black friend with 12". They both would fuck my friends wife and I got to watch once. She loved it and I was surprised that she could take 12" all the way, just like the girl in the video. This went on for 30 minutes or more and she screamed and fucked them both and enjoyed every bit of it.

    • misa March 2, 2013


    • wasSTR8 April 13, 2013

      I'm a dude but I can't help but thinking about playing with his dick. Would definitley stroke that huge cock and suck it too. I ain't ever taking a dick up the ass though, that shits just weird. Yea, a guy who would suck big dick just said something is weird, ironic

    • ass rider August 29, 2013

      would have loved to see him shove that bbc in her ass

    • Average is fine September 2, 2013

      None of you are 12 inches so stfu

    • Mike August 21, 2013

      I fuck my friends wife like this with my big cock. She take my cock deep and cums hard many times. We hook up daily. I love this chick, she takes a big cock deep. My favoite video.

    • pito parado June 11, 2013

      I love the pussy

    • good May 10, 2013

      good fuck

    • wtf? October 17, 2012

      omg wtf i randomly found this on my wife internet history omg why does she only look at black porn ... omg i feel soo frustrated am i no good?

    • kate May 16, 2011

      i wanna be fucked like that

    • The man himself January 31, 2011

      Sweet mother of god.

    • oh January 31, 2011

      the dick she sucks as first was different from the one she get inside her

    • lol January 31, 2011

      armless darth vader lol

    • 10inch January 31, 2011

      yea ive had a few girls like that after my dick but i actually made them orgaism

    • u dump January 31, 2011

      convex lens

    • whatsmokin January 31, 2011

      What a waste of a perfectly good pussy

    • Mmmm, January 31, 2011

      i want that monster of a dick in my wet tight pussy right noww,.

    • i've got 4 more inches to January 31, 2011

      imagine going on a threesome with him i'd walk out lol

    • oh god February 1, 2011

      her sreams are so fake

    • Black Marlin January 31, 2011

      12 inches here and love to have ladies make love to my dick, enjoy that look when they first see it. As for the white boy that said he wanted them ladies to not talk when they fuck, shit man I love that lady telling me how good it is for her, and I tell her the fucking same.

    • FemaleHere_YaARealOne January 31, 2011

      Ok a few things, one, the darth vader comment was awesome, two, most not all but most, of the comments by so called chicks on here, are really by guys in disguise, and three, you only need a cock that big if your shit is busted beyond repair. Besides, she still had to rub her clit to "get off".

    • ed January 31, 2011

      If you don't think she came..then you have never seen a woman orgasm...and dam....she can take a dick

    • Gay January 31, 2011

      I like that dick

    • sexysandy January 31, 2011

      oh my god that is a huge dick. i wish i can fuck this monster too . my hugest dick was 10 inches and this monster is 2 inches longer hmmm..

    • rr January 31, 2011

      i just feel bad for her

    • sam January 31, 2011

      it is not about how big it is about how you do it

    • rocker girl January 31, 2011

      and the oscar goes to... haha.

    • whats is the point1 January 31, 2011

      how do you know that she didn t had an orgasm ?

    • what is the point January 31, 2011

      This film proves, that even a guy with 12 in dick cannot give a woman an orgasm!!! The hell, judging by the way she acted, she may have not even experienced one in her life!

    • Wow January 31, 2011

      Now that girl has some talent taking that monster cock!! she looked in pain, wish I could find a guy to put me in pain like that!!

    • *!* eyed jack January 31, 2011

      even while screaming she wants the full DONG inside her

    • Hardpenis5555 January 31, 2011

      I like to see that how she manage that monster dick in her pussy..... Its g8 i am also having 9.5" uncut Indian dick. Girls frightened to see my monster dick at first But later they want it badly..... Thats the power of big dick..... Females love big dicks......>

    • B.P January 31, 2011

      i wish could give her an orgasm too!!

    • The Truth January 31, 2011

      I hate it when a girl feels the need to talk while getting fucked, too much time thinking that she should be enjoying it a lot more than she is!

    • wtf... January 31, 2011

      girls leaving comments on porn?! Why can't I find you ladies while I'm out and about in bars...? lol This was pretty hot though, I like the way her eyes rolled around lol

    • Allie January 31, 2011

      Wow.... thats a huge dick. And, Anakin.. I totally cracked up when I read that. I wouldn't mind having that someday though... not gonna lie, besides the cumming in the face (which, I don't know why guys like that so much, rather swallow, thanks.) I totally wanted that..

    • just some guy February 1, 2011

      lol im actually laughing that there is a coment section on porn were fellow perverts talk to each other lol

    • hmmm February 1, 2011

      Wish I could get on that, my bf's 9 will just have to do :(

    • Ann-onomous March 25, 2011

      She has kind of a Ke$ha look....and she sounds about as fake, too. Just my 2cents worth.

    • loveyoulongtime April 11, 2011

      mmmm that dick looks tasty. id want him to fuck my ass till he cums inside..

    • WTH March 20, 2011

      The way he was screaming...I though he might splatter her face completely with man gue....but he only had a quarter nut left......

    • the man with the tan! March 10, 2011

      yea, jenn, i agree!..her body stellar, nice short and thick, with cute feet! she is the full package, i think theyd make a nice couple lol

    • Kul February 26, 2011

      This guy fucks exactly like me. i love the girl too

    • im horney April 17, 2011

      i would show that dick a fucking good time my pussy is so wet now im gonna need to play with her until i cum

    • fucker April 30, 2011

      fucking hot girl

    • EVA May 14, 2011

      rico el sexo muy rico yo quiero hacerlo asi me falta el hombre.

    • She May 14, 2011

      OMG ich will von diesem Schwanz gefickt werden

    • porn producer May 12, 2011

      haha so funny when they always try to fix their hair afterwards! shes got spunk all over her mouth and shes worrying about the hair! good one hunni!!

    • biggus dikkus May 10, 2011

      12 Inches thats nothing i get 12inches just by folding my bastard in half once ive got the knot out of it

    • ava April 30, 2011

      if i met a black guy with a dick like that i dont know what i would do. i dont even think i could take something that fucking big!!!

    • Tinkerbell2011 February 26, 2011

      can't believe she managed to take it all in! I'd so love to get fucked by that cock!

    • aimedtoplease February 22, 2011

      i would love to ride his dick....that is nothing

    • Watchemcum February 2, 2011

      Where are all the honest dudes like me with 6 inch dicks? Eating pussy all the time and getting no complaints, lol.

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