TUSHY Exclusive: Riley Reid Is Sick of the Simple Life and Wants a New Adventure, Check out Her First Anal Scene. Bottoms Up!
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Young couple having missionary sex

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    • sir wankalot March 19, 2011

      This guy looks like Frank Spencer!

    • vullo March 22, 2011

      she is too fat, but i like it!

    • ronz March 30, 2011

      so sweet

    • sex guru March 17, 2011

      I was shagging boyfriend whilst watching this he was licking my clit slowly and sucking the hole of my pussy and then done me up the arse slowly so it contracted the muscles and made me have a multiple orgasm which substains the time balance if your gonna do this good on ya ;) u get the best results in the world...

    • dudeman March 15, 2011

      No wonder he has a long dick, look at his ribs. no fat to cover it up.

    • yakotang March 9, 2011

      I notice someone says that's a nice cock. Well, u ain't seen cock yet.

    • thedude March 10, 2011

      where's teh other video of her?

    • omg March 14, 2011

      who is this girl help plz(name/or sthing else)

    • guest April 3, 2011


    • ROFL April 8, 2011

      this video killed my boner, it started really nice with the girl teasing. But the rest of the video it was just her laughing her ass off at the skinny guy on top of her.

    • pussyfriend May 18, 2011

      Tolles Girl mit voll geiler Muschi

    • wow May 19, 2011

      awww shes the cutest girl ever... I love her

    • pop June 1, 2011

      DAMN what booring. If she was that booring all the time i would dump her asap.

    • sally May 14, 2011

      @backspin dude she wasnt talking about woman she was talking aout how much she loved watching her man fuck

    • tightpussy May 8, 2011


    • teensexaddict April 28, 2011

      it gets me right off to see two bodies pressed up against each other in anyway

    • c00lg33k May 4, 2011

      That's prolly the most boring sex act I've ever seen!

    • backspin May 6, 2011

      @ kitty i LOVE YOU FOR THAT MY KIND OF WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • cute March 8, 2011

      this isnt sexy.. its jus cute :) i like to watch it anyway :)

    • Awkward... March 3, 2011

      I don't doubt that they have deep feelings for each other, which is cute and endearing and everything, but they seem a tad inexperienced. I had to skip through the most awkward parts...which was the whole thing.

    • JC January 27, 2011

      This is the good part of sex. They're having a good time, and they obviously love each other. It's sexy and natural.

    • Adelaide February 2, 2011

      He's so skinny. The only way this could have been better is if he was wearing socks.

    • penis February 3, 2011

      Same couple creampie: http://www.youporn.com/watch/427772/homemade-creampie/?from=search_full&pos=15

    • brazilian January 26, 2011

      best video of youporn

    • Bindy January 25, 2011

      Did she even orgasm?

    • like January 12, 2011

      like it

    • ew January 18, 2011

      she's twice the size of him, and I mean that making fun of HIM.

    • j January 19, 2011

      i really wont to suck that cock

    • Captain Obvious February 7, 2011

      oh for christ's sake people, they are NOT Aussie. Jesus, anyone with half a brain would know that, so how's about we all accept they're poms hey?

    • Jonda February 9, 2011

      What's with his body?

    • jade February 24, 2011

      he's so thin, i love it. really hot

    • John John February 26, 2011

      he can't please her...

    • Krusty February 28, 2011

      I came every time she laughed

    • rian February 23, 2011

      can i try that. it so hot

    • grape anus February 10, 2011

      at the 430 mark it looks like shes sucking off a greyhound.....mix in a burger bro

    • suze February 10, 2011

      He has a nice cock really wont to suck that cock I need big penis inside me

    • suze February 10, 2011

      i really wont to suck that cock "I needbig penis inside me

    • Art June 4, 2011

      Reminded me of my first time ("You're trying to shove it in! It doesn't work that way."). They must have had a dinner reservation or something, the way they kept looking at the clock on the nightstand. Two thumbs up! This was a fun video to watch.

    • stavros June 13, 2011

      i want to fuck her....i like her ass

    • Brrrroooo December 16, 2011

      Okaay, lets settle this. I live in new zealand. this ISNT a kiwi accent. i've been to aussie multiple times. Niether a Australian accent. Definately English. I skype with a friend of from england. Accents are the same Overall. Very cute video. So real

    • lady December 21, 2011


    • Hmm. :) December 22, 2011

      He's sooooo cute!!! *-*

    • Anon December 12, 2011

      I don't think she truly came at all...

    • loooie December 5, 2011

      they might be south african actually, either that or australian

    • JubaElephant November 18, 2011

      I agree with a previous poster that it is very refreshing to see a couple smiling at one another during sex. Smiles are even more erotic when you are swinging with another couple for the first time. It is a huge turn-on to see your wifey smiling from all the pleasure she is experiencing when another guy is fucking the sh*t out of her wet pussy while at the same time, his wifey is smiling up at you while you are banging her hot pussy. HOT! HOT! HOT! BTW I guess I am rather old-fashioned since missionary is my favorite with your basic doggie fuck a close second.

    • Barefoot Angela November 21, 2011

      One of my favorite videos of all time. One of the most sexual, sensual, loving scenes I have ever had the pleasure of watching. This gets me off so many times at so many different points. Perfection!

    • Wow ! December 4, 2011

      Omg , the guy is so fucking hot , he came 3 times ! His dick is so long , Oh my godd, he can fuck me anytime !!

    • Bob January 6, 2012

      Good couple but ever time he starts to go steady and she just starts to moan he stops.....you need more stamina......when a women starts to moan you keep the pace going!

    • Real love January 10, 2012

      This is the best porn video I've ever seen. The is real sex (yaeaeeeaaah!) not fake lik all the most porn videos. Love it ;D good job and you see it is real love sooooooo sweeeeeet

    • Want more April 9, 2012

      I love with her

    • VErgon :D April 19, 2012

      eso si es aMor xD .l.

    • vlado May 13, 2012

      Boy fuck and girl smile :-) nice :-D

    • Doug March 25, 2012

      She's constantly smiling through the video - that is so attractive.

    • diez March 1, 2012

      il baise pas bien lui

    • Cuteybabe January 19, 2012

      Wow, a REAL video! Always refreshing to see something with normal people rather than pornstars/actors.

    • I January 24, 2012

      I want to lick her feet!!

    • flipflops January 25, 2012

      I agree. lick her fucking toes! I needed this at 3pm.

    • santi November 6, 2011

      this is what i like, i mean couple enjoying this, not screaming or acting for the camera, love it ! :)

    • T October 30, 2011

      I like how they laugh during sex. That's what turns me on. Why does it always have to be so serious?

    • Walshy2 August 19, 2011

      @Walshy, haha I thought I was the only one who though that. Definately looks like a younger version of Walshy.

    • tala August 25, 2011

      haha!!! its funny how peopel are trying to decide whether their british or aussie

    • CTman September 6, 2011

      She seemed to be very uncomfortable laughing as much as she was. I don't think she came once. Go down on her first kid, that's how you please a woman.

    • yomero August 17, 2011

      i love her feets and the red nails makes me horny!!!

    • ify August 16, 2011

      London.. I have an idea. Go to a video shop and buy or rent more suitable films like Mary Poppins or Little House On The Prairey

    • LNX June 22, 2011

      He's the Machinist!!!

    • London July 26, 2011

      this is shameful, why to include such videos in media? is the role of INTERNET learning and helping humanity to develop or destroying it? once again shame on you to upload such videos. i am not criticizing just this website, but all the sites of "animal sex videos".there is no relationship between human porn and what people are making here. the real human sex bases on love on morals ...etc. plz my message is that try one second to think about the future of humanity instead of destroying it. don't think just about getting money, which u can do in many positive ways. 10x

    • ccccc August 14, 2011

      christian bale?

    • jones September 8, 2011

      boy woulda fkd better with a deeper pussy he had to go too easy on her. That dick was in her tits from the inside most of the vid

    • Sweet September 18, 2011

      They are in love and they remind me and my bf. SWEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT! :D

    • Jimd October 13, 2011

      Yeah its kinda hot to see a couple that look like they like each other and maybe know each others name!

    • mhm October 14, 2011

      cutest sex ever

    • l October 23, 2011

      my favourite video here.

    • WTF October 11, 2011

      It is clear she loves him so much :)

    • manaboutown October 4, 2011

      love the video, sexy girl, but cannot get how guys waste cum outside pussy,. much sexier cumming inside in a lady and let it all out in the pussy

    • covergirlbaby September 20, 2011

      this is so sooo hot and sweet i love it

    • 123 September 24, 2011

      lovers do it behind closed doors

    • wow January 10, 2011

      Best video on here, please more like that. This couple is so natural and seem to be very much in love!

    • Tina January 3, 2011

      This was great. I LOVE real sex. He has a nice cock and started nice and slow. I love to wrap my legs around my bf and pull him into me. I love to make my bf cum like that after he has been fucking me. To jack him off and watch him cum on me is a great feeling. My bf and I love to have FUN during sex.

    • somebody else October 20, 2010

      This was awkward in an endearing way.

    • well, she didn't cum October 20, 2010

      she is fucking hoooooot! i love me a good british chick! too bad she didn't cum, he was pretty selfish. i would have focused more on pleasuring her than performing for the camera.

    • Paul October 20, 2010

      It's either Australian or New Zeland

    • wily October 20, 2010

      como me masturbeeee

    • 9 1/2 October 20, 2010

      She's cute as hell.

    • Dam October 20, 2010

      The guy looks like he just came out of a concentration camp.

    • Susane October 20, 2010

      This is the kind of video that I wished watch! The girl embraces the man's body! I love when girls do that, because it looks like if they say "I need your big penis inside me"! I love it!

    • charles October 20, 2010

      Very nice leg's wrap! I've enjoyed this video as good as having real sex!

    • luvs porn October 20, 2010

      mmmm She has those soft puffy pussy lips u sooooo wannna lick:P her giggles r cute ....

    • mamacita October 20, 2010

      I loved how real this couple looked, she really enjoyed making his man cum on her tits, not making any unreal noises just feeling it and doing it the way they felt.

    • Bleh October 21, 2010

      This makes me just realize how fucking amazing my sex life is with my boyfriend. This couple is cute but...missing something. Well a lot.

    • hi October 21, 2010

      what happened to the other gf sin videos

    • Ick October 21, 2010

      Ugh her feet are fucking huge. I tried to watch but I couldn't get over how fucking massive her feet were.

    • s21 October 21, 2010

      London accent

    • Leo October 21, 2010

      She is laughing all the time. I would hate that.

    • HoNi October 21, 2010

      This is y i stick to black men with experience..

    • STEVEN October 21, 2010


    • bobatoak October 21, 2010

      I agree with Steven. Very natural, great fun. I think she came at least twice.

    • oh my October 20, 2010

      what a polite sexual encounter

    • huhu October 20, 2010


    • waterbed? October 20, 2010

      Is it possible that there have sex on waterbed?

    • I'm a regular person. October 20, 2010

      This chick seems so...natural and genuine.

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