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Naturally Increase The Size Of Your Penis

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September 15, 2010
By: Eros Exotica
Video Description: Forget about drugs or gadgets, use these ancient exotic eastern self-massage techniques to naturally increase the size of your penis.

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    • freya August 16, 2011

      speak for yourself ann, I'd love it. no need for penetration, just looking at that massive thing messes with my head. it's so yummy and manly. I used to never think size mattered but damn that thing is amazing.

    • Fuckable August 15, 2011

      I have a six inch cock and i can never stay hard, but i will try to get a longer dick by doing this

    • TRIPSODO July 31, 2011


    • yen July 29, 2011

      And that bloke really needsa bigger size?

    • kingster783 September 4, 2011

      Gals ur sexy comments make me hardd.

    • Eric September 8, 2011

      Really an impressive man. Great body and a super penis. I dont blame the ladies here for getting excited over that; I am sure they would love to have sex with a guy like this! If my girlfriend said she would like to try him, I would have to say go for it. Heck, I am a straight guy but he looks pretty good to me!

    • 123a October 24, 2011

      haha... I agree with "no1" my tool is med-sized but I can't take risk of trying these dangerous looking exzs

    • James September 20, 2011

      I've been doing this exercise for 2 or 3 months, it does work but takes time, I did it 3 or 4 times a week most of the time. I have gained almost an Inch in this time which takes it to 8" which was my goal. I just do it around twise a week at this point... still at 8" Hard which I'm happy with.

    • Da pro September 10, 2011

      As long as u got a good 5in or more u just want to last longer

    • Same as Eric September 10, 2011

      I totally agree with Eric! What a horsecock, I guess he has been doing these excercises as soon as he knew what his dick is good for!

    • lolly July 28, 2011

      this video is very exciting. When I watch this video I always have an orgasm! The guy has a really very big cock. What is his name?

    • Ann July 6, 2011

      Girls hate dicks that big... Never stay hard either.... A good lover is all i need... x x x

    • Gary May 9, 2011

      1) be born with a horse-cock 2) oil it up for the ladies

    • twizzler April 28, 2011

      my penis looks like a twizzler will this help

    • Ann April 8, 2011


    • Sark April 5, 2011

      Shit, this really works! I did it and not only did my penis grow 6 inches, but it also went stiff and some white liquid came out. IT WORKS!!

    • Yum May 10, 2011

      Anyone know his name?

    • Annie May 17, 2011

      His name is Mule cock! I want him bad........

    • funny June 25, 2011

      is dat a sledge hammer?????

    • oh yeah June 2, 2011

      put it in me and go deep babe

    • richie June 1, 2011

      i tried, still 4 and half hard, man, that dick would crush mine if he had it on me... i so envious...

    • A girl's opinion May 29, 2011

      You asked what seize is ultimate, guys? I'd say long ones for the esthetics and the visual, fat and wide ones for the feel of it. But unless yours is extremely small, we just like them hard and that's it. I personally prefer not having a too long or too thick one in me - it just hurts when the going gets to fast!

    • yeah October 26, 2011

      how about circumcised penis? does it work?

    • D.T. October 28, 2011

      Where were the girls in this porn!?

    • innocent June 20, 2012

      Is It Work on Not...and this safe..?

    • Question June 12, 2012

      Does your penis need to be fully erect when doing this?

    • Cristoforo April 22, 2012

      He is hung. I wish mine were this big but I don't think you can make your penis bigger than what you are born with.

    • Cristoforo April 21, 2012

      This guy has a huge dick! My wife would go crazy if my dick was this big! His dick must be about 9". My wife would have her hands on my dick all the time if I was this big. My dick is 6" and I have a great sex life. My wife has great orgasms with a 6" hard dick.

    • Archrod June 24, 2012

      Definitely works. I saw this almost a year ago, and started to do it twice a day - right after getting up, and whenever I can find during the day. I got a girlfriend after I had been doing it for about eight months. I'm probably three inches longer than when I started, and noticeably thicker and with more outstanding surface veins. She enjoyed meeting me first after I had packed on the first two additional inches, and has continued to enjoy watching me grow. The last extra thickness and texture developed fairly lately. Seems to be a continuing process, and I might need to have new trousers tailored to accommodate. She loves have her ever-improving stud around. Keep at it, it is worth it.

    • Shaun December 27, 2012

      Just get your bf to suck you, simple and more fun. ♥ ♥

    • Jim December 14, 2014

      I bet you keep the women happy with that big cock you have there. I wish my cock was that big.

    • johnny November 13, 2014

      what's model's name?

    • jeemoothavahana November 9, 2013

      I Like womens anklet weared,toe ring weared sexy feet .please show this type of videos

    • 7 September 7, 2013

      What's his name? anybody know?

    • Viewer February 12, 2012

      Is it only me or he really has got nerve implants all over his body!!!

    • JK February 6, 2012

      The stretching to the right is in the extended paid section. So all those just following this segment will end up having d*cks that point to the left.

    • trollol December 14, 2011

      still not as gay as twilight

    • haha November 28, 2011

      will it blend?...... that is the question

    • HUNNY November 23, 2011

      MASSIVE is the word!!

    • Archymandrax November 17, 2011

      What's the point of this? Guy has big cock to start with. Not as big as mine though...

    • Matt December 15, 2011

      This guy puts me to sleep lol he should do some hypnotherapy

    • Jane Doe December 31, 2011

      If a potential lover presented me with this thing, the night would end early. Not all women like them long or thick, not all women are built to accommodate them, either. I'd be over the moon for an average 6-incher. No pain and all pleasure for me...

    • bob January 31, 2012

      I have beeen pulling on mine for years hasnt grown and inch

    • Khrys January 9, 2012

      My cock is only 8 1/2 inches and it still seems small to me dammit.

    • Mr Pinky January 5, 2012

      The size of a mans penis is only limited by his imagination expand your mind and your penis will grow.

    • Dave January 4, 2012

      Ladies, my dick is 6.3 inches, im not sure is that lon enough?

    • dizzee March 19, 2011

      this method does work!

    • seandude March 17, 2011

      its true u guys if u massage ur penis, its like bodyworkout obviously.. if u xcercise it, u will see..i did my penis by xcercising but not like that,i did it by JELQING! i see a difference in 1week dude,1inch beleive it or not but to find it by urself, give a try and also some men just have their sizes like that and never grows..

    • arsh November 5, 2010

      then dont 4get 2 wear long shirt like arabs ,lol

    • dan October 30, 2010

      he should have switched hands at 100, bent the shit out of it. ha ha

    • daamn October 29, 2010

      He probably was born with that thing. Lucky bastard!!

    • as October 15, 2010

      It's a good gymastic for the pelvic area. Much very small vascular & nervous plexus covers the middle section from the base of the penis to the sacrum, including prostate, blater & rectum. This is an area that is submitted to a lot of pressure because of gravity, movement (running, walking, cycling, excess weight, hart problem, sneezing !!) and do not forget to add any articulary dysfonctions that requires adaptation otherwise we feel pain. I'm not sure it will make the penis grow but it does help to release tension. People will never stretch enough & breath enough. This is my best advice for better health. Have fun trying it.

    • Sexdictator Lucifer November 8, 2010

      with a dick of that size? who cares if it is curved to the left! just switch hands.. hehe

    • steve November 13, 2010

      great cock

    • Tommy December 2, 2010

      did someone know what kind of oil that he using before ex.

    • bigcock November 23, 2010

      bigger is better :)

    • my dick is small but November 15, 2010

      it grows to 11 inches during sex

    • jerrbear6969 November 13, 2010

      If that worked my dick would be 3 feet long. That's just silly.

    • raul October 13, 2010

      en encanto su verga

    • bigbang73 October 11, 2010

      i want a bigger dick, just not one that big, OMG

    • lol 2 September 16, 2010

      ^ Old spice dude!

    • lol September 15, 2010

      Look at your man now back at me

    • smoothisbest September 15, 2010

      he has created a a curve to the left

    • BELLA September 15, 2010


    • ooooooo September 19, 2010

      kulo de tu verga

    • uhhhh September 19, 2010

      why not the right?

    • ---- October 8, 2010

      to much exercise at the left!!!

    • my dik October 7, 2010

      does this work?

    • Erika October 7, 2010

      He did a lot of excercises I see...

    • to the left October 3, 2010

      is this a joke?

    • ZimFuck December 13, 2010

      IMPRESSIVE!!!!!i don't believe it i'm doing this for about 2 penis is enlarged about 2 cms...TRY IT!!!!

    • To ZimFuck December 13, 2010

      Realy? Nicely Done brother, whats your routine been so far?

    • Michelle February 5, 2011

      Oh the feeling of being filled up by that long fat dick makes my so horney..Give me a BIG one any time!!!! If your woman tells you that size does't matter, she's lying...

    • Kerri February 4, 2011

      I'm so sorry you have a little dick TKS.

    • xname1987 January 27, 2011


    • thomas January 26, 2011

      i would love to suck this cock!

    • Dougood February 7, 2011

      Damn where you girls when I need you? This guys cock is exactly like mine, except I'm cut and mine doesn't bend as much. And these ladies are right..women tell me all the time how much they love my cock. Beautiful is the word they use most to describe it. Women love horse hanging mule cocks. Perfect for rising to the challenge. What woman wouldn't want a nice low hanging horse dick and some big bull balls. I'm in Colorado ladies.

    • Bullshit February 14, 2011

      Didn't pen and teller do an episode about penis size and this method was in it? Nothing worked in that episode btw.

    • nikolai March 3, 2011

      i guess ill try this, i just messured my self and am currently 5.5 inches, ill try for a few weeks and see if theirs a difference

    • c84 February 27, 2011

      You should see the exercise he does to make his balls hang low. ;-)

    • wero February 23, 2011

      Ive been trying this exercises for 3 weeks now. It does work. My dick has grown 1 cm long, and certainly is thincker but dunno how much. It works fine and havent loss any toughness ;) try it

    • ???? February 15, 2011

      Whats better long or thick? Or just pick one of this...1. long but not as thick like 8 long by 4 thick...2. Thick but not too long like 6 thick by about 5 long. 3. both 4. you like them all!

    • Susan January 22, 2011

      that's true kerri, wish ths stud would fuck my wet juicy pussy really hard with his delicious dick and lets me suck it in the end ... just to think about having this cock in my mouth almost makes me cum ...

    • Kerri January 22, 2011

      Women love men with big mule cocks. I got soooo wet watching him stroke that huge tool.

    • EasyGirl January 5, 2011

      HOT ;-)

    • cute moon January 3, 2011

      I guess fat cock gives better pleasure than a long cock

    • Yvonne December 26, 2010

      OMG what a lovely penis. really nice !!!!!!

    • Tommy December 14, 2010

      Hey man did u using any oil for apply on ur penis?

    • To Zimfuck January 6, 2011

      Yeah, what's the routine, how often do you do it and how many 'reps' ? are you any bigger now then you were 2 weeks ago ?

    • c84 January 11, 2011

      It helps that his dick was 9" long *before* he started stretching it. I also bet that he can't get it up now--- hangs like a horse, but can't rise to a challenge.

    • lexus January 21, 2011

      @Dakota ROFL

    • Dakota January 12, 2011

      As if he needed to increase the size of his cock...

    • loland stuff January 12, 2011

      kay now if u wanna get it straight again swich hands

    • no1 September 15, 2010

      I'm not doing those exercises... they look dangerous

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