Biggest Comshot Complation ever

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March 22, 2012

@weeird, Men are visual beings, and they enjoy seeing a cum-covered face of a woman. That is why the visual cumming part is called money-shot in the Porn industry. Personally I think that the only act that could be more sensual or erotic for a man is to cumming in a woman's mouth when she is looking eye to eye; nothing can beat that. I was fortunate to have a sex buddy for years, who loved cum in her mouth and swallowed every drop. However, a cum-covered face (or a pair of tits) is the next best thing.

April 10, 2012

@weeeird: It's difficult to explain. I know it sounds weird but, for men, cumshots are hypnotizing! It's so hot to see a cock shooting cum on a girl's face and mouth! Only a man understands it, because only a man knows how it feels like when cumming. My girlfriend also hates these cumshots compilation videos, she finds them disgusting. I think they are so beautiful. It's seems strange because, in the end, we are guys jerking off watching other guys' cocks cumming (which would be considered gay, right?). But it's not. It's totally normal! I think it's the only moment when straight guys get excited seeing only cocks (cumming on girls faces). There is not a single pussy in this video, by the way. Even though, it hot as hell.

italian ratta
December 5, 2011

Dear weeird, to cum on the face of a woman is purely poetry. The violent jizz inside the mouth, the drops of cum around the lips, the eyes of the woman watching at the camera: a man cannot stop his hand while watching these scenes, the best one for masturbation and in fact the masterpiece of porn literature of every time. No matter if you do not find a woman willing to do it (is is very difficult): watching and masturbating are enough to have a gorgeous pleasure. I do not know if women appreciate it: some of them seem to love to see their partner exploding.

November 24, 2011

i wonder why men find this attractive. i wonder if men would find it as awesome if women were able to do this all over mens' faces? what do you guys think?

November 2, 2010

Name of the song?