Hot Mom Fucks Her Sons Friend

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August 30, 2012

I was in my room reading but then my bf step in my room and said u want to do homework with me? and i was like sure then we read and he stare at me and smile i was like WTH! and he was like can i be your bf? and i was like screaming and kiss him and that is when he had that idea while we read while sleeping he touch my booties and i was like WOW and then i touch his cock and that is when i got sex with him. then we got marry and i had kisd and i sex with him and my husband

i want pussy
August 15, 2012

this is so great

Piolo Pascual
July 22, 2012

all my friends mom are hot and I fucked 3/10 of them imma great

September 19, 2012

She is so fucking hot.....lucky young dude.

September 29, 2012

I love that he makes noise while he's having sex, alot of guys don't...