RealityKings' DareDorm Puts Pornhub's Twerking Butt to the test. Location: Sexy dorm party. Watch as one man transcends the barrier between Woman and Machine.. with his dick. See the FULL SCENE HERE!
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My wife loves big mouthfuls

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    • Dave September 18, 2012

      Nice how she uses her teeth on his cock at the last few seconds. She is one of the best on youPorn.

    • Ann September 10, 2012

      She mastered fellatio.

    • DP September 9, 2012

      Would do anything to have my wife do that to me that way...though if I were packing like that guy she probably would.

    • Clauido September 18, 2012

      She is fantastic....good cougar !

    • liebster September 24, 2012

      Eine einfuehlsame Meisterin!

    • love that wife October 19, 2012

      this girl has made me cum so many times...

    • Syn October 16, 2012

      Love sucking cock and cum in mouth

    • bigdick October 11, 2012

      a woman that will swallow is the only 1 to have

    • xyz September 3, 2012

      wow needs no explanation i liked it a lot!!!!

    • doc September 1, 2012

      I loved watching the part where she smiles after biting the cock. Simply sexy not at all dirty.

    • Dickman August 6, 2012

      Nice cougar action she enjoys and likes the cum !

    • Konosore August 6, 2012

      One of the best on the net. Whoever she is is/are there any more of her being fantastic?

    • yourfirstblackguy July 30, 2012

      do you share her with black men ?

    • Balls August 9, 2012

      What a Milf !!!!

    • nutluster August 10, 2012

      Nice cock. I'd love to have a go at making it pop.

    • 19yrStud August 29, 2012

      I NEEED a video of her naked!! I stroke to this every day and need to see her milf tits and pussy. I'd give anything to have this woman in a bedroom.

    • Anicejewishboy August 25, 2012

      Years of playing the oboe pay off!

    • Todd August 19, 2012

      Very sexy woman, but is more interested in looking at the camera than working on that cock. She needs to put more effort into it. Lend her to me for a week, I'll teach her :)

    • Diana October 31, 2012

      Cum on waves on wives.

    • luvbbw November 6, 2012

      i would love to get my dick suck by this bbw

    • Olè January 14, 2013

      This chick knows how to suck a cock. She could work my fat fuckstick all night

    • a fan January 13, 2013

      oh my god this video ends me every time i see it. soooo beautiful and caring. i need a nap now.

    • pleaser January 11, 2013

      older ladies suck better...this should be a training video... for young wives...

    • jomo67 January 22, 2013

      u lucky to have her what a woman

    • Jim January 24, 2013

      wish that was my dick in her month. i wish i could fine someone who would due that to me

    • clyde February 15, 2013

      this sweetheart is a goddess at sucking cock,and she looks like the mom down the street, im in love. buddy you are very lucky to have this princess!!!

    • xiphoguy February 1, 2013

      OMG She is so cute! I just wish she had shown us her tits

    • ? January 27, 2013


    • ttits January 7, 2013

      this is excellent so sexy

    • Mozart January 4, 2013

      Le encanta chupàr la pija a esta viejita. Se nota que la disfruta y le encanta

    • Saydian December 16, 2012

      The way all her movements are soft and affectionate make this one of the best videos on here.

    • ihoi November 30, 2012

      nice nice

    • Michele November 7, 2012

      I love to suck cock & swallow all the cum I never touch his cock with my hand I keep sucking it until he comes then swallow it all she was goood

    • ping pong December 28, 2012

      just the MRS we all dream about --- beautiful doesn't bother to waste time undressing just whips our hardon out our pants and gives us perfect release of our sex frustration by sucking the cum out of our balls.

    • Ben k December 29, 2012

      beautiful woman on her knees what more do u want and u can watch her ass in the mirror

    • Drew January 2, 2013

      drew carey show?

    • Wanked December 30, 2012

      me next. PLEEEEEEEASE.

    • Big L December 30, 2012

      such TLC and didn't waste drop

    • pauline July 21, 2012

      great video, but don't be afraid do get a little closer to the razor.

    • big fan July 14, 2012

      great video, one of the best blowjobs i've ever seen and i've seen my fair share, lucky guy!

    • Karen February 23, 2012

      I would so like to help her with that big gorgeous dick!

    • Tom February 13, 2012

      Beautiful Cock!

    • Yes February 7, 2012

      I find the lack of storyline a tad bit cliche'd. The lust in her eyes and ability to pleasure her husband is on par with that of professional adult actresses and her desire to continue sucking his cock even after he came was remarkable. I will be jerking off to this again. Overall rating: 9 out of 10. I only wish to have seen her get fucked. May we all someday marry a woman of such caliber. See you next time; my name is Yes and this has been the MILF critique.

    • SA88 March 14, 2012

      anyone know HER NAME or more vids of HER

    • tokes March 16, 2012

      Notice how she didn't even mess up her hair....I mean not one hair out of place that is talent

    • paul April 1, 2012

      what acock i am not gay but she knows how to plrease it

    • wanker March 28, 2012

      beautiful woman, great bottom, sexy eyes, she swallows his cum, perfect!

    • MILFinspector March 16, 2012

      This should be a required wife training video. She gets a 9/10, with deepthroting the remaining area to be mastered.

    • Dave January 21, 2012

      She's cute, I like her!

    • Art January 7, 2012

      Would like to see more of her w/o clothes. she got nice ass, like to fill all her holes all day and night.

    • Captain Obvious December 18, 2011

      I wonder if she knows shes somewhat famous

    • Milf Fan December 3, 2011

      I never get tired of watching her in action. Reminds me of my friends mom, I'd have thoughts of her sucking my young cock just like she does in the video, nice view of her ass in the mirror.. Then I'd remove that sweater top and peel off her jeans, bury my face between her legs and give her pleasure in return. Turn her around and take her from behind if she allows it.....

    • hacha2767 November 28, 2011

      She's fucking hot and sucks a good dick. And I can see why she married this dude...he's hung like a Roman God! My goodness

    • Buck December 22, 2011

      I always figure that if they wont take their clothes off, and are that great at giving head, then they probably are really a dude. Not that it would matter to me.

    • floyd December 29, 2011

      fucking hot couple! more please.

    • Muppet4 January 3, 2012

      Oh fuck yes!! Sweet blow job... No mess.. Just suck him off and swallow the cum.. They look like a regular couple so i wonder why it's on YP.. That was hot.. Hope he returns the favor by going down on her..

    • N.1 January 2, 2012

      NUMBER 1 BJ VID on youporn

    • slurpy December 30, 2011

      Great vid, as a bj should be kept inside the woman.

    • Scott April 7, 2012

      Job well done.

    • Ann April 11, 2012

      Nice big cock!

    • mike June 13, 2012

      i like that that you can see her fine ass in the mirror

    • nick June 13, 2012

      this turns me on so much i would let her drip that cum into my mouth and im a guy whos not even gay

    • this sucks June 11, 2012

      he had to jerk off. she is hot though

    • rc racer June 15, 2012

      great blowjob! LOVE HER HAIR!!!

    • Jol June 17, 2012

      that s a pretty meaty cock. nice eh

    • shinlay78 July 12, 2012

      sehr schöner Penis

    • got me off June 28, 2012

      This is an AWESOME video....

    • TameMe June 23, 2012

      nice big hard cock, I'd suck it down hard too! grat show!

    • middle class white women June 6, 2012

      a milf that actually looks like a real one. except for the striped hair.

    • anonymous June 3, 2012

      Some videos are shot or edited in such a way that the money shot is obvious but the swallowing is not. That is not the case here. This video shows a natural and enthusiastic blow job in which the woman swallows just like it happens in real life, every day around the world. I give this clip an A- for quality and an A+ for doubtless swallowing of sperm.

    • Marriedcocksucker May 11, 2012

      I hope he "returned the favor". If not, I'd do it for him. She deserves a good licking after that. BTW, I'd love to suck that cock!

    • Closet guy April 22, 2012

      Beautiful cock, would love to swap places with her or - even better - jump on and ride it!

    • MILFified April 13, 2012

      she looks a lot like my ex's mom... thats a good thing. this is a true MILF video. most of these "MILF" videos are just old sluts, where as this beautiful women is truly deserving of the MILF title. bravo... bravo indeed.

    • scottie May 11, 2012

      she is stunning as hell, def jealous of the guy, she sucks beautifully, wow

    • LessNoise May 22, 2012

      THE Added sucking sound effects are BAD - You may want to eliminate those - They all sound the same in EVERY one of your videos - It gets redundant & detracting

    • robert June 1, 2012

      i didn't only had a teacher who looked like her, but on one occasion she sucked my cock just the way the lady did it - it was an amazing expierence, being a young boy at that time

    • marcelo May 31, 2012

      la mejor mujer que veo haciendo esto.

    • cravin morehead February 16, 2013

      by many light years the best on video on net. watching this oral angel produces a mind numbing hallucination beyond your fantasy. with well over 7 million views does this gorgeous deity know she has a fan club that lust to see more of her oral deeds. a celestial being she is not mortal. your endowment to sucking cock and the consuming of cum is truly spiritual. sweetheart you are the dutchess of dick,baroness of blow jobs,the saint of seman swallowing. your amazement and talent at cock sucking is only found once in a time honoured millennium. if someone sees you in public and they know of your covert cock and cum loving, they should treat you with the utmost respect,reverence,adoration and dignity that you are entitled too!!! you are a blessing that " cums " but once in a lifetime !!! so sweetheart, my darling salaciously suck cock devour sperm my insatiable lascivious love !!!

    • daniel February 18, 2013


    • CRAVIN MOREHEAD February 8, 2014


    • jim February 6, 2014

      I love old women sucking my big cock....they do it SO well!

    • gweilo61 January 26, 2014

      great wife, wish mine was like her, all wives could learn from her, there'd be less divorces, pity she wasn't naked, she's gorgeous.

    • pleaser March 5, 2014

      You are sooo right Joan!...are YOU? a 'good wife"??

    • Anon March 7, 2014

      I dream of and wish my friends wife would do this to me.

    • Jim March 12, 2014

      wish she was sucking my cock. I love watching her suck this cock and dam it making me so hard watching her put this cock in her month. She does a great job on his cock and she can come over and suck my cock and anyone what to suck my cock let me know

    • Anon March 7, 2014

      I dream of and wish Caroline Quentin would do this to me.

    • Anon March 7, 2014

      I dream of and wish Nigella Lawson, Sarah Beeny, Kirstie Allsopp, Carol Voderman, Caroline Quentin, the big breasted wives of some of the married people I know, and my friends big breasted daughter would do this to me.

    • Jim January 17, 2014

      wish you were hear so you can suck my cock like this

    • Anonymous User January 15, 2014

      i wish i had awoman like that

    • JJ December 17, 2013

      Love her hot body, nice ass keep looking in that door mirror.

    • Dayummm December 12, 2013

      1.45 brb babe, cookies are done. Hahaa

    • Greek Gal December 8, 2013

      Big and thick one!!!

    • Pulee December 26, 2013

      Very good wifey.......that's what I'm talking about

    • coti December 31, 2013

      best bj ever, and i've seen a few

    • Visionrider January 8, 2014

      she does a good job

    • psyburbahb January 6, 2014

      What a great cock! I LOVE the way he fed her his load - mostly into her mouth. That the way I love to eat a load, not missing a drop.

    • Jimbob January 2, 2014

      This has to be one of the best blow jobs I have ever seen.

    • LadyBlueT March 13, 2014

      I wish I could meet a man with a dick as big as that for me to suck on.

    • Jim March 14, 2014

      love this and wish i could fine someone would due me like she doing him

    • rocky1776 May 30, 2014

      One sexy ass woman. Would have loved to see her minus the clothes.

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