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Hot blonde ex girlfriend giving him a last chance

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    • Efrin August 21, 2011

      What a lovely face and the rest of her is so sexy.

    • jaszmin August 26, 2011

      I want his dick

    • XD August 15, 2011

      I CUM at this video ..and now is boring so i comment this video XD

    • Steph August 5, 2011

      Petite bite ahahah

    • Chen August 5, 2011

      i love cock like tht

    • moiuny August 26, 2011

      He fucked gently

    • Shigman August 29, 2011

      This girl looks like my sister's friend. Hope her names not Jillian lol

    • Omg October 17, 2011

      Best ever....came so hard.

    • bullshit detector October 6, 2011

      To all the people on here talking about how they're so incredible in bed and how they could easily give her multiple orgasms and give her the time of her life - can I draw your attention to one simple fact? He's actually fucking her, while you're having to resort to just watching. If you were as good with women as you claim to be, you wouldn't be on here with the rest of us, you'd be out doing it. You certainly wouldn't be wasting your time trying to convince a load of MEN you don't even know, how amazing you are. You're fooling nobody.

    • Stranger September 24, 2011

      What the hell?! That guy must be a giggalo

    • yes September 13, 2011

      cute.....she's cool from 7:30 on.

    • Mi July 25, 2011

      She is fantastic !! Very hot !

    • Ben July 23, 2011

      Fuck that was beast all them hinas and one dude sik wit ittt

    • addicted April 6, 2011

      so hot when she raises her arm

    • Jiggles April 10, 2011

      They don't even have to have sex, just looking at them could make me cum

    • lol March 19, 2011

      this dood seems like the type id want to dominate rofl

    • heh March 18, 2011

      @blitz123 "Obviously she loves the guy" lol - seriously.... you can see the look of disappointed on her face. This guy sealed his fate with that performance. ;)

    • Correctamundo March 1, 2011

      @ blitz23...Couldn't have put it better myself.

    • MarineOne April 21, 2011

      She is fine! I would so love to fuck her.She is so pretty. I wonder if she does anal?

    • D May 5, 2011

      Didn't see her pussy

    • Joker July 20, 2011

      I loved her "mission FAIL" expression at 6:33 LOL

    • suker July 11, 2011

      her faces expresion are very hot...She know how ride xD

    • pan June 22, 2011

      she's pretty but also, i think, stupid

    • who? May 22, 2011

      sounds like there under water.

    • Well then October 18, 2011

      Shes bad

    • BEETBEET October 19, 2011

      I hated how he just stopped and looked like he was confused and then started again lol

    • uni September 14, 2012


    • Marita October 7, 2012

      My man likes her tits, but I like the boy's cock !

    • lance September 2, 2012


    • Private Curly July 7, 2012

      She says "I have craps" hahaha

    • ghtribal June 27, 2012

      Am I the only one who found this completely boring?

    • randi October 26, 2012

      Wow....plz fuck me also

    • killo October 26, 2012

      wow plz fuck me also

    • asterix86 December 20, 2012


    • Stefano December 19, 2012

      veramente bona troppo sexy.

    • nikki November 28, 2012

      she has perfect tits

    • marium November 18, 2012

      that was amazing....the guy was really great! :)

    • Wellhung May 24, 2012

      she is great and deserves a man that can give her the sex she so craves

    • kevkev April 19, 2012

      what is the dudes name?

    • That one German dude December 11, 2011

      Now that I see this, I cant wait to go to college!Oh, and btw, FIRST!

    • imad hard fucker December 11, 2011

      girls had you tested morrocan coack

    • ifuckedyesterday December 9, 2011

      If your have ever been with a goddess that first blows u and then rides u like that, u'll know that it's hard not to cum in three minutes. My cock busting OMG.

    • Devon November 15, 2011

      Holy shit that face thing at the right of the screen @ 3:48 scarred me.

    • gerald November 14, 2011

      i like you..

    • Joe December 12, 2011

      Lol this happened to me my freshmen year too

    • lmfao pussy December 13, 2011

      this guy is a pussy

    • queenie March 9, 2012


    • sausage February 18, 2012

      it was but a parting gift. she promised not to dob him in to the cops for tax evasion and let him keep his dole money in exchange for sex prior to the divorce.

    • Marco January 25, 2012

      Che scopata

    • Mitchell January 11, 2012

      Vermin Supreme for President

    • Tina February 25, 2011

      OMG i fell asleep watching this video ...

    • mr b February 20, 2011

      i though she was very cute and a gorgeous body that id love to fuck all day and night i know for sure i could last longer then he did and make her cum many times before i did

    • sneg August 18, 2010

      i cummed with this girl just now $)

    • I know it's weird August 20, 2010

      but I timed him and he's a 1 minute and 6 seconds.... And i thought it suckd for my gf...

    • ghost August 10, 2010

      damn it!! i like this girl..i hope know her hahaha really i`m inlove from her :S

    • nj August 10, 2010

      very cute this girl =)

    • luis August 4, 2010

      so hot jaken off hahaha

    • Kagome Lei August 20, 2010

      You can totally tell that she is faking it I do the same thing. With the same cutesy faces, the same pouty lips, the vixen eyes that say fuck me hard and cum on my pussy. If the guy Has to ask if you came then they don't really know what they are doing. Trust me when we cum you can tell!

    • the truth August 21, 2010

      she was faking it at the end you can tell.

    • me September 8, 2010

      poor guy.... or poor girl....?? who knows

    • she is... August 30, 2010

      sexy and fuckin cute :)

    • 10" unbuffed August 26, 2010

      Yea I agree.. this chick is super cute and you can tell she loves him.. That was hot how she kept blowing him as she was undressing..atta girl! she didnt learn any of her talents from him.. thats for sure

    • Class... August 21, 2010

      Hopefully she's going to acting class.

    • jj August 4, 2010

      love this one,

    • cali girl August 4, 2010

      one of my fav videos i stroke my pussy to this

    • mynameisdamien June 28, 2010

      hi ladies! like i totally loved this vid, they we too friggin cute, i loved the part about the papertowel. i totally rofl. Cheers from Deleware!!

    • Eis July 3, 2010

      Does anyone understand what she is saying? the sound quality is pretty bad...

    • Inside fan June 21, 2010

      I love videos where the guy comes inside.

    • Gamble June 20, 2010

      this girl is beyond cute. its sad that her boyfriend cant keep it together long enough for her to come tho. and if she was with me she would forget all about class

    • someone June 16, 2010

      hhaha 6:11 is hilarious "did you cum?" cutest thing ever! love that she keeps riding him!

    • DDude July 6, 2010

      lol i give the girl credit for trying...shes good looking. but dude really he cums in like seconds...slip on an extended pleasure trojan if you cant handle bare...holy shit lol

    • Dud July 25, 2010

      Weak sauce, this dude is a queefbag

    • Mc July 30, 2010

      GOOD n OK.

    • rr July 29, 2010

      she is super hot

    • ro July 29, 2010

      I think he is kinda adorkable. ^^

    • you rike a haiku? July 25, 2010

      this chick is sexy i've jerked it to this vid tons does she have more vids?

    • jasper September 20, 2010

      wow wouldnt you love to have that sitting on your cock

    • jbug September 21, 2010

      Ahh youth. She's incredible, he's ... young. Control comes with age and experience. You don't just blow a load in a girl without her knowing. Kinda rude. "That's right, the women are smarter. I'd say, poor girl.

    • She January 3, 2011

      has class at 2:00 and it's 1:40. I think.

    • Jalpa January 8, 2011

      I love thi guy

    • kevkev321 December 31, 2010

      Where can i find more of this girl?

    • kingcase December 7, 2010

      hot ass girl

    • jjames December 5, 2010

      her voice is soo cute! I wanna fuck her and make her scream like he couldn't do

    • jwesajkowski January 9, 2011

      she looks xactly like my gf so hot

    • Honest Guy January 19, 2011

      If I had her sitting on me and riding my cock like that, I don't think I would last much longer than he did. She is really hot!

    • Tonkel February 13, 2011

      I would do her even with him in a hard DP. I guess she knows the drill.

    • blitz23 February 8, 2011

      Everybody talks so big on here about how good THEY could give it to her. That girl is the perfect level of cute/hot and if I had her moaning and making cute faces/sounds like that on top of me, especially at the end, I would last about 10 seconds lol Obviously she loves the guy and that takes it to the next level

    • sam January 20, 2011

      does he not remind you of oneof the twins from desperate housewives? very good video as its definately a real (cute) couple.

    • Jake January 19, 2011

      Lol "don't break it!"

    • old bull December 3, 2010

      once there were 2 bulls, 1 old 1 young. The farmer let them loose to a field of cows. the young bull ran down and fucked the first one he could get. The old bull walked down and fucked them all

    • Icanseethefuture November 22, 2010

      i knew the next time i saw this ex girlfriend shed be on a porn site

    • yo October 2, 2010

      she can get a oscar from hi last minute scene

    • dude October 6, 2010

      whats her name?

    • NCFAN October 1, 2010

      Damn this chic is HOT

    • cheech September 28, 2010

      i think i heard him ask her do you want it (blow his load). not too sure, bad audio.

    • sixteen September 24, 2010

      so eine geile ex - sicha ua guut im bett

    • Inspector Very Long October 15, 2010

      Damn hot Girl, but poor guy, his penis looks a bit small ^^.

    • She has.................. October 15, 2010

      She has good taste in guys. NO homo, But she is really pretty.

    • Mark November 9, 2010

      She's adorable. She could ride my cock until she had fucking saddle sores. I'd wear that little pussy out. I'd love to suck on those perky little titties too!

    • uhm October 27, 2010

      she is fine. very very fine.

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