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black guy fucks asian girl

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October 19, 2009
By: Anonymous User

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    • tobi February 17, 2012

      if thats 13'' then pigs can really fly

    • Poor girl March 11, 2011

      Whenever anybody wants the definition of "pwned" I will link them this video.

    • dd April 25, 2013

      LOL Good music with this

    • grandmaster sexy May 11, 2012

      This is Amazing! Where is the rest of it tho

    • ray March 20, 2012

      I still think Chuck Norris could some damage, but hey I heard the lady's say it was worth, when there done, they're put into a fully body cast.

    • u March 7, 2012

      too much big is dangerous...jz fuck ur ass boy..

    • shit January 18, 2012

      is that a filipina girl??so nice

    • 10 February 13, 2012

      lol that's not 13 :D i've seen bigger than that and they are not even in 10 inches yet but they look way bigger than his dick :D they way they fuck is so nice i like how the girl moan but sometimes it's exagerating...

    • Raymond February 14, 2012

      That Rachel chick is definitely a screamer. Taking all 13 inches of Blackzilla in her pussy.

    • bile June 10, 2012


    • jess February 3, 2012

      she's such a screamer.... getting annoying sometimes....

    • chang July 13, 2012

      So big dicks makes orgasm, is that what every girl wuold think, huh? It's all about the way to fuck, technics and tactics , not just push inside and do it fast. and one more think, if the blacks think a big black cock is the most manly thing, i'll say than a donkey is manlier than you !!

    • @hornygirl August 16, 2012

      the biggest penis in the world right now belongs to a white guy, his name is Jonah Falcon

    • big t August 25, 2012

      enogh with the racist comments if you do not like watching this vid the pick one that you do and shut up

    • Marc September 4, 2012

      Asian girl giving black man oral pleasure then they have sexual intercourse. Very amateurish picture quality not good, but black guy destroys her vagina well! Couple use many different positions decent clip.

    • Hornygirl August 14, 2012

      hey guys out there. specially the white. does any of you have 8inches penis or more? cos i don't believe that there is bigger than 7inches.

    • bullshit August 1, 2012

      13 inch, MY ASS!

    • truth July 18, 2012

      that is nothing i have fucked many girls(also chines girls) and i have made them not only scream the longs out! but also Squirting! I agreed with Chang it's about how you use it, not the size.

    • black July 22, 2012

      (^_^) hahahahahahaha!!!!

    • killer.. August 1, 2012

      bullshit... he fucks like an animal.. he didn't even think how much pain the girl suffer with.... I want to cut his dick!

    • oldone July 10, 2012

      typical poor acting. Notice she spreads to let him in more, yet it hurts. She is plaiyng a roll and poorly. To a Hs student it might be shocking, this small girl is being killed by the big black cock. Not her first time and knowing what a female looks like when hurt i cna share. Her head would launch back and her legs would push him away. I did not see muscle mass tighten i nthe proper area. Looks like a typical asain hooker playing a part for money. More sounds bigger tip.

    • baja January 17, 2012

      she is mongolian real name is mandal

    • Dick October 10, 2011

      Is that Floyd Mayweather? I thought he hated Asians in general...

    • D October 11, 2011

      Now that is love!

    • horny devil October 29, 2011

      that wasn't sounded more like an exorcism lol. loved it

    • shit November 3, 2011

      is that a filipina girl?

    • shagga October 1, 2011

      Was all that noise necessary? I always fancied an asian girl............................

    • Dominik Contu September 23, 2011

      I think thisvideo proves that Chinese girls cant take massive cocks. Watch Leah Jaye this Indian British girl fuck a guy with a cock much bigger than that and she handles it wel.

    • BigD September 4, 2011

      What is this guys name? any other vids?

    • juliette September 9, 2011

      The screaming is way too much!

    • Mikester September 21, 2011

      I have an ex-that screamed like that. It was hot to hear her and I couldn't stop it I tried!

    • shit November 3, 2011

      is that a filipina?

    • White asialover November 11, 2011

      Nice video. Black men love to fuck. Was in Thailand in 2009 with som white friends. Fuck with a bargirl. Bet it was also a black man in the hotell who surprice us. He get a bargirl an fuck her all the day and nigth on the hotel. He was noisy when he fuck her and they was only inside in the hotelroom and this video was what they do. So black men are very horny, and they are so happy after fucking with women. It is paradice for them. A black man can never be a buddhist monk ha, ha!

    • yummygirl December 20, 2011

      i don't care if he lied about his 13 inches dick but this one is so damn real! grrrrrrrrrrrr! :)

    • omygod January 7, 2012

      wow she's in real pain! i feel bad for her!

    • BDSM January 13, 2012

      Cochise12in search for that name. :P

    • MJG December 2, 2011

      If it was any other girl besides an asian it would actually be impressive. Spent some time in Korea, Thailand and the Philippines and guess what... almost EVERY asian i fucked is multi-orgasmic and cums like a fucking faucet! you don't have to be 13' to make an asian girl cum hard like that!

    • Diane November 24, 2011

      Damn, that's a good lovely stud! The drilling, screaming and the music are... GLORIOUS!!! :))

    • so hot November 11, 2011

      makes me cum everytime... serious kudos to this guy. he really knows how to fuck.

    • jordan November 12, 2011

      fuck her harder has u r doing

    • Grandmaster sexyXD November 21, 2011

      I love this video. I wish I could find the end of it!

    • ddp September 14, 2012

      its all abit exaggerated just another girl/boy thing nothing unusual about the sizes of annything another 1 of the thousends

    • David September 24, 2012

      Dats not even 12 inch. He was fucking her hard and rough .

    • The Negga September 17, 2013

      no idea why asian girls into such blacky , this asian chicks really brainless , most of this guy after they fuck they're going to move on with other tight pussy girls and make a big hole there in their pussy

    • Anonymous October 7, 2013

      This was such a waste of time. Soooooo boring. And I'm a woman.

    • surprise motherfkr November 13, 2013

      her nips are bigger than her breasts but still hawt

    • Alpha February 24, 2014

      spent some time in Asia last year. girls there are...once you come to Asia goodbye Caucasus forever . IT IS TRUE

    • ||||||||||||| September 13, 2013

      i can handle blind believers, but seeing deniers are something I can't even comprehend... It is possible to have a dick over 11 inches, just research how it is done. Not only that, not everyone can have that length, although rare, not impossible. As for her, who knows if she's acting or not... who knows if she's the "loud" type.

    • Dorin September 7, 2013

      Search for him online and you can find where he is now

    • JimBo May 16, 2013

      Holy Crap

    • Thad June 6, 2013

      13"?! There's no way that dick is an inch over 11"!!

    • Cisla June 17, 2013

      Le 15-18 plante son énorme Z

    • Post As...azn guy February 25, 2014

      my asian wife love black cocks

    • Asian March 10, 2014


    • karma April 24, 2015

      this girl ..... is just a bad person in general...shes a dice dealer in, look for the Asian dealer with pigtails usually has blue or purple highlights in her hair. and P.S. her name is not mandy or Rachel, or any of the names that were on this screen,

    • michael June 5, 2015


    • pat August 26, 2015

      gr work, did he finally cum?

    • anon March 31, 2015

      She sounds so damn annoying

    • Nice September 4, 2014


    • Roxy April 15, 2014

      I will fucks he brains out if dt was me ,,, love sex

    • anadag April 18, 2014

      Esse e perfeito

    • mcheal July 20, 2014

      I like this girl she let you know that she love what you are doing .you are doing right ...

    • Zedd April 27, 2013

      I'm half and half on this video. I liked it for the amateur and her screams of pain/pleasure. haha high end porn can eat their heart out with the way most chicks are paid to moan and such. But yeah, this dude fuck like an animal, and even noted that she pushed his cock out from cumming. Ya dont just shove your dick back in man...that shit can really hurt a woman inside. But hey..if thats the shit their into, by all means go for it. good video all in all

    • saluting April 7, 2013

      hey Mr Fuck do you ever get tired? lol

    • jessica November 5, 2012

      my man look exactly like that

    • peser November 9, 2012

      Hornygirl in what days y r living hence is 9 inch if y can not image post comment with yr cell cont no i will show y and and measure your self

    • Mighty Joe November 12, 2012

      Super hot girl getting BBC, what else do you expect but multiple orgasms and screams! Love that video. Very Hot

    • Geilestierin November 3, 2012

      GREAT MUSIC!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    • LOL November 3, 2012

      XD haahahha

    • dawn October 4, 2012

      She's a fucking champion! hahahaha

    • inlovewithhim October 6, 2012

      Damn I hope she doesn't have neighboors! I want to marry this man.

    • Whiteonasian October 7, 2012

      Black men are the most horny people in the world. They simply love to have sex with women, also asians.

    • Clamp November 19, 2012

      This girl is taking him for a fool. What a whimp, this guy. Couldnt get it up, then apologizes in the end. Wtf

    • mee November 25, 2012

      ohh my god that girl is soo scandalous

    • question March 11, 2013

      Is she Japanese or Chinese?

    • guy March 25, 2013

      jealous whites on this video,not only do white girls like black guys but also asian girls

    • NaughtyAZNGurl April 5, 2013

      I want me some chocolate too now.

    • anon March 5, 2013

      13 inch? yeah right

    • nobody March 3, 2013

      LMFAO - i wish i was black i want to fuck girls like that WITH MY BIG BIG DICK

    • 13inch is brutal December 20, 2012

      is she enjoying it or is she hurt already? damn dis sex is so brutal. haha

    • Mac January 4, 2013

      Thanks for setting the bar so hi Mr big dick! Lol

    • I konw who it is but... January 19, 2013

      I know who this I saw him on a site once somebody give his name and site he was on but I can't remember now should have bookmarked the site.

    • Space September 2, 2011

      NOT 13" at all... Mandingo is about 12" and this sure look way smaller. More like 7-8 at most and its not even thick. And Rachel looks very white to me(her skin, nose & eyes). Asian girl screams less, sometimes with pain, than the white one. White girl sure had the time of her life! Anyway... i'll have my REAL mandingo dick in another life!

    • WhiteHammer September 1, 2011

      Very hot video, seems like authentic sex, real pleasure, she seemed a bit eager for the pounding to end, very early on she asks him to cum on her stomach, and this guy is not 13 inches, maybe 8, .

    • lee September 20, 2010

      am korean guy... i want that cock in my asshole ^^

    • Sweety September 22, 2010

      The lady sounds like she is in pain. I do not believe she enjoyed it the entire time.

    • carles September 25, 2010

      this is how you fuck asian pussy

    • bigshaft October 23, 2010

      whats her name mandy or rachel?anyway great fuck.lovely couple

    • scnv September 8, 2010

      I'm asian man. I know most asian women don't like black man becouse they thought black men are smell and rude. Like my wife said she will never fuck a black man. When i showed this vid to her, i know she was realy on and all wet. then i fucked her. that's the best fuck we ever had. After that i asked her how about get you a big black cock? She said ina shine:"if you don't mind...". A week ago i invited a black-white couple who lived accros the street to my house. My wife seems love the black husband, the wife seems very openmind and nice. So we may have a interracial sex someday later

    • pinoytorrents September 8, 2010

      i cum with only watching it ,this is what you call real fuck

    • Lady Six August 28, 2010

      Okay, now that everyone else is fascinated by this vid like I am, CAN ANY OF YOU FIND THE REST OF THIS FOOTAGE?? PLEEEEAAASE?? I tried so hard already.... help me!

    • guy August 29, 2010

      theres a perfect girl for every guy. vice versa.

    • ht September 6, 2010

      I like this video, it is a favoritous video, a like fuck a girl, very good, and my girls like this...

    • what October 25, 2010

      what girl wants to get fucked like that hoola at me

    • Holland November 2, 2010

      I like this movie..... Nice sound and the big black guy keeps on banging!! Perfect! I like to fuck this way and in Holland many woman likes to!!! Grtz.

    • s..pain January 7, 2011

      i just want to say that after sex i suppose girl can't walk even a single step...

    • mr epic January 12, 2011

      well that was fun

    • Mr LOL January 14, 2011

      13 inch cock !? It's a big lie !!! It's just a "normal" 7 inch cock, big but not incredible.

    • dunnowatsit January 5, 2011

      well I don't have a good imagination so I didn't see what you horny guys are talking about. This vid sucks, bad acting and dunno if they were fucking or what. Did you see anything but his back?

    • john December 29, 2010

      huhuh... its a very nice noicy

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