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Hatsu Inu Starnge Kind Of Women Ep 1

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    • Cortney August 13, 2011

      I like this :)

    • Reply August 12, 2011

      Why does she bring a vibrator there too?!?! Poor guy

    • hehehe August 11, 2011


    • ig August 23, 2011

      i like this hentai film

    • wave August 25, 2011


    • Lovely ann August 30, 2011

      Who wants to fuck me i want fuck so hard ah ah ohhfuck me hard.!

    • Bogmali August 29, 2011

      2 thumbs Up! Pls Upload EP 2...

    • nobody August 10, 2011

      please upload ep 2!!!!!!!

    • akomismo August 6, 2011

      ahahahahaha its so damn funny guys... this is the reason i love to watch hentai its exaggerated but it'll surely make you horny.

    • B| July 27, 2011

      like it

    • ya! July 26, 2011

      nice nice nice very nice hentai!!! even if its censored XD, it makes u watch more !!!

    • me July 28, 2011

      this is so good....

    • Xeon ;D July 28, 2011

      Notice that at the end, after him going crazy cause he thought he heard her say his name, his cum was like, a blue color xD

    • Joo Mama August 3, 2011

      When Is Act 2?

    • anyone know? August 1, 2011

      where the website for this is? if you porn has it, im tracking it down to the source!

    • christian03 August 30, 2011

      can i like this video? the best.

    • suaveyeah September 4, 2011

      that girl is a super freak... i wanna watch more of this!!

    • mr.fucky September 30, 2011

      the segond is not beter than this

    • random commenter number 6 September 28, 2011

      I came,i watched, i came, I laughed, I came, I cried (cause of chafing), and I came

    • Hentai Fan September 27, 2011

      i have a question: where are the other parts? ep 2...

    • bellunder October 4, 2011

      I need a cock

    • FTW Hentai^^ October 4, 2011

      One of the Best Hentai, i ever seen, just awsome. Gonna try out that train scene myself xD

    • fuck you October 7, 2011


    • Wtf? October 5, 2011

      Omg she needs to shut the fuck up shes so annoying

    • hojo99 September 24, 2011

      damn that was really good cheers to the train scene

    • JD September 24, 2011

      Like the best hentai show ever!!! I wish they would post episode 2 already.

    • Alex(girl) September 12, 2011

      I dont get why they block his penis.. good though

    • grrr September 11, 2011

      shit, this boy was sweet!

    • Mya September 14, 2011

      I WISH I was the girl

    • edgar September 16, 2011

      wow saqen la segunda parte x favor

    • Sianii September 21, 2011

      I would trade in a vibrater the size of a MILLION HORSES for that sweet, hot boy's heart and his amazing cock

    • . September 20, 2011

      Damn my girlfriend showed this Hentai, I gotta say its so cool ;) my girl wants the try the sub-way thing

    • Chicca 86 July 23, 2011

      hahahahahahah divertente mi piace. piu' che eccitante e' divertente

    • D: July 20, 2011

      OMFG She is so damn hawtly cute! i wish my Gf was like her :c

    • bigg May 17, 2011

      i have the link of ep 2

    • psn May 16, 2011

      who is mita i need another episode i wached the end credits she lookes insanly hot

    • olol May 13, 2011

      fuck me

    • mr big May 22, 2011

      InK Hentai world: where all women always reach the orgasm (at the same moment of their partner); where a girl, who looks like she has little titties, actually has enormous boobs; where a girl can make a blow-job under the water without breathing... yeah, i like it. Hell ya bro Hell ya hentai rules!!!!!!!!!!!! well sed thumbs up

    • mr.fucky May 27, 2011

      the best whou i have see

    • donciu543 June 8, 2011

      well..THIS IS FUN.... hope i could meet someone like her....ehehehee

    • Jani June 3, 2011

      Man i wish she was my girlfriend id fuck her everywhere lol !

    • HANKUA May 12, 2011


    • emrphp.. :D May 9, 2011

      lol! this video is a funnny 1 ! :D

    • carlo April 17, 2011


    • NUUMB April 15, 2011

      one of the best ive ever seen and fujino is so cute ; )

    • Nova 6 May 1, 2011

      I like the film

    • Vermer May 2, 2011

      estan geniales las de Hatsu Inu, y la segunda temporada no se queda atras

    • long May 6, 2011

      maganda siya

    • nasty May 5, 2011

      while solving the question blah,blah,blah... then suddenly Fukaya turn ON the vibrator remote.... ahhhhhhhh.,,,, Fujino turn her face into red,,, it is so tickling inside... damn! feels good!!! fucking s%i#

    • mr.fucky June 9, 2011

      me to i hope to find some one like she and i will fuck she every where xd

    • haha June 9, 2011

      haha its so funny

    • john July 5, 2011

      i don't think thers another episode

    • Fujini July 5, 2011

      I`m getting wet

    • Hannie July 9, 2011

      cutest porn ever! XD

    • :D July 11, 2011

      wtf she's fucking cute

    • 83 July 15, 2011

      Omg! Fakuya is so hooot! D8 I wish he was real....or that I was a hentai babe....I would fuck him so hard!!! :3

    • fuckmeharder July 14, 2011

      wow they fuck a lot! :D

    • asi July 4, 2011

      fuck fuck good yes hahahah i dick big

    • Dang July 4, 2011

      This hentai's so cool, Fujino's expressions and actions are out of this world. Awes-amazing!

    • razor dark June 15, 2011


    • mr.fucky June 10, 2011


    • MR.LUCKY June 19, 2011


    • Already in luv June 26, 2011

      Fukaya is hot!

    • pam July 2, 2011


    • john June 30, 2011

      when's the next episode

    • sexy October 11, 2011

      So sexy boobs r big and gun r goog so just kerp it up

    • AnimeAddict October 17, 2011

      -Hatsu inu. is the title of that hentai. A japanese manga with the short hentai series . -Fukaya will lost his memories. But he would never forget her sexmate. -Fujino Shion . Unbelievable .. Vibrator. huh ...

    • fucker May 4, 2012

      When will take out you the continuation?

    • ;;; May 1, 2012


    • hello April 21, 2012

      this is funny at times

    • yu May 10, 2012


    • TITI May 12, 2012

      FUCK ME yu

    • Random Black person June 7, 2012

      Yes black people watch porn to despite are naturaly huge cock's given to us by the african gene we still need to release stress because it is hard to find a girl that is willing why are female's so fucking difficult idk but i wish that someday men can just walk up to female's and ask for sex ad female's in response be willing to give us yes i am random i know.

    • IM SO HORNY May 18, 2012


    • mr. cums alot April 18, 2012

      i like how shes always red faced when she cums

    • DödelNo9 April 13, 2012

      a happy end :) she likes him more than her vibrators :D

    • Whoa March 10, 2012

      Nice. A hentai with the cutest hot slut I've ever seen. Teehee, that guy really hated being outdone by her vibrators.

    • victoria beckam March 1, 2012

      my husband and I just had a great fuck while watching this. Very inspiring!

    • ... March 13, 2012

      Dafuq I just watched...

    • mr verg March 18, 2012

      muy buen hentai : ) uno de los mejore q eh visto

    • jason li March 27, 2012

      super so we have no many that episode XD

    • :) March 21, 2012


    • HentaiFTW June 29, 2012

      Can someone please post the second ep.! the anime is HEroAR and I can only find downloads for it, nothing on the internet.

    • Sui July 12, 2012

      Holy fuck! Were on youporn! No need to pixelate and censor the best parts! And wtf was that? Pixelate a hentai but not the real ones? Thats just unfair.

    • loli September 30, 2012


    • lol September 30, 2012

      oohhhh yyyeess

    • Rada September 30, 2012

      I wonder what people think when they see her by didlos...

    • Jill October 3, 2012

      Uhh fail, female ejaculate is not yellow nor is it piss. I lost brain cells.

    • Trololol October 5, 2012

      Nice in the train :D

    • chimenx October 10, 2012


    • Ur MOM!! October 5, 2012

      Ending is epic :DDD

    • Fucking master September 23, 2012

      I fucked my teacher last night

    • Uncle mike September 22, 2012

      if you want second episode go to hentaischool just type it in google there will be second episode of it

    • rayot July 28, 2012

      i wish i am Fujino

    • fangirl July 19, 2012

      i want to do the train scene with someone

    • Somebody that you used to know August 1, 2012

      comon somone just post ep2 please!!

    • wtf August 29, 2012

      what is the hentai title of the 1st video with the soldier

    • wtf September 20, 2012

      i wish i was fujino

    • F*** September 4, 2012

      i wish i could be the man

    • Jesus February 22, 2012

      So 10 min fapping 15 to get down here to write this comment just to say ............... I want moar i want a girl who needs my cock soooo bad she fucks me on a train nice

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