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white wife wants black dick (interracial)

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April 23, 2009
By: Anonymous User

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    • Jenna & Hubby August 23, 2014

      My husband loves to watch me with my black lover. He films every episode when we are together. When we go out it is the 3 of us lots of times and I usually sit in between them and have my wedding ring on of course and a lot of people must wonder, is she married to the black man or the white man and he lets the black man have me. Sometimes I will sit next to my lover with my husband sitting next to him and that always gets stares. I always dress in very short and very tight clothes with stockings and heels. I want everybody to look at us and wonder. Yes, I can still turn most men's heads and my lover is one sexy black man with an incredible body. I have had two babies with my lover over the time we have all been together and my husband loves to watch as my bull empties himself in me. He loves the idea of filming me getting knocked up by a black man, so do I :-) If I had to do over I would be with my lover but my husband takes good care of me as long as he can film me. I make sure my bull is worn out before I let him We are working on another baby. I am just turning the big 40 and my husband wants to have a big party and invite my lover and his friends so he can watch me fuck bull after bull after bull. Not sure I want that. I love my lover and love his beautiful hard cock and don't want to mess that up. I don't want to take a chance of maybe having another man's baby other than my bull's. I will keep having them as long as I can and he wants to. My husband is ok with it and is financially able to. Ladies I have the best of both worlds a good and loving husband and a fantastic big black cock to use and use and use when I want.

    • Ann January 28, 2014

      I just had to come back and watch this again, it makes me so wet, I need a cock in my pussy

    • Mistress Margaret January 7, 2013

      Although I love seeing white women getting FUCKED by black men, since I have had that experience, I found the boyriend/husbands actions amusing. He definately want some of that black cock also. My husband loves blowing black men. If we did something like this, he would be all over the black man.

    • Diana February 12, 2013

      I just saw the biggest co... no i mean the biggest comment.

    • Prawn balls July 3, 2013

      i love that tight pussy, small black dick though. my white prong will beat any black tiddler in a cock fight guaranteed.

    • hope so May 11, 2013

      my wife tells mer about a black guy she works with and how she wanks about his black cock, turns me on so much, am sure she has fucked him!

    • Jacqueline December 3, 2012

      My tight pussy would not be so tight after getting done by his big thick cock

    • Jon November 23, 2012

      My wife works in a small office of a black owned towing business. When she started she didn't tell me that all the folks she would be working around were black men and I just found that our recently. What she did was get really excited about going back to work and she bought a bunch of clothing. All clothing I thought was inappropriate for an office -- short mini skirts, slip dresses, and the like. She told me, "Its a towing business for gawd sake!" Okay... so I also notice that she isn't wearing underwear under the slip dresses and I am curious what she is really into. Or who is into her... ha. I go up there one day to take her to lunch -- Surprise! She isn't in the office but her car is out front. I tell the guys that I am here to take her to lunch and they say she will be back shortly and put a call out for her. She comes out of the back room area and her lipstick is worn away and she needs to replentish it... her hair is messy and she smells like sperm. She admitted to me later that she has been having "A little fun with the boys." But more and more came out over time and so now the full truth is that she is their "Office Fuck Toy"... apparenlty all of the take her in back for a ride when every they are horny. She apparently gets ridden more than the Lone Ranger's horse. She took me up there on an off day when no one was in and showed me the back room and it is a bedroom - a very nice bedroom. While we were there she told me she spends most of her time back there getting fucked and she gave me a nice BJ cause I got really horny thinking about it. The thing that I find most incredible about it is that there is no door on the room -- just beads that hang like a curtain. Anyone that goes back there can see what is going on in there. She laughed and told me she wanted to show me something... we went out to the front desk. She showed me behind the counter they have video rolling and can see everything going on like it is their own private porn show. I could see the empty bedroom and bed in the life video. So they are all watching her fuck and suck during the day and watching each other in action! Apparently they all try to top each other getting her into odd positions and making her do different things. I asked her, "Do they ever gangbang ya?" She said, "Not yet." [like she is really looking forward to it though] I know this sounds sick. I guess I am a horny bastard but it bothered me more than I couldn't see the action or participate. She told me she would copy some of the DVDs and bring them home for me to watch. Wowser! So they have been recording her like she is there entertainment for a few months now and have a big porn collection all featuring my wife in all her glory taking black cocks! Can't wait to see.

    • Mick July 27, 2012

      my wife watched this vid and now she have 2 black lovers i have a 5in dick thin she gets a 9in and a 8in cock im her maid

    • sid June 30, 2012

      I know her husband is prowd of her she did a great jon on the black guy He also did a good job on her, he was exelent for staying in that guys wife for so long. five stars goes to him. She will want more black dick I am sure.

    • Matt89 August 20, 2012

      wish my bird would take me up on the offer of fucking a bbc in front of me!!! she does love to suck a fat cock!!

    • butuli August 22, 2012

      Hot ass

    • Too fly November 23, 2012

      White boys are trippin!!! Hahahah trickass mutherfuckers.

    • Peter October 21, 2012

      My g/f almost lost her job recently. Her boss is black - she sucked his cock, he fucked her in the ass, she fucked his wife. He fucks her almost everyday. She comes home to me with a wet cum filled pussy. I get to her fuck her when I want & how I want. She gets black cock. She keeps her job. Everyone is happy.

    • wife July 8, 2013

      lol kine u are funny

    • POLOSO November 6, 2013

      el mejor ke t e vistooooooo graciasssss....como te llamassss lindaaaa

    • sweetrubywine July 28, 2015

      that's all I want is black dick

    • Linn July 22, 2015

      It's the most amazing feeling in the world being knocked up by a big black cock.

    • Ali August 6, 2015

      @Linn and Rubywine, I agree with both of you so much. I am addicted to black cock, that's all I want now. Every time my bull bust his load into me, I am praying to get knocked up. I know it is going to be the best feeling in the world. I am looking forward to it more than anything in this world. I am proud to be my bull's woman.

    • sweetrubywine August 11, 2015

      that's why we white women love black dick they fuck us so good I love sucking and fucking black dick and these south Alabama black men fuck me so good

    • Ali August 22, 2015

      @sweetrubywine, come over to Arizona for a visit. I have got several handsome delicious bull's who loved to fuck white pussy. We can have fun doing 3somes and 4somes. I would love to eat one of my bull's loads out of an sexy Alabama woman. How about you my dear, do you like to taste a well used filled pussy that a black cock has had his way with?

    • Ali July 8, 2015

      There has never a time when I don't thank my bull for busting his nut deep in me. It's another chance of being bred. He knows how much I want his baby. I don't give a damn about my husband, all I want is my handsome bull.

    • sweetrubywine March 16, 2015

      I love to have my white legs around his black ass

    • Lenna December 31, 2013

      Love to share my body with BBC and my hubby.I need cocks all shapes and collor we do not discriminate. Agood fuck does not hurt it only relaxes, share dont be gready.

    • hool April 16, 2012

      Reminds me of my ex-girlffriend.

    • Ann I want it hard January 20, 2014

      This white wife wants a big black cock, mmmm nice and deep inside me, husband away the pussy will play

    • Karen loves bbc October 23, 2014

      @ Blackman.....I would have gladly let you try to knock me up. It would gave been a pleasure having you in me with that nice long chocolate bar of yours. You are what I love to call my bull's a BABY MAKER. My legs would be spread for you anytime. Wish I could have met you.

    • bystanderj March 14, 2015

      Lots of kissing, my wife and I like that.

    • coolguy August 18, 2013

      you guys are pretty funny

    • Janet April 12, 2012

      My black lover loves me to wear susspenders and stockings and I love to please him mind you when he cumms I love watching his face and feeling his black cock throbbing inside me I love it

    • Lennon October 20, 2010

      i am going to fuck pussy for ever

    • Sonya September 28, 2010

      Why are they playing The Pointer Sisters' Jump?

    • charlene November 10, 2010

      i would love that sexy gorgeous man to make love to me all night mmmm

    • paul November 22, 2010

      white women love black

    • jack December 26, 2010

      2lennon if u hav a big cock i would like u to fuck hard my fiancee her pussy is nice and tight and she is good in all position lastime we fuck im the who get burst and i made 5times straight cum i want 2 see her top of you wile drelling ur coming in and out 2 her tight pussy lets see how much many times will u cum to her while am watching i keep cuming my self thats to hot

    • AUSTRALIAN BILL December 9, 2010


    • meme September 27, 2010

      oh, if i could be fucked like a man like him....

    • double couple September 13, 2010

      This picture shows real love! The husband watches how his wife really enjoys her lover. When she received his sperm and is trying to raise his cock again with her mouth, her husband fucks her from behind and obviously loves to feel the lovers sperm inside his wifes pussy, so he came as well. And finally the lover fucked her very long and very good. So all three of them had a great time, the pussy was filled with hot cocks for nearly an hour. Great video, hope they will continue having great fun.

    • mike s June 23, 2010

      Just look at her erect nipples when she strokes that dick at first, she was really looking forward to have her hairy pussy pumped full of sperm.

    • steve May 29, 2010

      yes, this woman is hot in bed..passionate and knows how to enjoy herself and the man she is fucking!

    • Bill July 15, 2010

      One of the best I've seen.Thge couple should make another one but should pay attention to sound,lighting and should show more of her face when she is being screwed.

    • Robert Arg July 21, 2010

      I never seen a woman and her housband enjoying a black dick so much ! I hope there's more for all of us ...

    • mike August 15, 2010

      yes,she knows how.....mmmh

    • blackman January 14, 2011

      hey Im the black brazilian guy in the video,just want you to know this gorgeous "Lili" latina got pregnant when I fucked her,as you can see in the vid. her name is Sandra,this was back in the '83 and she had this boyfriend taht let me creapie her.She is argentinian, god I wish I could hard fucker her argentinian pussy again

    • blackman January 15, 2011

      here is the daughter that came out of this sandra's impregnation

    • wife blackened February 18, 2012

      I love these type of videos. It's no secret that white wives fantasize about getting fucked by a black guy. Now it seems alot of husbands are starting to enjoy the idea as well. I'd love for a guy like this to fuck my wife.

    • jas November 30, 2011

      i want to watch my wife get nice black cock ,any in the uk

    • crossdresser jon February 29, 2012

      very sexy video i'd love to watch a black guy fuck my wife and while he's doing her i'd lick his cock suck his balls and lick her arse.

    • shammo March 9, 2012

      WTF is the boyfriend doing licking his woman's juice off another man's cock? Has he got no fucking pride?

    • Lidia April 5, 2012

      Anyone know the couple in this video? They look like a couple I used to know, but it is hard to tell as the quality is poor.

    • @shammo March 18, 2012

      no, his pride is taken from him by the dominant black master...lucky boyfriend :-)

    • Properstuff October 30, 2011

      One of the best i have seen.....nice sensual scene.....

    • Maineerr October 21, 2011


    • riss561 April 23, 2011

      i love sex please fuck me please

    • brezlaw January 15, 2011

      hey man in the video, it sounds about right to me as youve got anita bakers album and quincy jones 'bodyheat' album playing in the background which was around 83. what happened to sandra?

    • yo July 7, 2011

      dirty slut draining the black pipe.

    • mike July 30, 2011

      would love to lick a mans cock while hes fucking my wife

    • Mike September 29, 2011

      Where is her wedding band?

    • mike May 27, 2010

      this woman knows how to enjoy....mmmm

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