RealityKings' DareDorm Puts Pornhub's Twerking Butt to the test. Location: Sexy dorm party. Watch as one man transcends the barrier between Woman and Machine.. with his dick. See the FULL SCENE HERE!
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Hot Brunette Fucked In Her Dorm

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    • deegeebee September 16, 2011

      Fuck what all that shit is, i know you want some bohemian pussy fucking. Just think you can spray an artistic one of a kind load of semen on my face. Perhaps it may look like a Rembrandt.

    • HARRY September 14, 2011


    • HARRY September 14, 2011


    • t September 11, 2011

      how live's in the netherlands and want to have a nice day? im a male and im looking for a girl ! thats want to fuck

    • Lora September 24, 2011

      Weird guy had to jerk off so long to cum and where are the guys faces?

    • Pedja 93 September 30, 2011

      What's this? Everybody wanna bang that Ashley? NO one has a real GF?o.O

    • jim October 8, 2011

      would love to put my dick into her wet hole and then I would love to do her up the butt

    • NAME October 6, 2011

      it is '' STEPHANIE CANE '' ;)

    • Captnawesomeo September 30, 2011

      looks a bit like katy perry :D

    • vv September 10, 2011

      I love the dick!

    • moi September 9, 2011

      lold after she says she wants it on her face shes surprised about his cock being there

    • Boxer August 15, 2011

      hot vid

    • jj August 9, 2011

      she really needs to shut up...

    • ... August 8, 2011

      shes a bad actor!

    • David S. August 8, 2011

      To the commenter who asked why women are watching porn? Dude, you can't be serious --- surely you aren't that backward? It's 2011, not 1911...

    • hot barbie August 17, 2011

      the cock is big

    • haha August 26, 2011

      oh my god

    • Kapish September 6, 2011

      Nice lady fucked by him well

    • boob man September 6, 2011

      even i wish that my sis had hot friend with big tits

    • Doi September 2, 2011

      Ha he missed twice XD

    • Damn October 10, 2011

      Those blue socks

    • Where is Ashley? October 12, 2011

      So lonely without Ashley....AND she really does have nice BIG tits!

    • jezz December 7, 2011

      fuck fuck fuck

    • raul December 6, 2011

      Solo quiero meterle el pene en una puta vagina

    • elmichuacanojm December 6, 2011

      man the girl is so hot i will fuck her dont you thick so

    • hotboy December 5, 2011

      i want girl like that

    • sam December 8, 2011


    • hornytori December 9, 2011

      This was priceless. So fucking hot, my pussy was throbbing and so wet the whole time. Anyone got a game coming up? (;

    • Nikole December 13, 2011

      Marine one, I def would be up for that if you wanna once you get back

    • sexy December 11, 2011

      i love the noise the couch made while they where fucking XD also how he cumed in her eye

    • rayanxxx December 11, 2011

      Que nenas tan ricas yo quiero una

    • :) December 2, 2011

      Whats the guys name :D !?

    • reshma call me November 23, 2011

      reshma i will fuck u so hard reply if u that pussy to cum

    • Bill Clinton October 28, 2011

      girl....sometimes you should just say NO

    • noone October 23, 2011

      oh hoot guy sooo sexy and perfect cock

    • Nomad October 20, 2011

      @pedja93.. its porn mate majority of ppl woudlnt thats why their on here to rub one out! And ashley is being a cock tease and gettin their hopes up.

    • a chick October 30, 2011

      i want that nice cock

    • Tim November 12, 2011

      Image this over 10 million people have seen this vid at least 1 of them should of known her

    • rk November 21, 2011

      u v v sexsi

    • reshma November 20, 2011

      uhh..uuhh...ahhh..OMG ..uh.uh. my pusssy.. so wet n throbbing.. waiting.. i cnt cntrol now..uhh....plz eat my pussy..right nw..

    • johan November 14, 2011

      I wouldve love to fuck!

    • Dr. Jones August 7, 2011

      hope he shoots better with a basketball than he did shooting at her face.

    • t August 4, 2011

      hahaha fuck it

    • dickhead May 30, 2011

      omg..ashley u are very...LOL and u guys..get a life and fuck any real girls instead of having as a girl ur hand ;)

    • Nick May 29, 2011

      hey ashley... wanna have some fun? ;)

    • ashley May 23, 2011

      i dont wanna fuck anymore you guys, you are pussys i think imma fuck myself... again.

    • ashley May 20, 2011

      yeah, thats right, come on guys i wanna have fun!

    • KATLYN May 31, 2011

      nice video...guy was acting like a stuck up bitch in the beginning...and will that girl just shut up??

    • Doug June 2, 2011

      Fuck those cheerleaders and their pompoms

    • Ashley June 8, 2011

      Nick: not anymore, bet u dont even have a real cock, pussy just like the other ones, the just say, WANNA HAVE FUN? and they never mean it, whatever, im a hot bitch, with real big tits, nice ass, and the rest is 4 ur imagination, i can get a REAL guy.

    • 18 inch cock June 7, 2011

      i'd miss any basketball game to fuck a girl

    • mary June 6, 2011

      that was a hell of a cock!!! WOW!!!

    • random 8" cock in ur face May 18, 2011

      so many ppl ask ashely if she's DTF but she already said yes so give her ur info and get fucking already dam

    • OoO May 13, 2011

      i like the plot for this one. REALLY hot girl!

    • ahhh May 1, 2011

      what's the guys name? please. Nick what?

    • wow April 25, 2011

      stop it with the "you wanna fuck?" comments cause you don't even know what they look like and where they fucking live

    • .... April 24, 2011

      Put that back in(;

    • ustntyme May 6, 2011

      I can fuck twice as fast as that and I am very athletic and physically fit

    • ashley May 8, 2011

      sure bryan!! everybody's invited!! ;)

    • abe May 10, 2011

      cum suck my throbbing dick ashley

    • marco May 9, 2011


    • big cock May 8, 2011

      i can blast her hole easily

    • Enoch June 9, 2011

      Ashley...Plenty of real guy's around. Perhaps youv'e been unlucky.

    • Ashley June 14, 2011

      Enoch: wt? P U S S Y S!! bet ur only gf is ur hand

    • fhina23 July 16, 2011

      oww... i read all coment guys.... the girl was hott// who want fuck try to check me out bby? if u want to have ome fun visit me in streamate models lol i have a hot body hi ashley i know ur hot bby and u very horny.. lol,, pls responce this coment ty

    • Tom July 14, 2011

      He is so not professional he shouldn't have fucked before the game!

    • Skyla July 13, 2011

      I'm so fucking horny. My boyfriend needs to hurry up and get home!

    • bamm July 6, 2011

      i'd fuck you stephanie cane your fkn hot

    • J July 20, 2011

      What is her name

    • J July 20, 2011

      I need to know her name

    • d August 3, 2011

      how did he do on his game?

    • fhina23 July 25, 2011

      MmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmMmM YUMMY..... i want fuck.. im wet now.. J... or zombies.. will u fuck me... who want fuck me try to fined me.. lol responce this coment ty

    • ZOMBIES July 24, 2011

      HI GUYS

    • oouuaahh July 6, 2011

      I'd like a good luck fuck before my next game!

    • Cock July 1, 2011

      Wow! Got one helluva hard on! Ahhhhhhhh

    • lol June 16, 2011

      thats stephanie cane

    • sexylicious June 15, 2011

      uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum i need a hard dick 2 handle me right now

    • stephnie cane June 14, 2011

      after waching me getting banged any 1 interested in fucking me harder than this clip...?

    • Stephanie Cane June 19, 2011

      lol u think im hot, im not hehe, they had 2 pay him a lot 2 fuck me haha, i was facking the hole thing.

    • sandra June 26, 2011

      mmm my pussy is sooo wet right now

    • stephanie cane June 30, 2011

      i know it was awful, i am a bad actress, and i scream too much, im a bitch

    • bamm June 29, 2011

      hey ashley you still wanna have some fun ;) im not scared

    • bamm June 27, 2011

      hey ashley you still hot and horny ;)

    • roxanne December 19, 2011

      he is sooo hot!!!!!!!!

    • Nice Guy December 22, 2011

      Sure, i want to cum in your tight pussys

    • OLDER October 9, 2012

      YESBAB $$$$$$

    • raman September 30, 2012

      this is a very fentastitct sort

    • SPUNK1 September 20, 2012


    • raymond September 8, 2012


    • jada October 14, 2012

      iam horny

    • imnext October 14, 2012

      U dirty lil sexy whore

    • holy shit November 30, 2012


    • fuckme November 7, 2012

      i'd love to get fucked :)

    • abby October 18, 2012

      ilove this video.... im so horny shit... after i watch this video i call my husband and ask him to go home early so that we have a sex...

    • Roy September 8, 2012

      Stephanie is one hot actress no doubt

    • a real September 5, 2012


    • gezza August 21, 2012

      no one will ever get between me and my love again u hear me ?? no one

    • Dicksucker August 7, 2012

      He can fuck my tight ass pussy. Yum :p

    • viper1312 July 31, 2012


    • fila August 21, 2012

      i am the street dream

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