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Buckets Of Cum (Cumpilation) 83 Girls & 96 Cums

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    • Me July 25, 2013

      4:14 is the best! What's her name?

    • Lucky Wanker July 19, 2012

      Oh. I see. I'm not a lonely wanker: There is Tim, Willy, Bryan who have reported about their wanking activities. I am convinced there are hundreds of anonymous wankers watching youporn and enjoy their orgasms just like me every day. Would be great for me, and of course also for Angelina, to read their comments. I was at least two hours on youporn today, and needless to say I did it with great pleasure. I wonder sometimes, how my balls can produce do much cum every day.

    • stallion July 18, 2012

      i want that on me

    • Angelina (19yrs) July 17, 2012

      Tim --- Super! Well done! Keep stiff and get on with it. I'd like watching you wank.

    • Tim July 17, 2012

      gave up counting my wanks, figure I'm on here at least once a day, so I'm prolly up to 200+ for the year. stroking it right now to this video...

    • Tim July 20, 2012

      Best way to end my day, rub one out while watching video here & reading the comments Lucky - wonder the same thing myself sometimes. Angelina - I'd like that

    • Lucky Wanker July 21, 2012

      Tim -- Check "sativa rose cumshot compilation" and "Mayas Massive cumshots". Two of my favourite videos. Exellent to wank to. Have fun!!

    • superStroker July 24, 2012

      Hey lucky and guys love ready your comments while stroking! I shoot a lot every day (3-8 times) and love to think about stroking off with other guys while I do it...makes me shoot so much harder!

    • Maggie July 23, 2012

      I love bukkake, I love to be sprayed with cum. Therefore I want to become a pornstar.

    • Me July 22, 2012

      Look at 08:05 min . W HA T a mouth.....drug filled horny bitch ... YES !

    • Lucky Wanker July 21, 2012

      Tim - Also check "Magic Moments - Cumshot Compilation"

    • Willy the Wanker July 16, 2012

      ANGELINA -- Thanks for you comment. While I am wanking now, I am thinking of having a 69 with you, whereby I am the 6. With this fantasy I cum quicker and stronger.

    • Lov porn 3 July 14, 2012

      Nice cumshots here getting hard

    • Petra July 2, 2012

      Angelina -- I love to watch my bf jerk off while he watches youporn videos. He mostly ejaculates within 3 Minutes, and he loves me watching him doing it.

    • Tim June 30, 2012

      comments are almost as much fun as the videos, Angelina - regards to June 9 comment, I love stroking it to see how long I can make it last before I have to shoot

    • Angelina (19yrs) June 26, 2012

      bryan -- Oh I see you are back to my jerkers. Welcum. I‘d like to watch your cock ejaculate. I am very curious in that respect, I‘d always like to know how long it takes a man to actually shoot his load when he wanks by himself. How long did your last wank last??

    • Angelina (19yrs) June 26, 2012

      Lucky Wanker -- You‘re welcum to be my 6. It would certainly be better for you, to ejaculate once (or twice) into a girl‘s mouth instead of your usual tissues. Please lick my pussy and especially my clitoris very gently and I‘ll come probably before you. Fantasizing this, makes me masturbate now. Haven‘t done it for days. By the way, do you have your wank Nr. 200 in 2012 behind you? Should be possible, since you had your 150th on May 18th , as I can read above. Keep stiff!!

    • Lucky Wanker July 10, 2012

      Today is the 192nd day of the year 2010 and I just had my 215th wank in 2012. I am somewhat proud of it. I absolutely love to surf around youporn, to get a hard cock watching all these fantastic girls getting fucked and the boys showing great cumshots. And then I start to wank and after a while I also produce a super ejaculation. Thank you youporn. See you again tomorrow for my 216th. Can‘t wait.

    • Willy the Wanker July 12, 2012

      Lucky Wanker - - - I started to count mine on May 24th this year (see below) and I enjoyed my 50th handmade cumshot today.This video had 4,713,412 viewers so far. Incredible. There must be 4,713,412 other wankers.

    • Angelina (19yrs) July 25, 2012

      Tim -- How exciting to know that my comments turn you on. Allow me a question: Are you a right handed - or a left handed wanker? I am curious, because a girlfriend told me, that left handed wankers shoot off quicker than right handed ones. Me personally, I wank my boyfriend(s) off with my left hand. And I must say, ejaculations take place rather quickly. I always love to look very closely to a cock when he shoots his load off. It‘s terribly exciting, that‘s why I watch cumshot compilations on youporn. Good luck with your wanks, keep stiff and have fun.

    • Angelina (19yrs) July 14, 2012

      @Willy the Wanker -- Well done Willy. As I wrote before, it excites me when men talk about their wanks, and I adore ejaculating cocks, That‘s why I like to watch cumshot compilations. Needless to say, that I also like to give handjobs and blowjobs. Thinking of and watching all these sperm shooting dicks, I need an orgasm now. With my vibrating dildo I shurely will have one (or more).

    • Mouthalex July 13, 2012

      girl name at 01:08 please

    • Lucky Wanker July 13, 2012

      Hi Willy --- Yes, you never wank alone. Now 4,716,242 views are shown. - Congrats to you 50th. Which is your favourite pornsite? Keep stiff and keep getting on within. Every erection is a waste, if you don't jerk it off.

    • bryan June 25, 2012

      Lucky and Angelina- missed you both. Both STILL fuckin' HOT! I've been jerking off elsewhere lately (xvid), but nice to cum back and jerk to your comments.

    • Angelina (19yrs) July 25, 2012

      Hi superStroker -- Would you like me watching you stroking your cock? An ejaculating cock is something that fascinates and makes my cunt so wet ,that I have to masturbate. Would you like watching me doing it? My boyfriend does.

    • Lucky Wanker August 22, 2012

      Angelina --- I screwed that girl 5 times. She liked it the best doggy style.When she came, she screamed out loud. Luckiely my neighbour was on holiday, he would have thougt I was torturing somebody. She started the game with a gentle blowjob. I eventually ejaculated over her very sexy shaped ass. You guessed right. I‘ve done it 250 times this year.

    • DAAA August 25, 2012

      3:47 to 3:58 Shawna Lenee, but who is at 4:14?????

    • Angelina (19yrs) August 21, 2012

      Lucky Wanker --- She should have been glad, to have such a potent bf like you, who fucks her when she feels like and jerks in her absence. Question: How were her blowjobs? Or didn‘t she do it? How many wanks have you had this year? Today is the 234th day 2012. Did you accomplish your 250th? I wouldn‘t be surprised if you did even more. Keep stiffmy friend, and get on with it.

    • Lucky Wanker August 16, 2012

      I am single again. After I told my girlfriend today about my daily passionate wanking to youporn, and after I made her read my comments here and elswhere such as to „Sativa Rose cumshot compilation“ she called me a real dirty bastard, and off she went. So what! I remember now what fucking a woman is like. Much more complicated than an honest wank. My next erections and ejaculations will belong to youporn girls.

    • Lucky Wanker August 12, 2012

      My latest news: Unbelievable! I have a girlfriend. We see each other about 3 times a week, and then we mostly make love. She is a great fuck. This, however, does not stop me to wank to youporn on the days she is not with me. And to be honest, I prefer wanking. I do it, when I feel like it, and not when Madam is ready for a fuck after a silly foreplay.

    • Angelina (19yrs) August 27, 2012

      Lucky Wanker -- At least you experienced the difference between lonely wanking and fucking a girl. I fully understand, that some men - like you - prefer wanking to screwing women. I wonder which woman could stand it to be fucked as often as you jerk off. To get fucked every single day, and some days more than once, would honestly be far too much for me. I have no intention to stop you masturbate. To the contrary, I admire fellows who can do it every day. An orgasm a day is surely a great pleasure for any man. So get on with it, as long as you get your necessary erections. I get horny, when you talk about your wanking habits here in this forum. Then I do the equivalent to my cunt what you do to your cock. I enjoyed a beautiful hand- and dildomade orgasm today. Go to „sativa rose cumshot compilation“ and read my latest comment there.

    • Harry August 28, 2012

      Angelina --- You are a fucking hot chick. Hotter than this video.

    • Fred September 4, 2012

      96 cums?? Not true. I had four. That makes 100

    • Harry September 4, 2012

      Angelina -- Yes you did. It was like fucking you.

    • Pornado September 1, 2012

      WHO IS ON 00:14 ???????

    • Angelina (19yrs) August 29, 2012

      Thank you Harry --- I take it as a compliment. I hope, I made you jerk.

    • shootthickcumcam August 9, 2012

      Id love to have you watch me make it shoot for you, where do you wanna watch

    • Alsob August 8, 2012

      08.05 Name Please

    • Lucky Wanker July 29, 2012

      Just wearing a T-shirt, I am sitting here in front of two screens. On my right my PC, where I watch Youporn Cumshot Compilation videos, and on my left my TV, where I‘m playing a very hot Porno-DVD. This is now real jerking time. After having shot off once tremendously about half an hour ago, my cock grows now slowly to an other erection. Writing this comment now, my cock became so hard, that I am jerking now with great pleasure. ............... ! Now, five minutes later... OMG, it is done. I enjoyed an enormous orgasm again. Originally hand made like all the others before. I had no tissue ready, so I shot on the floor.

    • Tim July 28, 2012

      Angelina - I do it right handed, thought the left hand works. I've never really noticed a difference in how long it takes to cum, prolly cos I'm too busy enjoying it

    • Lucky Wanker July 28, 2012

      Maggie -- I'd be the first who would spray your face with my cum. I've just wasted a good load of cum into tissues.

    • Lucky Wanker July 25, 2012

      Angelina -- Had you asked me, I would have told you, that I am a right hand wanker. If I did it with my left hand, I'd probably never cum. What a desaster this would be for me as a passionate wanker like me. By the way, I managed it twice today.

    • Lucky Wanker July 29, 2012

      I wish all the 96 cumshots would have been mine. I need to shoot off into a female face.

    • Anon July 29, 2012

      Who is the girl 27:07? God, she's sexy!

    • Angelina (19yrs) August 7, 2012

      shootthickcumcam -- I like your comment. Have lots of fun with your cock. I'd like to see you playing with it and how you make him ejaculate.

    • shootthickcumcam August 7, 2012

      hey angelina, i love to jerk off for a few hours before i let myself cum and i shoot all over wish i could in your mouth, id love to have you watch me stroke my cock for you and cum all over with you mmmm so hard now

    • Anal Lover August 4, 2012

      who is the girl in the 19:14?? She is hot!!

    • Willy the wanker August 1, 2012

      My balls must have an overproduction of sperms, because I have already jerked off three times today. Watching all these cumshot compilations, I feel now, that I‘m going to do it for the fourth time. My cock is already rockhard.

    • Lucky Wanker June 19, 2012

      Angelina -- Let ME be the 6 in that 69-game with you.

    • Tim June 15, 2012

      love watching these videos, especially ones where the girl finishes the guy off...@Angelina, love reading your comments, they excite me :)

    • Lucky Wanker March 11, 2012

      I‘ve tried not to watch youporn for 48 hours and to have two wank-free days. I didn‘t succeed at all. Already after 36 hours my cock wasn‘t happy at all with my resolution. He got up and told me, that he had missed the daily treatments I had given him the weeks and months before. I couldn‘t just ignore him, because he insisted more and more to be wanked, and he refused to go down without having ejaculated. What could I do? I went to visite this my favourite pornsite, and I gave him the orgasm he needed and missed so much. He fell asleep immediately after having shot off a respectful load, the savings of 36 hours. If he asks me (hopefully) for more tomorrow, I let him have it.

    • bryan March 12, 2012

      Lucky- I AM a regular viewer and jerk off often, but I wouldn't bring it up at a dinner party ( though, I would talk about it at an adult movie house). Not sure that it's a million that did it to THIS video- since I have about 35 times- that would be a million minus 34.

    • Lucky Wanker March 9, 2012

      The moment I clicked on this (fantastic) pornsite again, the statistics below showed 4.008.961 views. Am I right when I guess, that about 1/4 of the viewers, i.e. ONE MILLION people masturbated to this video? Incredible, isn‘t it? If one adds up the views of all youpornsites, there must have been so far maybe one billion views, i.e. the whole world watches youporn, and I‘m sure that more than 250‘000 million happy viewers masturbated watching it. I am just one of them. Strange enough that nobody admits to be an occasional or regular viewer. I love youporn. It keeps my cock busy.

    • Louis March 9, 2012

      Translator -- I exoected something in that sense. Tank you. Lilly is my type of women. She must be a great fuck!

    • Lucky Wanker March 7, 2012

      Angelina: --- Again your comment is very hot! By the way, 60+ wanks this year is not a bad guess, cause yesterday I enjoyed my 70th home- and handmade orgasm this year watching: --- and thinking of you made be cum quicker and stronger. Now it‘s time for Nr. 71. For that purpose I‘ll go now to „The Ultimate Cumshot Compilation“. My cock is well prepared and awaits a spectacular ejaculation. I need one badly.

    • Lucky Wanker March 13, 2012

      bryan -- I like your comment.

    • Sperma Lilly March 25, 2012

      Weil ich abspritzende Schwänze so gerne sehe, komme ich wieder hier zu Besuch. Da werde ich scharf wie eine Peperoni und nass wie ein duchtränkter Schwamm. Da muss ich einfach masturbieren. Sperma ahoi! Grüsse aus Hamburg. Vielleicht wird dieser Beitrag wieder ins Englische übersetzt:

    • Angelina (19yrs) April 5, 2012

      I have no boyfriend available at the moment who could satisfy me properly, so I came on a visit here again and I now madly masturbate to these well-shaped ejaculating cocks. The two orgasms I‘ve already given myself felt far better than when I get fucked or sucked. I also wondered, if Bryan, Lucky Wanker and other „old wanker friends“ were still jerking as hard and often as ever, and if they had maybe left some new comments about their sexual activities. Maybe they could let me know, on which other pornsites they leave their cum and comments. I love when men describe their wanks. I wish then, I could jerk their rockhard dicks off and feel the warm cum in my hands.

    • Fred Flintstone April 4, 2012

      Fred NEEDS a blowjob! haha...that is all this time.

    • Dr. Zoidberg March 28, 2012

      why only one guy honoured the great music in the beginning? DIESEL POWER! PRODIGY FTW! :D

    • Lucky Wanker March 26, 2012

      bryan -- check the latest comments on *peter-north-s-pov-top-20°

    • Translator March 7, 2012

      @Louis --- Sperma Lilly said: „I sucked two cocks at the same time yesterday. Both ejaculated almost at the same time. Wonderful. Later I was fucked by both. I get a wet pussy just thinking of it.“ --- Herbert said: „Good to know that such dirty-minded women like you (Sperma Lilly) still exist. I imagine you have a super-ass and big tits inviting men to a titfuck.“

    • bryan March 6, 2012

      Angelina- Love to see you practice THAT technique. You ARE the HOTTEST! And titfucking ain't everything. I bet you can get us all cumming quickly in other ways (you already do). Even with smaller tits, bet your body is still SMOKIN' !!! Next time I watch the SIMI video, I will picture you and REALLY enjoy jerking off. When I CUM, I will fantasize about cumming all over your tits.

    • finder February 22, 2012

      who is the girl/clip a 0:40 ?

    • bryan February 22, 2012

      Lucky- I'm jerking off to Angel Dark as well tonight. Cock is hard, pumping away, picturing you doing the same, and picturing Angelina taking care of herself as well (but watching hard cocks in action). Porn is a wonderful thing.

    • Lucky Wanker February 20, 2012

      Angelina Darling --- Today is the 51st day of the year and I‘m 4 days (at least 4 wanks) behind my schedule. I had a very bad cold for a few days and I had no intension to masturbate or even to fuck a girl (sorry, including you). Now I‘m topfit again and my cock reacts to youporn as much as ever, hard as a rock. To catch up, I jerked off twice today. I did it - and always do it - sitting in front of my computer screen. At the same time I play a Porn-DVD on my TV. Double the pleasure. The pornsites I visit for my wanking, are the ones you find below this pornsite, all sorts of cumpilations (hard ejaculating cocks, as you like it). Specially this one and Sativa Rose. Wanna bet, by February 29th I‘ll be up to date again, i.e. having had my hand-made orgasm Nr.60+ behind me. I‘m going to watch now „Angel Dark masturbating in stockings“ believing you were masturbating. I‘m sure this will seduce me again.... (I‘ll let you know).

    • Angelina (19yrs) February 19, 2012

      Angelina Hi Lucky Wanker -- Today is the 50th day of the year 2012. Are you still on your daily job? Have you had your 50th wank this year? Or even more? By the way, when you‘re jerking off, do you do it in an upright - or sit down position?? I‘d like to see it. Which other pornsites do you usually visite before or when you start wanking? I‘ll spend a visite there, too. I might also masturbate, if the video meets my taste (hard ejaculating cocks). I might imagin yours.

    • Sperma Lilly, Hamburg February 23, 2012

      Ich hatte heute gleichzeitig 2 Schwaenze gelutscht, beide spitzten fast gleichzeitig ab. Wunderbar. Gefickt wurde ich später. Meine Pussy wird wieder nass, wenn ich nur daran denke.

    • Herbert February 29, 2012

      Gut, dass es noch so geile, versaute Weiber gibt, wie du eines bist. Ich stelle mir vor, du hast einen Superarsch und grosse Titten, die zu einem Brustfick einladen.

    • Louis March 5, 2012

      Could someone translate Sperma Lilly's and Herbert's comment into Engish? I gather that must be hot stuff.

    • Angelina (19yrs) March 5, 2012

      @Lucky Wanker and Bryan --- I go regularly to your favourite pornsites such as this one, just to find out if you‘d written something new about your latest jerking-aktivities. It makes me feel very sexy when men talk about their masturbation habits, how and how often they do it, and how it actually takes till their cocks finally ejaculate a load of juicy cum. I‘d love to catch it with my mouth. - Lucky Wanker -- I enjoyed therefore your detailed report of February 20 above. You must have had already your jerk-number 65+ by now this year, Bravo. You made my pussy wet. I gave it a gentle rub and I felt a very strong orgasm. I‘m very happy for you and Bryan that you‘re still regularly on the job. I hope to read from you on other pornsites too. By the way, I read your comments on „Gorgeous Simi has an amazing body“. She looks a bit like me, only my tits are much smaller, not even big enough for a titfuck. If you‘re interested, I practice the same masturbation technique, but I come much quicker than she does. Keep stiff boys!

    • Lucky Wanker March 4, 2012

      bryan -- Thanks for the hint! I've just jerked off to "Gorgeous Simi has an amazing body". Read my comment there. I'm specially randy today. so I need badly another wank. I'll have one watching "Magic Moments - Cumshot Compilation". This vid nearly always makes me hard and ready to jerk and cum.

    • bryan March 3, 2012

      Lucky- Been jerking off these days to Simi Green. On Youporn and cumshot vid on xvid. Check her out and see if she gets you (or keeps you) hard and jerking.

    • Lucky Wanker April 12, 2012

      Angelina --- I‘m still busy with my wanking. I spend a lot of time with youporn every single day. I sit dressed with nothing but a shirt in front of the screen and play gently with my cock and my balls while I watch all sorts of porns. When I feel that my cock slowly gets erected, I go then to the many „cumshot compilations“, such as this video, where then I really start jerking till I shoot off into a tissue. It can easily be, that I repeat this procedure later the same day, if not, then certainly the next day. Today is the 103rd day of this year and I just jerked off for the 120th time, after having read your hot comment. However, I need to have a good fuck soon, when I could ejaculate into a tight cunt. Angelina, would you let me to fill your pussy with my warm sperms, after giving you a proper lickoff ??

    • Angelina (19yrs) April 14, 2012

      Lucky Wanker -- I‘d love to watch and assist you wanking, you might shoot off quicker. My tight and wet pussy would be ready for your stiff cock. I know that regular wankers are very good fuckers.

    • Lucky Wanker June 11, 2012

      Angelina -- When I wrote my latest comment (June 10th) yours (June 9th) had not yet been published. You are getting hotter and hotter. Reading your comment makes my cock stiff. If I hadn‘t had already 2 jerkoffs today, I‘d certainly have one now. And I‘d like to be a woman for 48 hours, just to know, what a female orgasm feels like. And as a woman I could have more than just two orgasms a day. Lucky Angelina! Tell us, does your boyfriend know, that you masturbate to youporn in his absence? How many orgasms can you produce a day, when you are really horny?? What do you prefer, fucking or cunnilingus? Do you practice doggy style? I bet, you have a beautiful face, and I‘d love to see it covered in bukkake cum, whereby I could have been the first who sprayed his load.

    • Lucky Wanker June 10, 2012

      Seeing that all the comments are back again, I‘d better leave a comment before they disappear again: Wanking is still one of my daily activities, and I still enjoy every single wank. After visiting various youpornsites for over an hour, I eventually ejaculated here at 1:40. White cum on a colored face looks great.

    • Angeline (19yrs) June 9, 2012

      I am sure, that there must be hundreds of man who wank and ejaculate loads of cum to this hot video this very moment. Hey boys, leave your comments here as to how and how often you do it, and how long you have to jerk till you shoot off. I‘m very interested. Reading such comments (like for example Lucky Wanker writes) make me totally horny and I musturbate madly and I feel like giving you all an unforgetable blowjob. My boyfriends always say, how fantastic I was at it. Yes, I‘m good at it, because love it. A hot cock feels not only heaven in my cunt, but also great in my mouth and I love to squeeze your balls while I‘m sucking. And I prefer to have the cumshots in my mouth than downstairs. Ok boys, keep stiff, enjoy your passioned wanks and share your pleasure with me. By the way, hey girls, I‘d also love to read your comments about your youporn-masturbation experiences.

    • cometomycum June 7, 2012

      Angelina STFU and suck my cock .....BITCH

    • Tamara June 11, 2012

      I‘m with you Angelina. An ejaculating cock is something beautiful to look at. When I look at men in the street I always imagine their cocks. Masturbation is my philosophie. I love it. For an orgasm I do not need a man. I do it better myself.

    • Louis June 13, 2012

      Angelina -- I am one of those who is wanking this very moment. Super!

    • j September 10, 2012

      im a straight dude but cum gets me off

    • Lucky Wanker June 15, 2012

      Angelina -- Yes, I am curious as far as female sex activities are concerned. Allow me one more question: Do you practice 69 with your boyfriends? I bet you do it! And of course your lovers aswell.

    • Lucky Wanker June 14, 2012

      Angelina -- Thank you for your information. As you said, reading it gave me an erection. I'm going to wank now to Sativa Rose cumshot, one of my favourite videos. Have a good fuck today. I wish you great orgasms. I wish I could screw you doggy style.

    • Angelina (19yrs) June 13, 2012

      Lucky Wanker -- You are a curious fellow. What you want to know is actually none of your business, but I know that reading sexy stuff makes your cock stiff and jerk. So I give you the pleasure. 1. My bf does not know about my masturbation. I have more pleasure doing it in secret. 2. I had days, when I did it 5 times. However, I don‘t do it daily like you. I mostly go 4 to 5 days without it. But when I get horny, I do it properly and more than just twice. 3. My bf fucks me not more than twice a week. But he has to suck my cunt for an orgasm. Yes, I prefer cunnilingus to fucking. Ordinary fucking does not make me come. It would have to be doggy style, because his cock pentrates my cunt much deeper, so I come more easily. Today I had my weekly masturbation day. I know, you randy chap would have loved to watch me doing it. Tomorrow I will probably be fucked by my bf. Keep stiff, and enjoy your daily wanks.

    • Licks me June 4, 2012

      Who is at 13 34 I wanna explode in her prison pocket

    • Willy the Wanker May 24, 2012

      @Lucky Wanker --- My cock loves the world of youporn, too. I also wank reguarly. But I wouldn‘t have thought of counting my ejaculations over a period of time. As from now on I‘ll start to count aswell, bet I'm gonna beat you. OK, today May 24th 2012: Wank Nr. 1. I shall report to you regularly. Keep stiff. Eat eggs and you shoot off masses of cum.

    • cumwhore April 21, 2012

      i just want to lick all that cum off thier faces.

    • Lucky Wanker April 21, 2012

      bryan -- Can't find address. Please specify:

    • Lucky Wanker April 20, 2012

      Angelina -- I'm now all prepared for a wank. Cock is stiff, tissues are ready. I fantasize that you‘re watching and assisting me doing it. Jerk, jerk.... Oh!! I‘m loving it........... (two minutes later:) I‘ve shot my load off, had an incredible orgasm! I‘m rather exhausted now, but satisfied. Tomorrow is another (wank-)day and Youporn‘s paradise has a lot to offer to crazy wankers like me. Have lots of fun with your sexual activities.I hope that some lucky fellow is gonna screw you properly.

    • bryan April 20, 2012

      Angelina and Lucky- You two are great. Cum visit me Bryan1 on xvid. We could have SO much fun.

    • viewer May 3, 2012

      Best porn video. Best cumshots. Nice to wank to.

    • Gentlemen May 14, 2012

      So hot, can't stop wanking.

    • Lucky Wanker May 23, 2012

      @bryan ---- Haven't heard from you for over a month. Have you given up wanking? If yes, do know what you're missing? I am still busy with my great hobby. As long as I can get erections, I'll get on with it.

    • Lucky Wanker May 21, 2012

      Angelina Darling --- I have my daily wanks mostly to the below indicated “related videos“. My top favourites are “Sativa Rose cumshot“ and “Peter North POV“. Peter‘s girls are real beauties. Quite often I also jerk to “Mayas Massive Cumshots“. When I watch Maya‘s handjobs, I get a stiff cock immetiately. If you want to learn how to wank a cock off properly, go and visit her video. She must win the PORNOSCAR 2012. Writing this message to you, I get an erection. I must now do something about it. Guess what it could be! Would you like to watch me ejaculate? Since I haven‘t wanked for 24 hours, I‘m expecting a huge load of cum. Tissues are ready. For that purpose I‘m going to visite „The Ultimate Cumshot Compilation“. You might like to read my comment there. The moment I shoot off, I‘ll be thinking of you.

    • Angelina (19yrs) May 19, 2012

      Lucky Wanker --- Well done. Congratulations. It makes me horny when men talk about their wanks. I wish you many more superorgasms. Keep stiff, keep wanking! To which youpornvid do you wank the most?

    • Lucky Wanker May 18, 2012

      Just had my 150th wank this year. Felt great as usual. I love youporn every day.

    • Angelina (19yrs) June 15, 2012

      Lucky Wanker --- Indeed, 69 is even my and my lover‘s favourite position. This way we can both enjoy a great orgasm. Important: I always want to be the 9, he can be the 6. @Tim: I like your comment.

    • Lucky Wanker September 10, 2012

      Thanks to the lovely youporn-girls I have just shot off a remarkable load of cum,

    • who @ 4:20 September 22, 2013

      who @4:20

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