TUSHY Exclusive: Riley Reid Is Sick of the Simple Life and Wants a New Adventure, Check out Her First Anal Scene. Bottoms Up!
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Squirter Cums Again and Again

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    • f January 22, 2011


    • hotty me January 26, 2011

      ugh! shit! can some other guys cum with me..

    • girl getting horny by the January 30, 2011

      my boyfriend cant get me to squirt let alone cum can you help him by a threesome any one??

    • arnold January 16, 2011

      yeah great to watch, but why does she have to rock that 1970`s porno bush? need to wax that.

    • SERBIA January 10, 2011

      OMG did u saw how she comes at 2:30 LOL waterfall >:D

    • just that guy December 31, 2010

      is that natalie portman

    • xoxox. January 5, 2011

      he knows h0w to lick.. can someone lick me like that..pls//

    • Clint January 31, 2011

      girl getting horny by the... Let me lick and suck ur pussy while ur bf watches. I gaurantee you will cum and squirt for me. 69 with me and my throbbing cock will be ready for some hot action, ur bf can join in and fuck you and even some gay action to help things along. Interested?

    • oscar February 7, 2011

      She's a pisser.

    • !!! February 12, 2011

      I make my girlfriend cum like this every time!

    • WolfeMan February 17, 2011

      Hahaha Cytheria's the queen, @ just that guy LOL hah I'm glad someone else thinks she looks like natalie portman

    • shy squirter February 18, 2011

      its so nice to see another girl who reacts the same way i do! the way her whole body reacts when she squirts is absolutely genuine! i miss my exbf lol!!!

    • . February 11, 2011

      I wish I could squirt. no matter how hard I fuck myself I can't squirt WTF

    • cesarps38 February 9, 2011

      yeahhhhhhh!!!!!! she is the best, cytheria i love you baby, great squirt, i want

    • jocelyn February 8, 2011

      HOT SEX

    • suze February 8, 2011

      oh man i was so hot on this one! this gal squirts like me when i fucked

    • alex December 31, 2010

      hahaha , w8 give me a sec

    • fuck me227 December 29, 2010

      cum baby CUM!!!!! man......i wish i were there i would com all over the place =)

    • bigal November 19, 2010

      i love making my gf squirt like that... so much fun.

    • old faker November 19, 2010

      i wer fak this girl in 2008

    • mexi_pussy November 20, 2010

      I love when my bf fucks me that harder and harder. That just made me very horny.....

    • badabing November 18, 2010

      mmm id love to be fucked like thatt

    • me November 17, 2010

      I'm in the NY area =)

    • Okay November 3, 2010

      If you can cum on a girls face you should not run when she squirts...what a pussy ass cameraman.

    • ohbabbyy November 12, 2010

      how can i learn to do that ? mmm sexy ass girl

    • tuttut November 22, 2010


    • cunty November 22, 2010

      thats was fuckin entertaining !! best porn actress definately goes to her...:)

    • omfg (female) December 15, 2010

      that look is when you know you pleasured her beyond belife i have had that happen twice now to were i was tottaly numb i mean i couldnt move and its the best thing in the world

    • Clint December 24, 2010

      So fucking horny watching this, I want to swap places with this guy

    • nick December 25, 2010

      wow..but no big deal i can make any girl cum like her..!

    • Gonzo December 11, 2010

      A+++ simply a classic !

    • ......... December 6, 2010

      OMG sooo fucking hott... love it... i came soo much just watching her cum & listening to her moan... omg MORE MORE!!!

    • wet wet wet November 28, 2010

      wow..this video remind me with my Korean bf,he did like this,am flying away squirting so many times,when he suck me harder and harder.... miss him now... gonna call and make love till squirting and flying....KMS am coming for ur cock................mmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

    • squirt lover December 2, 2010


    • penis February 21, 2011

      i wanna fuck her....

    • 1animal1 March 7, 2011

      i kinda feel sorry for her be n horney like that all the time!!! I know i'd have 2 work out 2 keep up with her every day, i could do it

    • Lilly June 2, 2011

      Not every man can make me squirt. But when a man makes me squirt I go for it. Love it.

    • jenahveve June 6, 2011

      im a straight girl but she makes me cum everytime! love her!

    • gr8_fucker June 6, 2011

      its nice to she a girl squirt again n again...:)

    • jerky May 30, 2011

      sry but this dude know how to fuck. omg

    • Real Squirt girl May 30, 2011

      So real the way she shakes, I squirt like this and shake just as hard. So sensitive after it is amazing if you can find a guy to make you squirt hang on to him.

    • Ray May 21, 2011

      this can't be real!!

    • oouuaahh May 22, 2011

      i cummed again and again too..

    • amygirl June 9, 2011

      fuck that was hott! i wish a guy could make me cum, i've only ever cum on my own

    • Jake July 10, 2011

      Shit! That was so hot

    • kell July 24, 2011

      i would absolutely LOVE for her to squirt into my pussy! can you imagine how amazing that jet spray would be? hitting the tip of your clit that hard would just be bliss! then, i would push my swollen purple clit against her slippery slit and scissor her till she squirted in me again. over and over and over

    • Annoyomus July 29, 2011

      Lol who? Ur right hand?!?! If u hada gurl u wouldnt b watching porn leaving comments hahah

    • ok well July 29, 2011

      yeah that was hot and all but isn't it kind of epic fail when it cuts off right before they both cum? that movie needed to be about 20 seconds longer. i'm just sayin

    • zookeeper July 23, 2011

      wtf fke boobs

    • nicenwet July 23, 2011

      omg my pussy is drippin wet!! i need a good fuck

    • Chucklhead July 14, 2011

      Damn, I came just watching her! Why can't I find a girl that can do that!

    • Wasi July 20, 2011

      I wna fuk a arabic grl

    • Lmao May 21, 2011

      Looks like she getting a seizure lol

    • vic May 20, 2011


    • fukk April 4, 2011

      damn i want him to fuck me and make me cum.

    • Cytheria Fan April 5, 2011

      yeah i love him so much she dint giveup in the bed till you cum i wanna marry him seriously

    • paintman April 16, 2011

      Cytheria is a goddess!!!!

    • Mmmm March 31, 2011

      Fuck, I wish I could cum like her... I came so fucking hard watching thisss..;)

    • mack March 28, 2011

      fuck he is hot, I need someone like him to make me squirt

    • POPPY March 11, 2011

      I can squirt like this and didn't think it was normal or Ok but obviously its far more accepted than I thought. i won't be embarrassed any more!!

    • frustrated March 13, 2011

      once again the camera man screwed up the shots, what the hell good is it when a girl cums like that to zoom in on the face or the pussy I want to see the whole flopping around

    • dirtdob April 21, 2011

      its just piss piss the next time

    • Dzign April 22, 2011

      She's so adorable. I completely envy her. I would go straight for her! He's pretty awesome too. I wish he'd leave her alone for a few seconds to have her orgasms!

    • k May 9, 2011


    • noname May 18, 2011


    • Frank May 7, 2011

      She's the one cumming like nobody's business. I'm pretty sure that would mean God loves women, guys. Sorry to bust some bubbles.

    • inlove May 5, 2011

      i am in love with cytheria. the face, the body, the pussy, the voice, and of course the squirt. o my god i love her

    • sqrtfreek May 2, 2011

      To POPPY: Do not be ashamed of what your body knows it needs. "...your body knows it's heritage and its rightful need and will not be deceived. And your body is the harp of your soul. And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds..." - "The Prophet" K. Gibran

    • Dylan May 2, 2011

      To sqrtfreek ... aaawww there's nothing better than a K. Gibran quotation in a porn video. Bless...

    • SLT223 October 26, 2010

      What's her porn name? I need to see more of her.

    • Question October 22, 2010

      1.20 What is he saying. Is it a prayer?

    • Tina July 8, 2010

      DAMN!!! I cum alot but if I could squirt like Cythera, my men would be in heaven. So hott.

    • Cuming Gurl July 13, 2010

      Pleaz do that to me!!

    • Danny July 15, 2010

      Fuck this girl is hot! I would so fuck her myself! Really want to! ;) How come I cant make my girlfriend cum like that! :(

    • ;) July 8, 2010

      holy shit this is hot!

    • p July 7, 2010

      pussy pussy pussy

    • Samantha July 1, 2010

      I love watching her, she is amazing!

    • Kure July 2, 2010

      I cum watching her cum XD

    • wow July 15, 2010

      it must be amazing to cum so often

    • boy July 16, 2010

      fuck. pound dat fucken pussy.

    • Muffy July 25, 2010

      I love how she squirted so hard that it got on the camera. lmao I was so into it and then it caught my eye and it ruined it :(

    • mike b July 31, 2010

      yup shes the best one of the few porn girls with genuine movie star good looks,she must be a shitty actress

    • texnev1964 August 2, 2010

      Cytheria by far produces the hottest scenes in porn. Damn, I am going to have to look at this vid again when I recover.

    • Anonym July 24, 2010

      She is beautiful

    • amigos July 21, 2010

      damn.. I wish I can make my girlfriend cum like that.... seriously.. wow...

    • sexetre July 16, 2010

      very hot

    • johnnybar July 19, 2010

      japanese girl.. trained my girl. we would love to train you, leave a number so we can connect you will love it!!!

    • por June 30, 2010

      les films pornographique sont une mission juifs il veulent henvahir le monde avec des maladies vous vous rendrez comte en suivent les film

    • harry June 27, 2010

      what a great pussy. she loves it.

    • Rose June 3, 2010

      That girl is my idol!

    • rama June 5, 2010

      the girls

    • kim June 5, 2010

      love when she squirts watching him fuck her is the best part

    • M_In_O_Town June 3, 2010

      Like her better as a redhead though.

    • tsubasa June 1, 2010

      cytheria is the best in the business.love her

    • jason May 28, 2010

      I cum watching her cum.

    • cum cum May 30, 2010

      Fuk me yr hot...and wet!

    • Japanese girl June 12, 2010

      I've never squirted like her. How can I squirt? Anyone help me? ;-)

    • cum queen June 13, 2010

      aww this made me cum myself

    • James Jay Average Lover June 25, 2010


    • cartman June 26, 2010

      omg epicface epicface epicface epicface epicface jizz in my pants

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