Anal Brazil

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December 10, 2011

Cada que la veo, me masturbo! Me encanta la escena cuando ella se sienta sobre la verga y la entra en su culo, y ese ahh!

gre 7
August 8, 2010

ognjen@ yeah the short haired awsome,what is her name really?

July 15, 2011

the brazil woman she has big ass

August 4, 2010

i get sperms wit dat ass

July 17, 2013

I was fortunate to take a trip to Brazil and got to buttfuck three different Brazilian women. Their asses all took it so well and even started to gape by themselves before I even put it in. Two of them even let me lick there assholes which tasted bad but in a good way because they were so hot. They enjoyed it so much that no other woman has ever made me cum so hard.